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  1. Jason McEntee

    For the love of dogs.

    Thanks guys. As the wife & I don't have kids, we lost our child here. I still can't believe she's gone. I have to try to take comfort in knowing that she had a beautiful life in her ten short years. She was given all the love we had, and she gave it right back, tenfold at that. Clifford, they most certainly are our children. The photos of you with your babies is a testament to that!
  2. Jason McEntee

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    Beautiful. Your work is always so precise; the photos look like they came out of a catalog. Awesome!
  3. Jason McEntee

    For the love of dogs.

    My heart is broken. On Sunday morning, just the day before her tenth birthday, my sweet Trixie crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a brief yet courageous battle with cancer.
  4. Jason McEntee

    Salt Water Etching Tutorial

    I used very salty water...I didn't go with a certain ratio or the like. Here's a link to the power supply I use: Power Supply You'll need to get the leads and the alligator clips as well. Any electronics store should have these items. Cheers!
  5. Jason McEntee

    The langseax

    That's awesome. The sheath is especially nice!
  6. Jason McEntee

    Sickle-Blade Short-Sword

    Thank you! I love Khopesh, and those certainly influenced the design. As a stock removal only guy, I'm limited to how much curve I can put on a blade, so, there it is...
  7. Jason McEntee

    Sickle-Blade Short-Sword

    Gratitude for the kind words guys.
  8. Jason McEntee

    Took The Summer Off

    Now she's finished...the exterior at least. I was waiting for my new license plates, took 12 weeks.
  9. Jason McEntee

    Sickle-Blade Short-Sword

    Thanks! I used Wenge for the handle.
  10. Jason McEntee

    Sickle-Blade Short-Sword

    After taking the summer off to restore my vehicle, I finally finished a piece. Envisioned to be the blade of a high-desert drifter, this piece makes me think of a scorpion's tail. I plan on keeping and, doing some cutting with this one. So, instead of my usual 1200 grit low-mirror polish, I polished it to just a 400 grit satin finish. Steel: 1075 Handle Material: Wenge Overall Length: 24 & 3/4" Blade Length: 18 & 3/4" Handle Length: 6" Tang Thickness: 1/4" POB: 3 & 1/2" past front edge of handle Weight: 1 lb, 9 oz Heat treated by Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery
  11. Jason McEntee

    Took The Summer Off

    Thanks Josh. The second two photos were taken just a month after the paint job, at good old Pyramid Lake in the Nevada high desert. I'd say her tough wheeling days are over; I'm too paranoid about scuffing her up now, lol. I'll still make my annual runs to the high desert, but no rock crawling. We'll refer to her now as an "off-road capable street-cruiser."
  12. Jason McEntee

    Took The Summer Off

    This summer, I set aside the belt grinder, and picked up the air ratchet. I had taken a long look at my 1988 Toyota 4Runner, and realized I had been neglecting my baby. I've kept it up mechanically 100%, but I let the body and paint deteriorate. As the 1st gen 4Runners are becoming more and more collectable, and mine being the best vehicle I've ever owned, I decided to begin restoring her. I went from peeling paint on all body panels, the black shell-top weathered down to bare white fiberglass, banged up front & rear bumpers, and rusted wiper arms and wheels, to what you see below. Some minor interior work will be next. I'm thrilled with how she's looking now, and with the hardest part out of the way, I hope to get back on the grinder soon. 1988 Toyota 4Runner Dlx
  13. Jason McEntee

    Breaking News !!!!!

    Did you hear about the lady who walked backwards into an airplane propeller? Disaster... (Dis-assed-her) I'm here all week; try the veal.
  14. Jason McEntee

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Thanks Jerrod, I was hoping to see the knife in question. I think those guys are high, Joel. No reason why it couldn't be a fine tool in the kitchen. Just, umm, keep it clean? Common sense is becoming less common these days... Zeb and Will, absolutely!
  15. Jason McEntee

    New chef knives

    Those are badass!