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  1. Garry Keown

    A mini skinner

    A short while back I was given a comminsion to do a mini skinner from his design and while I completed the project for him I was not overly enamoured with his design but I did like the concept of a mini skinner so got my own take on the concept down on paper and as I usually do I cut one out from 1/4 in mdf to make sure it feels right in hand. A 3 1/4 in x 1/8 1084 blade and 7 1/2 inches over all. I was working on sheaths today so my mini skinner is one of three on the top line of the completed group. Mine (3rd from top left) has black paper micarta bolster and NZ Matai handles with the next one being olivewood and the third is antique oak.
  2. Garry Keown

    We've been doing it wrong.

    No good to me Vern, I wear mine.
  3. Garry Keown

    Old dog, new trick.

    The daughter was very pleased and I guess I will hear from my friend in a few days.
  4. Garry Keown

    Old dog, new trick.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I will be delivering it tomorrow to his daughter for his birthday on the 7th.
  5. Garry Keown

    Old dog, new trick.

    Unfortunately we lost our dog this time last year so this was a purpose bought rawhide bone just for this sheath. ( I would put a smiley face to show I understood what you meant but cant do that in the same place as mentioning our loss of Bruno)
  6. Garry Keown

    Old dog, new trick.

    A couple of weeks back a friends daughter asked me to make a knife for her fathers birthday. This was the starting point. After a couple of days it was pliabe eough to unwrap, and staple onto a board. Got the little patch knife neck sheath done today for the knife with 3 inch blade of 1/8 1084. A piece of antler from one of the many deer he has shot went for the handle and I made a hammered copper front for the handle. Was given a specific length for the neck strap so used the strap as a continuation of the welts. Just have to sharpen the blade now and will deliver it to his daughter who ordered it for his birthday next week. Euan does a lot of black powder shooting so this should go along with his kit quite nicely.
  7. Garry Keown


    Good catch thanks Charles. A bit of confusion in the post as my oven temps here are in C. but my wax temp guage is in F. I have corrected my post. I set the oven at 40C for the sheaths when heating the parraffin to 240F. Sorry for the mixed tems but that is how I have to work with the tools I have.
  8. Garry Keown


    Just be sure to put the sheath's in the oven at about 40c while the parraffin wax heats up. Best heat for the wax is about 240F as any hotter or holding the leather in there for longer than about 4 seconds leads to leather shrinkage wrinkling and surface damage and much less than 240F leads to cold setting of the wax on the leather which is a bear to remove with the best way being to make sure the wax is up to the 240F and re-dip the sheath. I have added another step to the process now and have a equal parts mix of BLO, turps and bees wax which I rub onto the sheath while it is still warm and this allows for a really nice shine when buffed later.
  9. Garry Keown


    I hot wax my sheaths to make them fully water proof.
  10. Garry Keown

    First cable damascus

    There is something abut the cable patterns that I like and I like that one a lot with the 15N20 lines giving it a dramatic touch that enhances what it seperates .
  11. Garry Keown

    Short broken back seax

    Do you just have a glue line rather than stitching as a continuation of the stitchline behind what I presume is the hanger loop?
  12. Garry Keown

    Battle castle

    Watched the first in the series and will get to the rest over the winter. An interesting look at how they worked defensively as well as offensively.
  13. Garry Keown

    Good poor quality knife

    Agree with that Vern. It has the look of authenticity about it that is appealing in its earthyness and speaks of thoughtful hand work.
  14. Garry Keown

    Ender (being a third)

    Yours reminded me of this one I made for a friend as a sock knife. 4 inch blade with copper and blackwood. Nothing fancy but it was what he wanted.
  15. Garry Keown

    Ender (being a third)

    The little ridges on the ferrule will be a nice gripping area for hand security in use. Make a good sock knife in the same wearing style as the sgian dubh.