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  1. I was planning on using an old hairdryer as a blower. I'll go for the gas forge for now, and probably build a charcoal forge later. Thanks for the input! Stephen
  2. Greetings, I've been lurking for a couple weeks doing research and looking at putting together a small bladesmithing setup. I'm interested in starting on small knives, making things from railroad spikes, etc. For an anvil, I'm looking at getting a 4x4 Stake Anvil from Old World Anvils, setting it in a 6x6 pressure treated post, and setting the post in a bucket with 80 lbs of concrete. Total cost should be around $150. For a forge, I'm either looking at building a #10 can gas forge similar to a Zoeller Forge, or a Tim Lively style charcoal forge. I understand that a propane forge is le
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