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  1. A couple of days grinding and handsanding with just 4 left to do to get tham allready for handles.There are blades of 1084, 1095 12C27 and stainless damascus in this lot. Damascus blades ready for the etch The bottom three are for Art, Dave and Yancey (friends/repeat customers from another forum). The top one and the center one are a hybrid design that Yancey and I came up with based off the bushcraft hunter but with a finer flat ground blade
  2. I got all the discs inletted today. Necessary tools in the optivisor, hole punch with light hammer to mark the outline of the disc, fine carving chisels and small tapping mallet. outline marked in The edges V cut back Inlet complete And one of the discs sanded flush and ready for handle finish so I can get them re-etched this week. Unfortunately it was not possible to get a perfect curve to the disc without some marking of the surface to cleaning it off and getting it re-etched was the only option.
  3. That is a very business like knife Geoff but have you got two stud holes in the keeper strap (or did you inadvertantly put it at the wrong end of the split)
  4. Much more technucal than the slash and parry of the usual holywood sword fight
  5. Macrocarpa is also known as Monterey Cypres Charles. I have quite a bit of it stabilised and more in board form waiting to be done.
  6. Thanks Gerhard. For quite a while it seemed I was a stockmaker who occasionally made knives and now it seems the other way arround. Either way it is my happy place
  7. Two happy peopIe with this one the customer and the maker---oh and everybody eIse who sees it
  8. A show of the knives for the presentation boxes on the coIours they wiII be on. Still have to inlet the discs and do the handIe finishing so this is just a taster pic. Ebony on blue, walnut on green and curly macro on red.
  9. And a 7 1/2 inch 12C27 chef knife with curly macro
  10. Grinding after HT should take care of that
  11. Yes it is a 577.450. I restocked a few of them but the rest were in 303 Brit. One in the military carbine, one as the early sporting rifle and a K Hornet as a modern sporter
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