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  1. Welcome indeed. I love the brass accents on the little by knife but the pair make a very nice presentation.
  2. it is becoming my new favourite to make and will do one for myself (I dont have enough knives ) when a supply of bone scales come in. There is some royal blue and brown cammel bone sets coming that I hope are as nice in hand as they look on the website so will have to decide what to match it with.
  3. This one away to Florida in the morning. A 4x4 Hunter with both the horrozontal sheath (10 degrees down for security) and the standard behind the hip sheath. 4 inch blade of 1084 with curve back buffalo horn and exhibition walnut. black micarta pins in handle with my 3 pin brass mark in the bolster.
  4. So some practice is on the cards to get her eye in
  5. Butter and pepper on them is perfect and the knife handle is lovely with just the right size blade for general kitchen work. Will get far more use than most knives either side of it size wise.
  6. Hammer weight is one I have a bit of experience with from having spent most of my working life in the wood industry from joinery shops to building sights and furniture making I have used a fair assortment of hammers. Traditionally we all used 24 oz hammers but my father used a 20 oz although when I was in australia and working the hardwoods there I went to a 30 oz and it became my standard for all woodwork even when I returned to NZ with our softer woods although now at very close to 70 I have found that my fathers 24oz is used far more often. Leather washer Eastwings all the way. For the
  7. This is one I did some time back and have just got the full edit on the video done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLSn-DXTU_Y&ab_channel=VonGruff
  8. Yes a good usable design but be careful in this area as bringing the point down so far creates a spot that is liable for cracking off. If you make the front of the scales as a round rather than a flat shape you get a thicker and stronger portion at the weakest point.
  9. so now it needed a handle and a well grained piece of recycled Rimu was cut as a starting point Got some shaping lines drawn on for a 23 inch OAL to allow for a bit more swing and impact than the short hatchet handles will give. Cut out and started the hafting process Finished the shaping and wedged the head and added some B L O sharpened it and had something that can sit in the truck as part of the few tools and bits and pieces I like to keep in case some help is needed on the road for me or someone else in a spot of strife.
  10. With that done I cut a section off a leaf spring. A put a short length of 2 x 1/4 mild into the forge and started the bend on it and a couple of heats and it was the right shape The piece of leaf spring was into the forges and straightened then a tack weld to hold it in the right place between the wings of the eye and the heat to welding temp had it stuck in place and starting to form down A bit more heat and hammer had it forge welded together and could use the drift I made to shape the eye. A bit more shape and it was starting to loo
  11. Different chalenge today and a chance to try something I have wanted to try for a while. First though I had to make a tool so part of an old pickaxe was the starting point. The piece that was cut off had a use further into the project but the cut off arm was into the forge and drawn longer and had the tapers changed. The rest of the head was into the forge and had the sides changed so they would hold onto a 5/8 rod and the wings cut off. With a bit of cleaning up I welded it to the reshaped arm and had the drift I needed for the actua
  12. The light rescue set is done with the 11/64 / 4.3mm 1075 nipple nosed knife with is 3 inch straight section blade (9 1/4 in OAL) for those situations where a point is not desired (seat belt or tight tie etc) The bare handle without scales is for compact carry while the radiused edges still give a good hold for comfortable use. The flat head lever made from 1/4" / 6.3mm 5160 has the screwdriver tip on the 3 7/8 blade (8 inch OAL) that also doubles as a stout lever for the situations where this may be necessary. The gutted parra cord wrap gives enough bulk and very good grip for serious use of
  13. I have been playing with a light rescue knife as sugested with a nipple nose and got them done up to finish grind and stone wash last night. The flathead lever is just under 8 inches and I will do a para cord wrap on the handle. I made this one from a piece of leaf spring ground to a 1/4 inch thick but if there are orders I will make them from the 1/4 in 80CRV2 steel with the knife being from 1084 will have thin 1/4 inch micarta handles. May do them in combo sheath or seperate as preference dictates.
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