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  1. seasons sounds cool i would participate on that one < lack of emoji
  2. nice blade for a very small price , sure this will sell
  3. Thanks PP , unfortunate i used poor mans solution and use superglue for some sort of light stabilization then oiled the wood. Burl is from our local trees.
  4. Sins some friends saw my fishknife they asked me to make some more for a show.. Not knowing how this will sell or not or even w to ask yet i decided to make this 4-some in my own style. I think they came out nice, hamon and all, home salvaged burl (Last one being my fishknife) I made them from old nicholson files and Twens Eekwood , Teakwood.
  5. any a big Yes, love the creativity in most of your works. This is a perfect example of exactly that.
  6. was just thinking of that and saw you posted this, so nice kubolo hybrid especial the handle work
  7. lovely knife, your making progress sins last work i check out =)
  8. Love it all, you did something thats on my bucketlist with amazing results!
  9. almost like your first knife then, i like that upwards handle placement as it differs from traditional
  10. beginning to like those little pokers more and more, this is a fine made example
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