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  1. Youre like some kind of forge-born angel EDIT: I just saw that he was talking about gas stuff. Thats what I get for skimming.
  2. Im getting to the same point you are Karl. Are there any detriments/benefits to going with straight cement? I had been planning on doing brick/cement combination but if there are reasons against it, Im all ears!
  3. I had planned on cutting slots as I figured they would be much easier to clean/keep clean. Ive cut some sheet steel to length to use as a cover and Ill be cutting a slot for it to live it so it can be adjusted on the fly. Ill work a bend into it so it conforms to the curve of the piping as well. As far as distance between slots, Ive read several threads now where over/under airing as been an issue, with an 'adjustable' system that should be easier to manage. I figure Ill cut slots every inch or two, with larger slots further from the blower.
  4. Hello everyone! After lurking for some time, I finally decided to jump into the smithing game. I going the "grill conversion" route and I have the thing stripped down and now Im starting to get materials together. What Im confronted with now is placement of the tuyere. Every grill-forge Ive seen has it running the entire length of the bottom. That seems like it would burn a bit more fuel than needed, for small work anyway. So I have two questions: A) Where should I plop this thing? 2) Should I be using two or three inch pipe for it? I was considering one inch, but I dont
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