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  1. Zep, that is not oxpho blue but my etching process, thinks its the coffee making that blue-ich patina, after the coffee i use local acid that i apply whit a peace of cloth. btw welkome Joe, hard not to miss ya
  2. Thanks Jon, the ring i can explain as it was drifted whit hammer drift more or less oval, the brass ring was hammed from one brass strip and overlaps unevenly over the eye. This increases the visual effect of unevenness. But who cares i was damm happy to have a tight fit from one strip
  3. HI all, I made this drop point hunter whit a karambit grip in mind, it turned out surprisingly comfortable at all angles. Its ab 80 layers, done by hand hammer with 3 steels that i had laying around (i forgot the precise consistency.. it did take some time to get this billet) handle is mild, finished of with copper/brass soldered and pinned bolster, snakewood and for a comfortable grip in the eye a bras finish ring also soldered and mechanical. The etching was done in a hurry, sry for that. oal 30cm/12inch blade 18cm/7inch Comments are welcome thanks for watching
  4. Finally had some time to weld this together , one multibar (twist layers and strait) for a seax, other billet still in progress
  5. all in all nice, i agree with Kevin favour for the smaller blade
  6. nice one Hoy, love the somewhat rustic shape.
  7. Your scraps turned out into a nice knife, no idea ab the burl but its cool
  8. Thats idd a nice knife, just got in the mail today, very light and sharp. Thanks Doug and Gabriel for sending !
  9. wow you sure, 486kg will break my car or back either case nice upgrade
  10. nice work Jeroen
  11. So funny to read SA, puik messie trouwens. Great Job on the blade, you could consider using vinegar (no salt) if i recall correctly.
  12. She is pretty, superb work
  13. Should be fine welcome, good job on the cable
  14. Yeah great job, just realized it was you. enjoy !
  15. Thanks C, I understand w your saying just worked out this way as i was going for the tactical look at first (them holes) i changed my mind and put on a bowie handle. So now i have a tactical kukri with bowie handle