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  1. nice set al together
  2. Nice one, the love for hammers
  3. Thanks, the file had a narrow forge windows that made me stop drawing out at certain point that's why she s kinda beefy.
  4. exceptional nice
  5. Vid looks good, if for the beginning makers some instructions could be useful like bevel angels, ht info, why was the first heat not hot enough, why o2
  6. I want to share my progress in making this dagger. It all started whit a chunk of rusted iron my gf dug out of the garden and she challenged me to make a knife. I decided to forge whitout cleaning the steels and added RR (deaminated scrap i was testing whit) and some bandsaw leftovers for the core. As you can imagine the welding was a slow process of deamination refluxing and compacting. Against my exaptations the resulting billet was solid but not fitted for any kind of edge. I decided to add a file in capturing the billet and a birds beak construction for the tip. The result is pleasing as it contains some fun welding and it survived the quench. Now for a handle design.... Let me know what you think, thanks for watching.
  7. enjoyed you vid ab the process, handle looks comfy, thing of taste is the rough blade grind.
  8. Beautiful handwork, as always
  9. PPE

    Then soap for metal/car industry, it has some fine granules in it every country has it brands.
  10. PPE

    There is some special soap you could buy in a good hardware store. Other ask the misses for a hand scrub
  11. Preview of my small dagger
  12. nice and clean, good job Austin.
  13. Elegant blade, like it a lot!
  14. Good job of the knives, especially the puukko on dope
  15. She is turning out great, good work.