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  1. This is my first attempt at making kitchen cutlery, seems that is there is a lot to learn in doing so. I have tried to take the important properties from the typical chef knife and fit it into my design whit out copying existing knifes. Thus making somethings usable or failing whit this attempt. Down to w we like, pictures Rough Grind: HT and aiming for 60 RC ~180C temper - The blade was visible bending after the quench, giving counter pressure and swearing while the blade was hardening.
  2. The faltering hammer could help you a bit for an even surface, as for the finish; small hammer blows even up the surface
  3. true craftsmanship! wonder how many hours only that handle takes to build..
  4. Nice addition to your collection, looks great.
  5. nice result, looks great
  6. very very nice!
  7. wakeup call, made my design
  8. There seems to be a small difference in the curvature being that Karambits have curved blade sections that transit smoothly in the handle part. Thus giving the ability to slice whit both section of the blade if sharpened. Even so nice to see your work on these blades.
  9. Selected the handle materials and made a rough design.
  10. some mild steel i layered real quick, will also use it for the end cap. Thing is sometimes the mild steels have some Ni that shows up now.
  11. Guard shaped object, this will be refined more.
  12. Clean, like it
  13. Inspiring and beautifully executed
  14. It will prob decrees the handles structural integrity due to tang position, best leave it.
  15. I remember a movie where they are used, last 2 min demonstrate the increment of non fatal injuries until ..