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  1. almost like your first knife then, i like that upwards handle placement as it differs from traditional
  2. beginning to like those little pokers more and more, this is a fine made example
  3. Point on exquisite art
  4. Thanks for taking the time Charles. Made me kinda laugh as that is precisely what is was going for I assure you the false edge is in line, not stinking out. The brainfart happens in the blade / handle area and the handle curvatures is also confusing for the eyes. all together making it imperfect and asking some time to point out the not obvious. File teeth where not taking in consideration when grinding out the knife geometry (would not sacrifice that) . The book looks promising , Ill have a look in the stores and ask some leather working "colleges" at the fair.
  5. Just some weeks from now. The handle was much nicer after the first oil was applied (no pics). Now it has worked/used look if that is what you mean ?
  6. Thx Brian, as your a right this leather work was really time consuming i did the sheath hole by hole stitch by stitch w only a needle and some pliers. I would not recommend that.
  7. Grindwork looks very nice for you just starting out !
  8. approved for sure, gefeliciteerd
  9. Summer time i like to go trout fishing, so after some hours of "hopefully " catching fish cleaning time comes. Then i find myself using a crappy blunt knife that is hanging in the cleaning area.... poor knife maker you are goes trough my mind. For this occasion a knife was forged. Its sort of Off by having some curvatures in knife and handle making it imperfect, this will be a lasting reminder. knife steel = old file wood = Kamfer wood leather work = first and prob last Comments are welcome, cheers
  10. Karim

    Shop find

    Thanks Charles, was a busy time. First off ill make jig for that fuller, i want forge it in.
  11. Karim

    Shop find

    nice coincidence, just did my research to make one
  12. Zep, i think it is the picture fooling your eyes, there is no recurve there, checked out the tons of info in the subforums (wow). This forum has a treasure of information. This fuller is what i will be aiming for, first need to practice ... not to screw up a perfectly good blade.
  13. Thanks both, breaking my head to do a fuller or not. PieterP when you guys have a booking let me know, pick a sunny day
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