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  1. Thank you all for the replies. I have been a bit confused on the regulators. None of the ones I find at my local stores have a psi gauge. So how would I know what I'm set at? And the tank I'm looking at is a 100# tank at menards. They have a $15 rebate on it so it's cheaper thank any other place around me right now. I planned on getting the tinted safety goggles I saw in the welding section of rural King. I do appreciate the hospitality everyone. Does anyone recommend starting out with mild steel so I can work on using a hammer well? I also wanted to see what I am supposed to coat the insulati
  2. Hello, I did not notice an introduction thread for new members so please move this if it is bothersome. My name is Karl Myers. I am a 25 year-old father of two sons Atticus and Atlus. I live in Franklin, Indiana with my wife Marcia. I am in school for nursing and my wife is a registered nurse. I have always wanted to get into forging, I just never had the money to do a start up. I have bought a small forge. I am shopping for a suitable propane cylinder. I have been looking at 100# tanks. I had 4 tanks for forklifts but learned they are not suitable for my application and have gotten rid of t
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