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  1. I had no intention of down taking what it is that everyone here does. I was just surprised that there was a large market for knives made by hand, in some cases, from home. I was not sure how to go about something like that. Again I'm extremely new to knifesmithing and depending on how well it goes for me, possibly down the road, selling what I am crafting.
  2. Being new to this art, is there really a market for homemade knives? If so how and to whom can you sell them to? I'm just curious, I had no idea there was a demand for this.....
  3. So I'm really new to all of this, but what I've done and accomplished have been a lot of fun. So I built my own forge out of a charcoal grill and I thought everything was going to be perfect, or even decent. However with my first attempt to get air into the forge I destroyed my small shop vac (long story no need to go into detail.) On my second attempt I used a larger shop vac but now the issue is it's too much power and it blows all the ashes everywhere. I haven't fired up the forge with the new air source yet, especially now after seeing that it's too powerful. Any suggestions on how to l
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