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  1. The other little project was to make a spring fuller for the helve hammer so I can draw out some length from shorter thicker bars. Started with a piece of 2 inch bar stock and drilled a serier of holes accross it then a cut off disc in the angle grinder gave me the two pieces to grind into equal halves. a 6 ft 6 length of 2 x 1/4 flat bar was marked out and cut into 3 and a dog leg marked in using the angle dividers. I wanted to run these wiuth a dog leg so I had a better meeting surface with a straighter pull through on the hammer. I only welded up the one for now with its added bar to bring it up the the anvil height. I did set the 1/2 rounds on to make sure they would be in the right place but didn't weld them on till I had put the bar into the forge and got it hot enough to bend the flat bar to make the right shape to work as a spring and then welded the 1/2 rounds in place. And just in case any of you are not up to speed on welding this is how a weld is supposed to look In any case it all seemed to fit together about right and with a couple of bolt thread tapped in the table top I can secure it in place against the movment caused by drawing the bar through it in use. I am abkle to secure the tup at its highest poiunt so that I can change out the various dies etc that I may end up making and have the ability through the top styrip on the drive arm and the link between the tup and the spring to adjust the opening by quite a substantial ammount if the need be.
  2. A very pleasing day today with a couple of new things finished. First was a trial of stone washing and have to say that I am very pleased with the result. Not the best pic but I am going to put a bronze CB 3 (SS) pin bolster on this one with dark gidgee handles and black pins. Will put it in a stamped sheath with an attached steel and see if the resulting look has an exceptanceamong my customer base. I cut a few slices off the bar of bronze and am collecting the saw cut pieces in a container and will add all the bits from the slices from when I cut out the CB shape. sometime down the track I may have a look at casting some of these little bits into something a bit more shapely than a simple bolster or pommel.
  3. Not in the shed but had a good day in town. I went to the outlet where I get bearings and belts etc to get a slightly shorter belt for the hammer final drive They have drums of bearings that are to go for scrap and they gave me permission to scavenge any of it I wanted. I just got three smaller ones about 4 inches in dia but there were a couple of big ones that must have been 2 ft across.
  4. Yes that is the problem AJ. You had just the two bottles with one for each burner. With two bottles on the one manifold through one regulator and on one burner you are doubling the ammount of gas that is available to the regulator so as the bottles "freeze" there is still enough gas from each bottle to give a full pressure to the regulator. Then you have the same set up for the other burner. For the two burners you have four bottles. I have 2 9kg bottles to the one burner in my small forge and when the other manifold arrives I will have 2 18kg bottles for my larger (3 burner) forge. Gas freezing will be a thing of the past for me.
  5. On the gas supply problem AJ, the solution is to get one of the manifolds from Gameco so you can run two bottles together through the same regulator so if you had one with two bottles and yoiur friend did for his two bottles the freezing aspect would most likely dissapear. They are just $58 + gst each and are a simple fix for the feezing. I got one for both my forges and wouldn't dream of going back to a single bottle supply.
  6. A Safari knife with Acacia over brass with attached steel The purple dyed Pig Sticker The mini Bull Nose Skinner with fiddleback Tasmanian Blackwood over 3 pin CB paper micarta. I havent done a sheath for it yet but will do one with attached short steel next time I am doing leather work. (and yes I know there is a hair on the blue background sheet)
  7. A pair of mini skinnersFirst has a very nice set of Lacewood handles This one with its attached steel has Desert Ironwood
  8. This lot just needs an edge on the blades and they are off to new homes A PH EDC with very rare quilted NZ macrocarpa over 3 pin CB buffalo horn in stamped sheath with attached steel. There is more activity in the macrocarpa than a pic can show. A 7 inch chef with a very pretty piece of Lacewood and a J T Ranger with fiddleback Gidgee in left handed cross draw sheath.
  9. Mine came from an old English oak tree in my cosuins yard. It was on the roadside and hung over the power lines. They were quoted $2000 to trim it or they would fell it for free which is what my cousin decided on. She said the high trim cost was for the ammount of time the power board would have to have the road closed with traffic controll etc and as it was a trim would be an ongoing need but felling it would take a 1/ 2 hour and be done. I got a couple of the big crotches where large branches joined the trunk.
  10. This is one I did a couple of months back
  11. Some handles off the belt grinder and ready for some hand work. Chef with lacewood J T Ranger with Gidgee pigsticker with (purple dyed) gidgee. Dye did not show till I cut and sanded it. PH EDC with quilted macrocarpa over buffalo horn A Safari with acacia over brass Mini bullnose with tasmanian blackwood over paper micarta mini skinner with desert ironwood mini skinner with lacewood.
  12. I had meant to add that there is a very good reason to hold the steel with the thumb over the top rather than round the handle in what might be a instinctive grip with those steels that have a fixed handle. A slip in concentration with the knife means a cut accross the thumb and usually is not so bad that it will heal in short order - but holding the steel with the thumb 'round the handle' leaves the web between the thumb and the fingers vulnerable to a very severe cut and one that may well do lasting damage to the hand.
  13. This is the short vodeo I did today for the members on the hunting forum I do most of my knives for as they asked about how I use a honing steel and in particular tghe short ones I make and add to the sheath as and when requested.. I have ground and polished both my fathers and great grandfathers steel so they are smooth where they both had very fined ridges as I received them and of course the ones I make are polished to 600 grit.The two I got from father and great grabndfather originally had multiple small ridges but I ground themm off to smooth steel so they work much better this way. They are to hone not take metal off the blade edge.
  14. That is a very nicely shaped knife and would have a multitude of uses
  15. I use a magnet on a stick ( extendable type) that fits in the grooves in the table top. That makes cleaning it much easier.
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