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  1. A day of sharpening and shipping for me. 18 knives away to new homes with another 4 of the present batch to go.
  2. So quite pleased how these finished up
  3. So have this lot of sheaths all done so juts the edge to do now and they can be shipped off. Among them are this group of 5 skinners. A giraffe bone handled 5 1/2 in 12C27 chef A mini skinner in 12C27 with black paper micarta bolster, blaze G10 spacer and liner with OD canvas micarta handle and lanyard tube. A 1095 J T Ranger with buff horn and exhibition walnut Two damascus light hunters. Top one has exhibition swamp kauri over buff horn while the lower one has eucalyptus root over buff horn. This pair of 1095 PH EDC,s has spalted eucalyptus over buff horn And last is this pair of 1095 PH EDC's has ebony over brass
  4. Sheaths all done so it will be an afternoon of emailing customers and get the payments in. Will post picks of individual knives or groups of knives on my various knives thread (show and tell) later in the day. Some very nice wood on some of them while thers are more pedestrian.
  5. Work stage by stage but always keep the end goal in sight (my philosophy)
  6. Have all bar one of the knives with the handles finish shaped and in the rack with the first coat of finish oil applied, except for the small chef and the micarta mini skinner which dont get an oil finish and the one that needed more attention This Safari Knife unfortunately had to have the handles replaced as shaping had revealed pith at the front of the giraffe bone so a bit of heat works it way through the handle to the epoxy so the pins can be drifted out and the scales carefully removed. With the epoxy allcleaned off the steel and the mating face of the buff horn bolsters I cut and fit another pair of scales and have them in the clamps for the night.
  7. That spalting is wild @Joël Mercier. I have a couple in my present batch with some nice spalted eucalyptus.
  8. Have the shaped off the belt grinder so it is all down to hand finishing now.
  9. Yes. It seemed as if any time I decided that this was all I would do at one time, another one would come in and I pepped it until I had to call it and do the H T. Any thing else will be for next years shipping from mid Jan on after my self imposed Dec 7 cut off date.
  10. Have started to shape up the handles of the first 7 of the 22 knife pre christmas order with the handles on and in the clamps of the next 11. Should get them all done this week with the leatherwork and shipping next week then the remaining 4 over the following week.
  11. Is that common there Alex?. Here it is only the applicant and the tester in the car when going to a licence test. When I got mine in '67 there were 3 oral questions and the driving test which consisted of eaving the curb into non existant traffic (small town of 4-500) driving out of town about a 1/2 mile, doing a 3 point turn and driving back into town to have the licence issued. I bought a '52 ford and I was away back to work. Left school 3 months before I was 16 and had been driving on the farm since I was 7 or 8 so it was not big thing for me. Hope your son passed the test and is now independent, well except for borrowing your car that is.
  12. The great gulf between journeyman makers and master craftsmen has been widened with that offering.
  13. Been a couple of long days but I have all but four done and ready for handles. Of the four one is for me, one for my cousin, one for an after christmas delivery and the 4th is a spec blade so no rush to get them done where the others I need to get done as I dont ship after the first week in dec.
  14. It does and I have all thse tools as I bought the whole lot from a very old family friend but have only ever used one or two of them for border stamping. Havent ventured into carving but then time is a factor for me.
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