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  1. Garry Keown

    Makers marks

    Mine is a simple 3 dot triangle to represent the Trinity. I do it on the blades only except for the curve backed buffalo horn bolsters that allso have it done via the pin work
  2. Garry Keown

    two new knife patterns and a couple of old ones WIP

    The handles are shaped and finished but unfortunately the swamp kauri handles on the pair of Old Western skinners were less than I anticipated so will remove them and start again. They were for a special order of "something fancy" for a father and son but have given him some nice other wood options. Waiting for him to get back to me on his choice Leopardwood is one of the options he has asked about Some eucalyptus root I stabilised a few weeks back The eucalyptus was rather plain but was one I did to keep as a sample This is the pocket ranger with a cherrywood handle and again will be a sample of the style. Working on some sheaths at the moment with the handle material for the others in this batch arrives in the next couple of weeks with both a traditional vertical sheath and the 45* cross draw for the pocket ranger in a similar style to the full size J T Ranger
  3. Garry Keown

    Meteorite Damascus

    I suspect there a re a number of us subscribed to this thread.
  4. Garry Keown

    two new knife patterns and a couple of old ones WIP

    The knives came out of the clamps this morning and I got the handle scales for these four fitted then pinned and epoxied into place. One set with eucalyptus, one with cherry burl and two with swamp kauri
  5. Garry Keown

    two new knife patterns and a couple of old ones WIP

    Bolsters all done. The 6 in the clamps are all buffalo horn with the two on the board having theirs of natural canvas micarta that will have spacers between them and the handle and liners under them, but that material is on order and not expected for a few weeks.
  6. Garry Keown

    two new knife patterns and a couple of old ones WIP

    Joe Taylor commissioned the design and is a retired U.S. Army Major General and Defence Sector Executive. This was his report on another forum ( https://www.africahunting.com/threads/the-von-gruff-jt-ranger-knife.42359/) on the first of the them that he ordered A few weeks ago I entered into a collaboration with our resident Kiwi Knifemaker to create an "African" knife which would incorporate a specific set of priorities. I had a specific length and requirements which drove the blade design. Using his vast experience, Gary incorporated those thoughts into a minimalist design, that is in the hand perfect. Everything about a knife that may be used for something other than cutting rope or potatoes is captured in its balance and heft. I am confident that this one could not be improved upon. He also created a minimalist sheath which carries the knife in what I consider the perfect location - weak-side/butt forward. There it is always available and never prodding you in the back or butt when in a vehicle.Simply great work my friend. It will be with me every day in South Africa in June and hopefully for many years to come. It's primary design was to be of ideal configuration to be a last line of defense against an angry cat or hostile local. I have not had the pleasure of having to try and actually peel a leopard off of myself, but have had three opportunities where I could have. I have twice been in uncomfortable situations with drunk locals in remote towns while picking up supplies. A bit of blade isn't a handgun, but it can deescalate or conclude a situation much quicker than a pair of fists where the former is not an option. The blade is ideally configured for that purpose, with directed penetration more important than a slash. Secondly, it will do all those other things for which we own knives in the first place to include cut a potato or a rope. But it's balance, heft, central thrust line, and simplicity are perfect for it's primary mission.I should add that I own several Randalls and other custom knives, but this is the first that has it exactly right in exactly the right configuration. At least for me. Quite a few knives of this design have been ordered and found homes in various countries now.
  7. Garry Keown

    two new knife patterns and a couple of old ones WIP

    Made a bit of progress today Mike. The blades have had the preliminary grind, been heat treated, had the final grind and hand sanded, so all ready for the bolsters on the ones I can finish for now. This is the difference between the J T Ranger and the Pocket Ranger on the left and on the right is the Old Western Skinner compared to the Buffalo Skinner. The two longer knives are in the 10 1/2 inch length bracket while the two smaller blades are in the 9 1/8 to 9 1/4 inch long and being a bit smaller may suit a different user group.
  8. Garry Keown

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    He sells internationally Gerhard
  9. A couple of weeks back I was asked to do a pair of my buffalo skinners and when we were going over the details b]he asked if I could make them shorter but that would have unbalanced the visual and the actual so I redesigned with a similar style to fall within his criteria and called it the old western skinner and about the same time mu US agent was asked if I would make the J T Ranger with a shorter blade but the same thing applied so I designed up a smaller version and called it the pocket ranger so cut out a few blades today and added a pair from the ready drawer for this weeks orders although I am waiting on some blaze orange and tan liners for some of them so it may be a coupe of weeks till it arrives. From the top there is a safari knife, a light hunter, mini skinner, 3 of the new old western skinners, 2 pocket rangers and a J T Ranger
  10. Garry Keown

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    I use the NZ made Scary Sharp system with 4 grades of stones but generally only use 2 or three for working knives and finish with a hard backed strop https://www.scarysharp.co.nz/
  11. Garry Keown

    How short can hidden tang be?

    I have done them by splitting the 1/4 inch rod and putting 2 pins through it and the half tang rather than soldering or welding it
  12. Garry Keown

    Ready for leather

    These two finish out this weeks work and have very nice walnut with the buff skinner being special order with my makers mark in 3 brass pins in the buffalo horn bolster and the general purpose knife having special selection NZ Walnut. I find the general purpose knife about perfect for when I am breaking down an animal. before the boning and steaking knife come into play. All the leather got done today so only the hot waxing and a sharpen to do in the morning before they all ship off.
  13. Garry Keown

    Starting a New Dirk/Dagger

    It is amazing to see where some of these works of art start out and the incredible journey they take to completion guided by a skill that so many of us can barely credit.
  14. Garry Keown

    Ready for leather

    A lot of the eucalyptus can be very plain grain but there are enough nice pieces in the crotches and root systems to be worth chasing Charles
  15. Garry Keown

    Ready for leather

    These four are in the finishing racks and ready for leather and sharpening A 7 1/2 inch chef in 12C27 with select NZ Walnut A safari knife in 1095 with brass and eucalyptus A hunter skinner in 1084 with brass and accacia and a light hunter in 12C27 with OD micarta