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  1. Had to make a decision on the Chinese vegetable knife after the handle shaping started to come together and wasn't pleased either the weight or the feel in hand so have put it aside and will take the handle off, regrind the blade with higher grind to remove more weight and use a different bolster and wood combination. In the meantime I ground the other blade and have it in the clamps to finish tomorrow. Also got a Wapiti knife with handles on for tomorrow as well. The slicer came up rather nice with its Tasmanian Blackwood and bronze furniture
  2. One of todays jobs was to prepare this Chinese vegetable knife for the handle and the pommel. Blade was cut from and old pitted bench saw blade which was hard wire brushed and then done again after the heat treating process to maintain the blackened look of a rescued old knife. Will have bronze and ebony furntiure so the bronze bolsters are pinned on and the pommel anchor cut and peened in place with its pin rounded to lock on the pommel plate. And another meat (or vegetable) slicer wanted to show one of the processes I use now to ensure there is as good an epoxy hold on the
  3. Exactly. Most for their first sheath do a simple pouch sheath but you have gone a whole bunch of steps above that with this one. Your retention strap intrigues me with its uniqeness.
  4. rivets require a wider sheath than a stitched one and can look amateurish in my not so humble opinion.
  5. Make sure you have a few extra keys for the padlocks as the young are libale to loose them . Great gift by the way and very neatly done.
  6. Not yet but have in my saved folder to watch later in the day.
  7. Todays grinding session will give me some handsanding to do next. Three slicers (Nitro V) a chinese vegetable knife and a wapiti knife. Bought another very nice lot of handle blocks with spalted buckeye and gidgee from Jason Williams who has the best selection going and is a real gent to deal with.
  8. Thankls Brian. They are barely visible after the high polish so it takes a few weeks till they start to show themeslves more clearly. I have taken to doing that on all the larger bolsters now. Another thing I will do on some of the larger knives is to do the mark on the blades as a drill through rather than a partial drill mark, radius slightly, peen the pins in place and have them visible on both sides of the blade.
  9. Got four knives prepped with three shipped off and the fourth ready to go to the city on fri then got a hunter and two chinmese vegetable cleavers profiled, pre-ground and heat treated or at least the first of the temper cycles so will get the other cycle done later this evening
  10. Had four knives ready to ship today and and sent three off without taking a pic of them. One was an AH EDC and two of the slicers from the the batch I did the other day. This one I will deliver on fri when I am in the city Gidgee and brass (with 3 copper pins) on the Nitro V stainless blade and in the first group of stainless blades that I have given a cryo quench.
  11. I havent made axe handles but for strength I would have the grain vertical the same way that hard recoiling rifles have the grain for that very reason. It is called board sawn or flat sawn where the grain that runs horrizontal is 1/4 sawn.
  12. Three of the 4 slicers done and in the rack for oil finish on the handles. Two with local eucalyptus over bronze on the NitroV blades and an AH EDC with buffalo horn on the 1084 blade.
  13. Love that fine filework on the spine Josh. A good pair of eyes and a steady hand would be a must.
  14. Me too. I thought there were some beautiful knife handles being lost.
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