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  1. Quite a productive day with both the guard and handle done and the scabbard rebates roughed out. Blade is still tight in there so have a bit of relieving to do before I can pur it together and get some shaping done.
  2. I had a problem with the blade I was working on and had to make another. The upsweep on the blaxe turned into a bade downsweep and while I would have been able to heat and re create the upsweep the blade is to be a working blade (I think it will get machete type work in Alaska bear woods) so didn;t want anything other than a first heat treat succes for the best blade integrity. Even the second blade lost nearly half of its upsweep so not sure what is going on but at least it is straight and true so have go the finish grind done and it is ready for hand sanding. top blaeis the
  3. Made a start on a new project the other day. A comission for a longer bladed companion piece to the tanto I did a while back. Not a traditional Wakazishi (will not have a habaki/blade collar or handle wrap etc) ) but lighlty inspired by that style with 20 inch blade and 9 1/2 inch handle in a back scabbard. First was I needed to draw a pattern with the smaller (western styled) tanto for inspiration. Make a sheet steel template and select a suitable bar of steel and in this case it is 4.3mm 1075 Scribe the template onto the 1075 bar and grind to dimen
  4. Thanks Alan. It is one of my more requested knives by experienced hunters who know just how much (or how little) knife is needed to do the field work on an animal.
  5. the 1084 mini skiner with karelian birch and honing steel. A PH EDC with CB buffalo horn and desert ironwood on the 1095 blade. and a bird and trout with antler scales, brass bolster and pomel on the NitroV blade.
  6. Interesting question. hope there is some answers forthcoming.
  7. Thanks Don. When I started work in the late 60's on a the high country farming area. I was given a terribly illsuited knife to kill and dress some animal feed (dog tucker) and hated the knife so much I bought one very similar to this design and used it for the following years untill I left farming and entered the wood trades. A very usefull design for general purpose work.
  8. A general,purpose knife with NZ Rata over brass on the 5 inch 1084 HC blade in sheath with attached honing steel.
  9. Sometimes it is the small ones that take the most to get right and this letter opener and stand proved that again. Knife is NitroV with black paper micarta and resin ivory with the stand being a piece of black ivory with the resin ivory holder set into it.
  10. A 5 1/2 and 7 inch chef. black paper micarta on the cryo quenched NitroV SS
  11. Sunrise at my place this monring
  12. A pair of 1084 HC mini skiners. One has Koa and the other has spalted maple burl and have honing steels attached.
  13. I got the surface grinder attachment I bought a couple of weeks back sorted today. It comes with a tool arm that has the wheel with a 20mm stand off from the tool arm byut my belt runs at 40mm from the tool arm so an arm with an extra 20mm stand off was added an no extra cost. Very pleased with the tool.
  14. Making a new batch of honing steels for attaching to knife sheaths I had about run out of the honing steels and had a few orders so set out to replenish the supply. I ordered in 4 x1 meter lengths of the 1/4 in spring steel wire and as it is cut off a coil it comes with the curve from the coil. First step is to cut the 4 lengths in to the shorter lengths needed to fit the two sheath sizes. next step is to straighten the lengths and to do that they are into the forge untill at sub critical temp of about 1450f and a few light taps with the ham
  15. Three ready to leave home. A Grayling with a nice acrylic over black liner with 416 SS bolster and pomel on the cryo quenched NitroV SS blade in closed sheath with second closed sheath for previous knife that was in open top sheath. A PH EDC with brown linen micarta scales over black linen micaarta curve back bolster on the 1075 blade with honing steel in open top sheath And a Heavy Hunter with Tasmanian blackwood over curve back buffalo horn bolster on the 1075 blade in closed top sheath
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