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In 1980, when I was seven years old, I saw a movie called "Hawk the Slayer." That film gave me an immediate fascination with the sword. As more films such as "Excalibur" and "Sword of the Valiant" followed, fascination grew into obsession. I had always dreamed of someday owning my own swords, daggers, spears, and the like.


Fast forward to 2011, when I found the SBG Sword Forum, and began collecting swords and the like. As I started doing some backyard cutting, I figured it would be good to learn how to sharpen. After a while, as I got good at it, I began to offer a sharpening service, using a 1x30 belt sander. The more I used it, the better and better I became at shaping steel. I started buying stainless wall-hanger swords, cutting them up and making knife blades out of them.


Finally, in March of 2016, I bought my first bar of 1075 steel and started making stock removal blades. With the recent addition of a 2x72 belt grinder, I'm looking forward to growing as a knife maker. I'm not doing my own heat treating yet, but hopefully that will not be too far down the road, as that is the final step for me to be a 100% self sufficient maker.

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