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  1. Cool steel you made, total package and the use of recycled materials gives character
  2. clean and beautiful work especially the woodwork ! you must love the result evil eye or not n;)
  3. i second all above and would add that the stone needs to be flat and soaked, so make sure that is the case before starting the job. Consistency in the angle is the most important.
  4. That would be great, i enjoyed the vid !
  5. Good progress, seems like a winner
  6. nice result and still basic, love it
  7. Strange Jeroen, it looks like swiss cheese (gatenkaast) dint know that could happen with casting.
  8. Hopefully this new date will give others more opportunity to finish up
  9. A big 2 thumps up, love the guard area
  10. some sites have a color description on the steel you order, like here https://www.schmiedeglut.de/carbonstahl-kohlenstoffstahl-cederstahl_1
  11. there you go first post of blades and a very nice process in doing so ! I can identify with your comment about seax, this one looks potent - have one in early forging stage waiting for the right moment for get its final shape.
  12. Well finished my new quench tank whit some some extra length
  13. Very nice all in all
  14. My experiance in using reclaimed steels is fun. But go for the good stuf like files spings old tools rr. From there learn the quality that that specific matherial gives you or trash it if useless. Must say that is wil increase the learning curve as it can bite you whit ht. So always ht a small sample and test if it welds. Using the known steels is the best advice to be safe, if you don't mind mistakes you can experiment.
  15. Thank you guys for the kind words!