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  1. I use carbide tipped bits, drill press running @ 625 rpm, with 3 in 1 oil. I've drilled through hardened steel and hot rolled without issue. Try a pilot hole with a 1/8" bit first. Light to moderate pressure, go in a little, back it out, another drop of oil, then a little more, and so forth.
  2. Glad to hear Jesse turned out ok. You're right James, good thing he sat down when he did! Any plans for your winnings?
  3. Here's some Khopesh inspired fantasy blades. All are just a hair shy of 20 inches overall. The handle materials, from bottom to top, are Yellowheart, Leopardwood, and Curly Bubinga. The blades were heat treated by my friend Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery. The full sunlight really makes these woods come alive...
  4. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I enjoy the show, especially with me being a beginner and all. That said, this was an interesting episode, and congratulations James. Any word on how the gentleman who fell ill fared?
  5. Wow, close call there. Glad you're going to be ok.
  6. This tutorial was spot on, thanks again. However, I found that a simple 12 volt / 2 amp power supply was more than adequate. All the new battery chargers they sell now have a built in safety feature, to where they will not send current down the leads unless a battery is connected. With this setup, it only took a couple of minutes to get a nice deep etch. For my stencils, and old friend from high school owns a sign shop. He made my stencils in exchange for me sharpening his kitchen knives!
  7. I used some white oak recently, nice wood. I just sanded it up to 1200 grit, and finished with four coats of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil. Came out nicely.
  8. Here's my mark for Appleseed Sharpening Custom Blades. My initials inside an apple:
  9. Sorry, but I'm a stock removal guy, and gonna have to remain so, lol. Even if I could afford to set up for forging (and learn how to), my arthritis would prevent me from such an endeavor. A mountain biking crash 20 years ago wasted my right shoulder (I'm right handed of course), and 28 years of guitar playing has taken it's toll on my fingers. Getting older sucks...
  10. Awesome!
  11. Wow, I'm not sure I should even post anything among all the fantastic work from you all... I just got started last year, so not much to choose from. That said, I think my best from 2016 would be this pair:
  12. I'm still a beginner, and only do stock removal, but for what it's worth...I use Admiral's hot-rolled 1075. I have to soak it in vinegar to remove the scale before I start working it. But, the price makes it worth it for me---a pair of 60" bars shipped to my door for $72.
  13. I was looking at getting an Electro Chem Personalizer, until I found this thread! Awesome tutorial---now I just have to design a mark.
  14. Great photos. Closest thing we have left from the dinosaurs right there!
  15. I'm sorry to hear that Jacques. She looks like she was a little sweetheart.