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  1. Longclaw

  2. Platen(sp?) cutting Q?

    I had the same issue with the platen on my Kalmazoo 2x72, and I did similar to this to fix it. I used a pair of 1" platens from my 1x30 machines. Worked out great.
  3. Practicing My filework

    Yes!!! Thank you for this. I'll be trying my hand at this for the first time tomorrow. I do have some bits of scrap steel to practice on so I don't, as you said, ruin some good blades. Thanks again Joshua!
  4. [WiP] Swiss sword

    Oh hell yeah! Fantastic job.
  5. Salt Water Etching Tutorial

    Fixed mine. Right above your post.
  6. Single Edge, Curved-Blade Short Sword

    This was fun to make. I ordered the bubinga from Woodcraft online, and I got really lucky with the piece they sent me. My polishing is finally starting to improve as well. Steel: 1075 Handle Material: Bubinga Overall Length: 29 & 3/4" Blade Length: 20 & 1/4" Handle Length: 9 & 1/2" Tang Thickness: 3/16" POB: 2 & 3/8" past front edge of handle Weight: 1 lb, 10 oz Heat treated by Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery
  7. Forged In Fire, October 10

    Great job, and it was cool to watch you work. That seax you made in the first two rounds was gorgeous, and your Tabar-Shishbar looked mean! That thing was a devastator for certain.
  8. Type XVI

    That is one badass sword! Fantastic work.
  9. Hunting Sword--Pro Photo

    Beautiful work.
  10. Chili garlic paste

    Haha, I learned this the hard way the first time I made stuffed jalapenos. After hollowing out the peppers, my fingers were on fire for what seemed like the next three days, lol!
  11. Forged In Fire, October 10

    Wow, that thing is goofy looking, lol. I'll be watching; best of luck!
  12. Panfish cleaning set

    That's a nice kit. I really like the lines on the filet knife, and the cutting board/case is a cool concept. Now it just needs to be christened with the blood of a Crappie....
  13. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    Watched the "cutting deeper" replay of your episode the other night. Congrats on the win! It was fun watching you work. I sort of know Josh from a blade group on Facebook...seems like quite the interesting character in person...
  14. Another "Sweeper"

    After making one of these for my wife, I decided that I wanted one as well... AS31: "The Sweeper" Steel: 1075 Steel: 1075 Handle Material: African Padauk Overall Length: 10" Blade Length: 5 & 3/8" Handle Length: 4 & 5/8" Tang Thickness: 3/16" POB: -3/8" from front edge of handle Weight: 9 oz Heat treated by Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery
  15. "The Dreadfang"

    I made this one for my own collection; sort of an upgraded version of the first piece I made for myself a little over a year ago. I shortened the ricasso by a half inch, and gave it a much better finish than it's predecessor. AS30: "The Dreadfang" Steel: 1075 Handle Material: Leopardwood Overall Length: 20 & 1/8" Blade Length: 14" Handle Length: 6 & 1/8" Sharpened Edge: 11 & 5/8" Tang Thickness: 3/16" POB: 1 & 5/8" from front edge of handle Weight: 1 lb, 1 oz Heat treated by Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery