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  1. It dosent get much better than that. simple clean lines that are enhanced by the quality of the execution.
  2. I have been using concrete colouring powders in my epoxy and it has worked very well indeed.
  3. I got another shipment of buffalo horn in today so should be set for a while in that regard.
  4. I decided to make a more apropriate holder for the little olivewood knife that mother took a liking to so at her 90th birthday at the weekend I said I would get it sorted this week so this is what I came up with. I didn't have a large enough piece of olivewood but I think the contrast of the walnut is a better look anyway This is what I did to make the little knife more available for her. It will be screwed onto one of her cupboard facings, be simple to retrieve and replace, while being secure in keeping. The recess has to follow the curviture of the handle to get a good fit and have with enoug depth at the ase to give full support to the handle end
  5. As my father used to tell me "the ability to do comes with doing".. The best teacher is hands on exerience and the inevitabe mistakes have an invaluable learning quotient.
  6. Beautiful pair of knives
  7. Whether they would have carried cable or not is mute but any of those knives would look right at home in that setting. Very nicely done.
  8. Joel, do the drilling before you taper the tang and the holes will be square to the centerline of the blade. I do all my drilling when I have ground the blade to shape, for bolsters and handles.
  9. The skills shown by some of you guys are very impressive indeed.
  10. They fit very nicely in the hand Alan and I use mine for everything from dressing rabbits to spltting plums, pears etc for the summer preserving. They are like a fixed pocket knife and have a multitude of uses. I have been working on another EDC pattern for the owner of another forum and will emboss the forum name on the sheath and knife handle with a heatable stamp (while still having my mark on them abnd it will be in a similar styled sheath to the field scalpel I will make it for those not on the forum but it will not have the forum branding on it
  11. A few more knives away after final sharpening tomorrow. This is the safari knife that was ordered with the brass bolster and birdshead grip hande in walnut instead of the original patern handle in micarta or buff horn. And some more field scalpels. Two have the belt sheath (one buff horn and the other in olivewood) and the third is a neck knife sheath. I have refined the shape a little for the olivewood knife and this will njow be my patern as it sits a little more comfortably in hand.
  12. You really are going all out on this one.
  13. Personally I have not ever seen the purpose for a clip point on a hunting knife and in 50+ years of hunting have never had an ocassion where one might have been usefull. But that asside, one thing I do notice is that there seems to be two distinctive straight lines (or near straight) to the blade edge rather than a belly that might facilitate skinning. Is this a deliberate shape and if so is there a reason for it.
  14. Very nice combination of steel wood and leather with each aspect enhancing the other two