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  1. I use the green honing compound by Veritas. http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?c=&p=32984&cat=1
  2. Jason McEntee

    Sending blades for heat treat

    Yup...no forge, so getting my blades to temp would be the issue. The wife has watched too many episodes of Forged in Fire. Every time a quench is performed, she says, "I don't want you doing that here, that looks too dangerous!" I try to tell her that it is not as dangerous as it seems. After all, all of you guys have survived so far... And I am more than willing to accept a free oven!
  3. Jason McEntee

    Sending blades for heat treat

    I'd love too. However, some of us just don't have the means, the funds, and/or the space to do it ourselves...at least not yet. If you fine fellas would like to donate $1800 to me for an Evenheat oven, I'd be much obliged! Also, the thought of me quenching blades at home has my wife all freaked out---thanks to that bonehead who burned down an entire city block in NY---the one who said he learned from watching FIF... Ultimately I would love to do my own heat treat eventually. I hate being at the mercy of the Postal Service. But for now, my guy gives me a screaming deal, so I'll continue to sublet for the time being.
  4. Jason McEntee

    Latest work and Movie work

    That's so awesome!
  5. Jason McEntee

    Static electricity from Kalamazoo 2x48.

    I have a Kalamazoo 2x72. Never had an issue like that...
  6. Jason McEntee

    edge finishing after heat treat

    I see. I use my 2x72 for the bulk of the work, but I go to the 1x30 for the finesse work and final sharpening. You can get a new 1x30 from Harbor Freight for about $40 and some change with all the 20% coupons they mail out.
  7. Jason McEntee

    edge finishing after heat treat

    You can adjust the tensioner assembly on your 1x30 to make the belts run true. Here's a tutorial I put together for getting those little guys running right... https://sbg-sword-forum.forums.net/thread/46064/harbor-freight-belt-sander-maintenance
  8. Jason McEntee

    handle epoxy

    I use Devcon Flowmix 2 ton---the 12 hour cure stuff. Have yet to have any issues with it.
  9. Jason McEntee

    A Scary Day Here at the Old Homestead

    Geez, sorry to hear it. I'm glad you're ok though, and I'm glad you didn't lose you whole home.
  10. Jason McEntee

    Elven belt knife

    Ahh. Thanks for the detailed explanation Jake. I've been drilling a series of very small holes in the undersides of my wood scales, but not through the tangs. This sounds much better. Thanks again!
  11. Jason McEntee

    Elven belt knife

    As I'm still a rookie,could you tell me what the "bleed holes" are, and their function? Thanks...
  12. Jason McEntee

    Elven belt knife

    Or, perhaps split it into three films, such as Lord of the Rings?
  13. Jason McEntee

    Elven belt knife

    Ooh, that knife is sexy!
  14. Jason McEntee

    New Year's Trio

    My polishing is finally getting better. These got a 1200 grit, low mirror finish. Salmon not included...
  15. Jason McEntee

    New Year's Trio

    Thank you Clifford!