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  1. buffing compound

    Is it not better to have the wheel on the end of the motor that makes it run backwards (if you cant reverse the polarity) and then you can work on the top of the wheel with any 'caught and thrown' objects will automatically go away from you.
  2. A new website

    I have been working on a website over the last couple of weeks and have it live now so have a look round and see what you think. http://www.vongruffknives.com/
  3. Patterns organised

    Iadded a set of kitchen knives but as I only work in carbon steel I would have to find outsource heat treating for one of the stainless steels
  4. Patterns organised

    With a little down time I was able to get all my standard patterns transfered to sheet steel and hung on the wall I now have a pic of them that can be used when I am asked what I make and then a decision can be more easily made as to were to start the discussion.
  5. Hunting Knife Critique

    I aways like to make sure that the knife can be used comfortably in the blade up posotion as well as the bade down standard use so that I like to make the curves at the front fit the thumb as well as the finger and at the rear it should be comfortable round the end of the palm but in the blade up it should also still curve round the center palm swell.
  6. Osage Orange

    I have just bought one of these Logier hand stitched rasps and am waiting for its delivery. A bit costy but thier reputation is superg among gun makers and I will use it for stock works as well as handle shaping.
  7. Neck Knives

    That is what I saw as well Alan and like what it does for the knife looks. Nice one Chris
  8. A few questions about blade sizes

    This a general purpose/edc knife pattern that I do now with a 5 in blade after a few requests. This one with buffalo horn and brass
  9. Busy day

    Have got most of these ready for sheaths and sharpening now (except for the couple of HT lion knife blades of course) At top is two unfinished lion knives and on the right the prototype finished. Then under the lion knife is your general purpose knife in brass and buff horn, a rimu boner in trade for some beautiful handle wood pieces, a zebrawood and brass AH BG knife, a pair with a safaru hunter with walnut and brass and its companion field scalpel in walnut, a hunter skinner in hickory and buff horn, a light hunter with olive canvas micarta bolster and brown linen micarta, and at the bottom is another pair with a special order safari hunter in brass and buff horn with its companion field scalpel. On the left under the unfinished lion knife is the giveaway AH BG knife another 2 under it, then 3 BG hunter butchers, a boner all with buff horn and blackwood and at the bottom is a hunter skinner in very dark Jarah. There are still another couple in the drawer to get ahead a bit but those ordered in this lot will all be ready to ship with sheaths by Jan 10 when I will start to trust the post again. Some of these I will be posting in the classified section at some stage as they were done to please me with the different handle combinations like the zebrawood, the hickory and the micarta samples.
  10. Crusader sword

  11. Busy day

    Thanks Joel. The designs are the result of 50 years of using knives from when I left school at 15 to work the high country and a knife was essential part of the dress code for that kind of work. Knife design became a point of much study as I saw and used many different styles and started to hone in one what actually worked and what was a hinderence to good safe and effective working knives.
  12. Busy day

    I rejected a couple and added another one or two and got them all ready for handles with one from the last batch to finish off. There was a paallet of handle wood arrived this morning as well with 57 1/2 ft of 4x1 blackwood and 12 1/2 ft of 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 swamp kauri(1000,s of years old and a dug out of the old swamps.
  13. Busy day

    Been a busy day in the shed getting the bevels ground in on these blades I profiled the other day. A little something different with the double edged dagger and a couple of rasp bowies this time
  14. A few more finished

    A nice bit of rimu on this general purpos knife away in the morning
  15. A few more finished

    A little more leatherwork this morning To get them ready for these knives that just need thier final sharpening before shipping. I tried a couple of different backgrounds for the pics this time. All blades are either 1075 or 1084 A longer safari knife with brass and buff horn and the field scalpel in buff horn combo in a piggyback sheath A safari knife with walnut and brass. The walnut was from the buyers rifle stock blank to be a companion piece for a new rifle. A new design that is a longer and wider boning knife as a EDC in consultation with NZ client so has rimu scales The standard bing knife with blackwood scales An left hand AH (Africa Hunting forum) EDC but without the sheath logo by request And the last one is an AH big game hunter with blackwood and buff horn.