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  1. I am using NitroV and to straighten any warp I always do the first temper as it is then I have shims and double correct against a solid plate for the second temper. Nearly always corrects any warp and only very rarely do I have to do a third temper to further straighten. I have a wood workers vise set up vertically and can slam it donw on the foil wrapped blade for the quench. I believe that you need to get the top plate on the foil wrapped blade as quickly as possible as a cold plate on the bottom and too much time to get the top plate on and the vise (or other devise) closed can cause
  2. A set for a friend / worker in the inward goods section of a natural/organic store and the lever is often used for wood boxes where the nipple nose is used against the side of cardboard boxes to prevent over penetration against the product packaging inside. The knot hook is not sharpened as in a gut hook but is used to get into knots where produce is tied with rope/string. This set is dreived from my light rescue set.
  3. Some new Karelian Birch handle blocks arrived from Bogdan Drevetskiy in the Ukraine this morning. I am quite partial to the gold flecks in the blue and green blocks and the red and black will have a variagated finish that will make a nice visual on the handle. I have traded with a taxidermist friend in South Africa for these and he is just waiting on the cites paperwork before getting them away to me. Costly but my customer base loves giraffe bone with the previous lot I got being used in short order . Makes for a very nice handle either on its own or complemented with
  4. a 1000 year old seax that has survived to this day. Love the checking in the handle to show age and pleased you havent filled it. nice bit of file work and even the sheath shows an age that is belied by your asertion that it is freshly made.
  5. I like the way your twist turns toward the tip in the leading 1/4 of the blade. If it was me I would radius the edges of the handle considerably more so the shape is more ovaloid rather than radius edged square. Much easier on the hand for prolonged use.
  6. A sharpening system is important and this is one I have used for all of the knives I have done. Latest #765 is on the courier to South Africa this morning and I am totally convinced it is the best there is. NZ made Scary Sharp system.
  7. I have 80 grit paper on the big disc to do all preliminary flatteningn then finish/refine on a granite slab with 180 then 220 grits of of paper.
  8. I have a 15 LPI checkering file and that could be used to create the lines you seek.I must do one with fade in fade out checkering and see how that looks.
  9. my quech tank is 6 inches in dia and holds over 4 gallons. I often have numerous knives to do at one time but have a perforated scoop in the tank just a bit smaller in dia with long handle that reaches the rim and was originally intended to scoop out anything that fell in the tank but I use it more to stir the oil bottom to top to ensure there is a uniformity of temp throughout the tank for when multiple blades are quenched.
  10. A couple finished this morning. A Bearded Chef with dyed giraffe bone on the NitroV SS blade and a PH EDC with Koa over CB bronze bolsters on the 1075 blade.
  11. The teardrop handle is very comfortable and a natural hand shape for many aplications. After trying several designs I "settled" on the teardrop for my steak knife and carving knife handles
  12. I never tire of the outlook here or the feeling of familiarity and comfort when we return to our little valley and on to our home here.
  13. With thanks to those whose information I have used, for my own purposes I have collated the important to me information posted into one piece and will use it for when I have hard use knives to do from this steel. Stock removal for me at this stage.
  14. The San mai blade I re-ground down from a saber grind J T Ranger to a FF grind generic hunter to better show the san main line came out nicely as well. Spalted buckeye bolster with walnut scales.
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