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  1. Garry Keown

    Meat for knives

    Shows the age old trade/barter system still works today. Those who can make stuff do so for those who can not and those who hunt do so for those that dont have the time because they are making stuff.
  2. Garry Keown

    first ram's horn handle

    Very neat save
  3. Garry Keown

    This is why I'm always recommending files to people

    Because I do a bit of wood work in the rife stock making vein I have a Logier hand stitched #4 rasp and in my opinion there is simply nothing better for serious removal of wood. The difference between a hand made rasp and a machine made one is that the teeth on a conventional rasp are lined up behind each other so end up creating groves in the wood where the Logier hand stitched rasp has the teeth alternating and eaves a much smoother cut without the grooves but tears a lot of wood of in the one pass. A little expensive but well worth the cost when its capabilities are seen. https://www.fine-tools.com/liogier.html https://www.bing.com/videos/search?PC=SL10&q=logier+rasp.&ru=%2fsearch%3fFORM%3dSLBRDF%26PC%3dSL10%26q%3dlogier%2brasp.&view=detail&mmscn=vwrc&mid=B993941B541497C43523B993941B541497C43523&FORM=WRVORC
  4. Garry Keown

    Simple Sgian Dubh

    Few things other than legs belong in a sock and that is one of them.
  5. Garry Keown

    In todays post

    I generally do so Joshua but this order was for the buff horn without either the brass or curved (buffalo horn with the eucalyptus) bolster. I have another 4 to do in the giraffe bone without bolsters when the bone arrives.
  6. Garry Keown

    In todays post

    Thanks Alan. I have got quite a bit in store now so should be good for some time now.
  7. Garry Keown

    In todays post

    The 7 inch chef in 12C27 has eucalyptus handles and is away to its new kitchen today And the safari knife in 1095 with buffalo horn handles is also in the post.
  8. Garry Keown

    Royal Impala

    I have an order for three of my light hunters with impala horn (it will turn up in a month or two I believe) so I was really interested in seeing what you have done with this one. I had intended to do full tang but your stick tang gives the horn its full visual and handling impact. Your interpretation of a horn handled knife is really inspirational.
  9. Garry Keown

    First Scottish Dirk

    very impressive combination of skills in that one
  10. It takes less than 5 minutes to get up into the 1900f range so its heating capabilities are very good. The front and back are not full welded on but held on by four bots each with the bolt head welded to the front and an oversized nut on the forge body through which the bolt goes and is easiy change if I want to go to another style of forge front and or rear. The rear does not have a door in it at I have not needed any more than 24 inches in the forge to date but can change it out in about ten minutes if that ever happens. We once I make new rear that is but a simple thing to do
  11. Garry Keown

    first ram's horn handle

    I have removed handles by using a small gas flame on the pins and let the heat transfer through the handle which softens the epoxy and after driving the pins almost through one side the, one scale can be removed quite simply and the the second one has the pins tapped back through the tang and I have a simple clean up of the epoxy with no damage to the heat treat of the blade. A new set of handles can then be attached.
  12. This is my 3 burner unit Leroy I cut a length out of this big gas bottle The cut an 8 inch piece out of the length of it This allowed me to ratchet strap it together so it could be welded into one piece and this bought it down to the same diameter as the 20lb bottle which is ideal for forge use. I sometimes only us two of the burners when doing short knives but having the extra burner in hand is just the thing when I am doing longer blades and I dont have to juggle it back and forward. This short youtube video I took while heat treating some stainless 12C27 and with the air and gas control I can keep it steady within a couple of degrees +/- of desired for the heat treat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zouYFZ-7Gh4&feature=youtu.be
  13. Garry Keown

    Stick tang hunter w.i.p.

    A commendable effort Tom. The one comment I might make concerns the handle which has a "blocky rectangular" look to it. Dont often see a handle with a waist on it so that is an area I would revisit. Have a look at numerous other hunting knives, or knives in general (apart from daggers etc) to see that is style is quite unusual.The natural hand hold for this type of handle shape does not really have a hunting, skinning application. Still, this is just my opinion and if it is what they want then that is a that matters.
  14. Garry Keown

    13 blade day WIP

    The chef knives that I HT the other day had their turn at the grinder to get the bevels ground in and there was such a dramatic reduction in weight between the one I had done and the one still to be ground that I decided to put them on the scales to see what weight reduction there was with the grinding. The unground one was 245gram and after grinding the weight was just 155 gram so there was 90 grams left in the bucket under the grinder or almost a 1/3 of its weight. The other little chore that has kept me at the bench has been getting the rest of the blades handsanded and ready for handles allthough the material for them is not going to be here for a while yet so they will sit in the ready drawer til then.
  15. Garry Keown

    Carving knife WIP

    You may need to proof read that billy to clarify your intent but giraffe bone is much denser than bovine bone