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  1. Karim

    Seax multibar from barrow wheel

    Zep, i think it is the picture fooling your eyes, there is no recurve there, checked out the tons of info in the subforums (wow). This forum has a treasure of information. This fuller is what i will be aiming for, first need to practice ... not to screw up a perfectly good blade.
  2. nice , this is impressive
  3. Karim

    Seax multibar from barrow wheel

    Thanks both, breaking my head to do a fuller or not. PieterP when you guys have a booking let me know, pick a sunny day
  4. Karim

    Voivode Bowie Final Pictures

    Dang, that is a nice picture !
  5. Karim

    1770 Belt Dagger

    Turned out great, to mention the cost of material
  6. Hi All, reading some local news articles made me interested in saxen history, this included the clans running around where i live. The logo of the "area" is interesting, a back or white horse. This horse dates back to 743-807 where Windukind was leader of the saxens and opposed the Frankish king Karel de Groot during the saxenwar. They say it was his black horse that came back from battle and after the defeat against Karel de Groot, Windukind rode a white horse that became the banner of the area "Twente". a nice example of history that still continues to exist. So i decided to make a seax, "yet another seax", why not they rock. To include some oldness/authenticity i used a antiek barrow wheel for the spine. I thus now dont know for sure but suspect its made from wrought iron. Mid section is made of strips mild steel. Edge is random file damask welded length wise, no twist. Today i got the pre-HT product finished i think, unless i have to make some last min adjustments according to historical accuracy (almost dare not post .....comments are appreciated ) Also done a quick etch to show the patern, it seems okey according to my planning. For now i am happy wrought iron? The left one is the seax Normalizing after forging - also b4 HT 10 1/2 inch blade almost 2 inch wide
  7. Karim

    The Lake Sword

    This kept me reading, wow work will continue following this post !
  8. Karim

    Starting a New Mosaic Bowie

    Impressive work also the new nick, Sir king bowie
  9. Karim

    Highland Dirk - Biodag for a Bodach

    wish of the dying living should be honored, chapeau Sir for your honor!
  10. Karim

    Bronze age dirk

    Nice privilege then, seen it up close myself and cant wait for your version to be done.
  11. Karim

    Bronze age dirk

    Very interesting, did the museum allow you to take measures for the reproduction of this price object?
  12. In addition to all above, The hot spot is the main culprit, as you try this method also re-position the knife in the tube for more even heating (if that is possible )
  13. Karim

    *WIP* Jet Turbine Shaft material Chef's Knife

    Nice work, will be watching this in the hope the misery unravels
  14. why change a wining combo, this is cool Wes