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  1. Jason McEntee

    Took The Summer Off

    Thanks Josh. The second two photos were taken just a month after the paint job, at good old Pyramid Lake in the Nevada high desert. I'd say her tough wheeling days are over; I'm too paranoid about scuffing her up now, lol. I'll still make my annual runs to the high desert, but no rock crawling. We'll refer to her now as an "off-road capable street-cruiser."
  2. Jason McEntee

    Took The Summer Off

    This summer, I set aside the belt grinder, and picked up the air ratchet. I had taken a long look at my 1988 Toyota 4Runner, and realized I had been neglecting my baby. I've kept it up mechanically 100%, but I let the body and paint deteriorate. As the 1st gen 4Runners are becoming more and more collectable, and mine being the best vehicle I've ever owned, I decided to begin restoring her. I went from peeling paint on all body panels, the black shell-top weathered down to bare white fiberglass, banged up front & rear bumpers, and rusted wiper arms and wheels, to what you see below. Some minor interior work will be next. I'm thrilled with how she's looking now, and with the hardest part out of the way, I hope to get back on the grinder soon. 1988 Toyota 4Runner Dlx
  3. Jason McEntee

    Breaking News !!!!!

    Did you hear about the lady who walked backwards into an airplane propeller? Disaster... (Dis-assed-her) I'm here all week; try the veal.
  4. Jason McEntee

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Thanks Jerrod, I was hoping to see the knife in question. I think those guys are high, Joel. No reason why it couldn't be a fine tool in the kitchen. Just, umm, keep it clean? Common sense is becoming less common these days... Zeb and Will, absolutely!
  5. Jason McEntee

    New chef knives

    Those are badass!
  6. Jason McEntee

    Any jerky lovers out there?

    It's a good size water pan Alex, so the whiskey is diluted enough with all the water. 20 years ago, I'm not sure if any of it would've made it into the pan, lol. Can't stomach that stuff anymore; just the occasional porter or blonde ale now.
  7. Jason McEntee

    Any jerky lovers out there?

    Hmmm, not sure if I've had it with alder. I smoke my trout & salmon with Applewood chips. I also pour a 1/2 pint of whiskey in the water pan, along with a good amount of lemon juice.
  8. Jason McEntee

    Let's be careful out there

    Glad to hear the fire won't get to you Vern. I'm in NorCal, and for us, the fun is just beginning. Every summer half of our state burns up. Makes me paranoid all summer, as my neighborhood was razed to the ground by a wildfire back in 2009. We bought a lot from some folks who chose not to rebuild, and built our house there. A large wooded area sits just 300 yards south of my house, so I am on edge throughout our fire season---which is flirting with becoming year-round.
  9. Jason McEntee

    Any jerky lovers out there?

    My god man, glad I don't live anywhere near that place...I'd be so broke.
  10. Jason McEntee

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    I love Amon Amarth. "Twilight of the Thunder God" is one of my favorite metal albums for certain.
  11. Jason McEntee

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    I'm an old-school metal-head myself. I'm 44, so I've been exposed to many different genres of metal. My favorites are Norwegian black metal, "viking metal", and Swedish death metal. But, more often than not, when I'm in my shop, I usually find myself listening to none other than Ronnie James Dio.
  12. Jason McEntee

    Drill bits

    I've been very happy with them. I'm not cranking out a ton of blades, but that said, I typically place only one order a year; two each in 1/8" and 3/16". Oh, and I keep my press set at the lowest speed; 760 RPM.
  13. Jason McEntee

    Drill bits

    I use carbide tipped bits, with 3 in 1 oil as a cutting fluid. They last quite a while, and work wonderfully. I get them from Bisco Tool Supply... http://www.biscotoolsupply.com/carbide-tipped-drill-bit-drill-bit-hardened-metal
  14. Jason McEntee

    Veðrfölnir, the "Storm Pale"

    Holy crap, that almost doesn't look real; it's too perfect! Very nice work. I hope to reach that level some day...
  15. Jason McEntee

    Four early medieval axes.

    Very cool!