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  1. Garry Keown

    Table knives

    My comment was probaby a reflection on the forum in the main seeming to have little in the way of conversation for those that dont have something outstanding to show. There does seem to be a lot of posts with scores of views and little or nothing in the way of replys. Not all knives that are being made can fall into the spectacular, unusual, historically interesting or technically challenging categories that seem to get the perponderence of the reply traffic.
  2. Garry Keown

    Table knives

    Hardly worth the time to post on this forum
  3. Garry Keown

    Table knives

    Have been abke to get back to the shed after a number of days having to take care of other responsibilities and was able to finish some of the knives that have been on the back burner. First off I wanted to get some table knives done with the top one being my half of the his and hers eating knives with buffalo horn handles on a blade of 5 1/8 x .09 15N20. Next down is my side plate knife I made from a .03 SS spatula a hidden tang in a desert ironwood handle. The her half of the eating knife set with a 4 1/2 x.09 15N20 blade with white synthetic bench top material and the bottom one is a sideplate knife I made from a piece of an old handsaw blade just .025 thick but the handle was a bit of an experiment having black and orange liners under a blue micarta handle. I had started to make my side table knife with swamp kauri handles but trying to inlet the tang for the second side had a catastrophic crack so used the desert ironwood instead and am more than happy with the resulting handlle. This was the SS spatula I used to make my sideplate blade from. Every so often I have to toss out the used belts
  4. Garry Keown

    For the love of dogs.

    If he is pain free and he is able to maintain a modicum of normality I think it is good to be able to give him that relief. It will be clear to you as pack leader when "the time" comes and the love you have for him will help you to know whan that is. We made the decision never to have another dog after having that same dilema in losing Bruno the miniture Schnauzer and Tala the Rottweiler before him. They take up a bit of room on the bed but a great deal more in your heart.
  5. Garry Keown

    For the love of dogs.

    That is the hardest part about having dogs as part of our family in that thier life span is so short and when illness shortens that even more it takes a toll on us watching the slow deteriation of what had been a happy and healthy boisterous dog. Then comes the time when we have to do the decent thing and make that hardest of decisions for them. I feel for you during this time Gerhard
  6. Garry Keown

    Forge upgrades

    Thanks Alan. Working with stainless is a first for me and am just getting a 12C27 kitchen set cleaned up so I can try it out for HT. The SS foil turned up this morning but with a hunt organised along with a few other responsibilities I wont be able to get to this till next week.
  7. Garry Keown

    Forge upgrades

    This is my set-up Jeff. The first pic is the modified 4x2 muffler with the probe in place and the angle iron blocker to keep the heat in the forge. pic 2 is looking into the muffler to show the two supports for the probe to keep it clear of the blade and any contact with the muffler itself. To get the internal support which also serves to lean the blade against, I cut a slot in the side and welded it in place that way. pic 3 is the angle iron blocker with the probe in place for when I want to control the heat outside of the muffler.
  8. Garry Keown

    Forge upgrades

    I just got one Jeff but I got a heavy piece of angle iron and drilled a hole for the probe so I can place it about 2 - 3 inches into the mouth of the forge while the rest is blocked off for HT carbon blades. I was able to hold the temp within a couple of degrees fluctuation with the air flow. This way I can remove it easily when temp stabiity is not needed. I had thought about driling into the side of the forge but did it this way which makes it for more versatile in use as the other thing I did was to make a muffler from a piece of 4x2 box and weld a plate in a few inches to hold the probe as well for doing the foil wrapped SS blades, and again I can remove it when it is not needed so the probe will last much longer not being in ful time use.
  9. Garry Keown

    edge finishing after heat treat

    I use CRC brakleen but any brake cleaner should do and it keeps my stones clean. I have the scary sharp sharpening system after I put the initial secondary bevel on with a worn 240 grit belt.then an have four different grades of stone although I generally only use 3 of them. The brakleen keeps the stone clear of debris but I use 50/50 canola oil and kerosene for lubricant. I have donr a lot of knives on this system and really like the repeatability of angle on both sides as the stones are changed and being in thier own holders it s as simple as putting one down after giving it a spray with brakleen, and picking up the next. http://www.scarysharp.co.nz/
  10. Garry Keown

    Sheath wearing handle finish

    You could use a thinned coat of spar varnish over the first few coats of blo, sand back to the surface with 600 paper then give it another couple of finish coats of the blo.
  11. Garry Keown

    Tool steel daily carry work knife

    That was my first reaction as well Jon.
  12. A couple of videos of how I take the knife handle from the square to the finished shape using bandsaw, belt grinder and rasp. All the knife details can be found on my website http://www.vongruffknives.com/ The JT Ranger knife in the last video is the prototype knife and the sample pic will be uploaded to the website in a week when the knife is finished although all the details are there under the knife design/other knives section. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXW1sGE_Jrg&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtyuCJYKez8&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJeRJwSM1A&feature=youtu.be
  13. Garry Keown

    buffing compound

    Is it not better to have the wheel on the end of the motor that makes it run backwards (if you cant reverse the polarity) and then you can work on the top of the wheel with any 'caught and thrown' objects will automatically go away from you.
  14. Garry Keown

    A new website

    I have been working on a website over the last couple of weeks and have it live now so have a look round and see what you think. http://www.vongruffknives.com/
  15. Garry Keown

    Patterns organised

    Iadded a set of kitchen knives but as I only work in carbon steel I would have to find outsource heat treating for one of the stainless steels