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  1. Garry Keown

    Patriot table knives

    Got the handles all shaped up on 8 of the knives today ( from the thread todays grind) and the ninth one I found a flaw in the wood that was too big to fix or fill so cut the handle of and fitted another one to it so it will get done tomorrow. Meanwhile all the rest are in the rack with coats of finish on them so I spent the last couple of hours today and ground the top die for the fork press. Still have to shorten the front and do something with the back so that I can hinge it which will keep it all in line for pressing the forks to shape before heat treating. I may weld a 3 inch bar to top and bottom so a heavy duty hinge will have wide support to keep it all in allignment
  2. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Have the handles on 6 knives and the buff horn bolsters on another 2. The copper and brass bolsters allow for immediate fitting of the handles seeing as they are held by peened pins rather than epoxied pins. I was able to do something with the first attempt of the sgian dubh and turned it into a little boot knife.
  3. Garry Keown

    Patriot table knives

    Spent a couple of hours getting the bottom die done for the forks from a length of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 mid steel, so just have to make the top die now and I can see if they will be a success or whether I have spent time to no effect.
  4. Garry Keown

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    That was what caught my eye as well when I started to look past the overall excellence of the knife.
  5. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Thanks Charles. It takes less time per blade if I do an extra or two of a popular pattern when I am doing a batch and makes for a happy customer if an order is being discussed and I can offer a two to three week turnaround for them. I rarely do a singe knife on its own because of its inefficiency of time but pulling a blade from the ready drawer and putting a handle on it to get it away expiditiously can be an efficient use of time.
  6. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Been a productive day with all the blades sanded and ready for handles, had a throw out of used belts (about 35 or so) got some of the handle scales that will have liners epoxied together for next week The top rasp bowie with the brass will have walnut with black liner Next rasp bowie will have buff horn and eucayptus 1075 bowie will have copper and tambotie (an order) J T Ranger with buff horn and eucalyptus (an order) Wapiti hunter with NZ Matai (an order) A 12C27 light duty general purpose/table knife will have black with blue liners (gift for a friend here on AH) J T Ranger, buffalo skinner,and 2 more light hunters for the ready drawer so a client only has to choose the handle and it can be ready much sooner. Have a few in the drawer for that reason now.
  7. Garry Keown

    For the love of dogs.

    I feel your pain Jason. The loss of our friends is so hard to come to terms with even though we know from when they are pups that their life span is so much shorter than we would like.
  8. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Not a NZ wood Robert. It is African and a friend over there sent me a few pieces among others.
  9. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Thanks Mike The plain 1075 one in the group will be another like this one. Curve backed copper bolster with tambotie handles One of the rasps will be simple brass bolster but not sure what wood to match it with yet but possibly walnut The other rasp I may do with curve backed buffalo horn and eucalyptus as that goes really nicely together
  10. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    A bit cooler in the shed this morning so I got the batch of blades cleaned up after the HT to 240grit on the grinder so a bit of hand sanding now
  11. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    It was only into the low 30's outside but my shed is concrete block and bare tin roof with no insulation so when it is hot outside it seems to intensify in the shed then with the forge going the temp rose.
  12. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    How do you think we will feel in about 4-5 months when it is all reversed
  13. Garry Keown

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    It matters not where you start from in any quest but where you intend to finish
  14. Garry Keown

    Todays grind

    Todays grind. It was a bit warm in the shed with the temp guage showing 43C (110F) while I was hardening the blades but they are all done and in the tempering oven for a couple of hours.
  15. Garry Keown

    A dagger and friends

    It looks like I will have to make another couple of those to cover the "put my name on one of those" after I showed it on my FB page.