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  1. AS10: Fremen Crysknife Inspired by the Fremen Crysknife from the 1984 film, "Dune" Steel: 1075 Handle Material: Wenge Overall Length: 14" Blade Length: 9 & 3/4" Edge: 7 & 1/2" Handle Length: 4 & 1/4" POB: 1 & 1/2" from front edge of handle Weight: 13 oz Heat treated by Lyn Driggers of J&L Custom Cutlery Inspiration: Finished Piece:
  2. All done, in time for me to give it to my father in law on Thanksgiving! AS12: Klinge des Vaters (Blade of the Father) Steel: 1075 Handle Material: Bolivian Rosewood Overall Length: 10 & 3/4" Blade Length: 6 & 3/4" Handle Length: 4" POB: 1/8" from front edge of handle Weight: 10 oz Heat treated by Lyn Driggers of J&L Custom Cutlery Pictured with Horst's original drawing:
  3. James, I keep finding myself coming back to admire your blade again and again. The serpent pattern in that blade floors me every time I look at it. That is craftsmanship sir. That is craftsmanship.
  4. Thanks Wes, and you got that right, that will NOT happen again, especially with all the great advice from you guys. Much appreciated. In the short time I've been here, I've learned much already, and I look forward to continuing to learn from all of you folks. This forum is awesome!
  5. I'd like to see someone other than Doug doing the cutting tests with the longer swords. I'm sure he's very good with a short blade, but I hate to say it...as a backyard cutter, while no expert, I have better edge alignment when cutting with my swords. Remember the first Scottish Claymore episode? The slow motion revealed terrible edge alignment, which I believe contributed to both swords' failures. The second Claymore episode, bad alignment again when Matthew's sword was tested. I don't think the smiths are getting a fair chance with some of these cutting tests. Perhaps bring in a WMA/HEMA ins
  6. Had a close call last week. I had a blade clamped in the vice, and I was about to start some draw filing on it. I turned around for something, turned back around and walked right into the point. I got lucky, as the blade hadn't been ground yet, and the point was still 3/16" thick and rounded. This could've been much worse...
  7. Got it back Thursday from being heat treated. My buddy said the grooves I cut in the spine caused it to warp a little bit, but he was able to straighten it. Worked on it the last two days, starting the scales tomorrow hopefully, using Bolivian Rosewood.
  8. Hand carved, nice! Great work. The sword looks even better now, you should be very proud.
  9. Excellent! Looks like you used Dean's scabbard method?
  10. Actually James, it's a woodworking supply store. They just happen to have a decent selection of exotic lumber, in stock! Available online as well... http://www.rockler.com/wood/exotic-lumber?limit=48
  11. Thanks Aiden. The guard will be part of the scales. The hard part will be deciding which wood to use! I hit my local hardwood store yesterday, and came home with leopardwood, Bolivian rosewood, wenge, and yellowheart, and I still have a leftover piece of bocote!
  12. My father in law has been watching with interest as I've evolved from a sharpening service operator into an aspiring knifemaker. After seeing the photos of the last two knives I made, he asked me to make him a knife. He drew a picture of what he had in mind, and said he would forgive a debt we owed him in exchange for the knife. That debt has four digits! Needless to say, I want this one to be the best one I've made yet. So it begins... Here's the picture he drew, with my interpretation below it. His drawing was a little goofy, but I got the gist of it, lol. He just had to challenge me wi
  13. So far, the machine is working out well. It's easily cut my time spent per blade in half, which is great as I only do stock removal. Let the sparks be thrown! The first three blades made with the new machine, sent out for heat treat last week: Shaped these three yesterday, drilled the tangs today. I'll start grinding the bevels next weekend: I do still like to do the fine tuning with the 1x30 though... All in all, the Kalamazoo will suit my needs, for the time being. I'd love to have a Bader BIII, but I just can't spend that kind of money on
  14. Ah, so it wasn't just my eyes, I thought the pommel looked like it was crooked as opposed to the guard. That said, the blade & fittings are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm certain you're equal to the task to get her all straightened up James.
  15. The sword looks fantastic! Here's a great scabbard tutorial by a member of the SBG Sword Forum. I'm hoping to try this one out sooner or later myself, as I recently got a router. http://findlithui.deanandsandy.dyndns.org:8080/tutorials/MakeAPoplarScabbardCoreWithARouter1.2.pdf And here is his tutorial on leather wrapping it: http://findlithui.deanandsandy.dyndns.org:8080/tutorials/LeatherWrapAScabbardCore1.1.pdf
  16. I cannot wait to see this finished and assembled!
  17. Beautiful knife; and my god, that sheath looks amazing!
  18. That blade is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!
  19. I decided to re-finish the handle. I originally used Minwax Polycrylic, but after a while, I wasn't too thrilled with it. I sanded it off and re-finished it with Tru-Oil. I can see why many of you guys rave about Tru-Oil! I'm much happier with the results, and the stuff is a piece of cake to use. Before, finished with Minwax Polycrylic: After, finished with Tru-Oil:
  20. Looks like the platen problem is solved. I cut off the bottoms of a pair of platens from my 1x30 machines, and JB Welded them onto the Kalamazoo's platen: Had to wait for the JB Weld to cure overnight... The added platen(s) firmly in place: Perfect fit and alignment! I test ran the machine, and the belts track perfectly over the added platen. Thanks again to Geoff and Austin for the input. Now just one more day for my steel to arrive, and some time to sketch and design my next projects...
  21. Austin, you and Geoff gave me a great idea...it'll take me a bit before I have the time to check it out. I'll be back...
  22. It's a 1/2 horse, but still a step up from the 1/3 horse 1x30 I've been using up til now. Sparks shall be thrown as soon as the UPS guy brings me my steel!
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