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  1. Made some progress on @Dr Rays harpoon fighter today with all the work done pre heat treat now. I made a cutter to clean up the fuller from a piece of heavy spring steel and bent an old file to do the sanding.
  2. This one surprised me in how much I liked it.
  3. Thank you and yes I do get a bit now and then but am just very fortunate in having a great customer base and like most, know that doing a batch of knives is always easier/more time efficient than single knives. It is also quite obvious that in most cases my knives do not run to lots of embellishments so apart from the choices in handle material and sheath stamping, these almost may be considered semi production knives
  4. And another Kabar that I did some time back with stone washed blade, stacked leather handle with blued steel guard and ebony pommel. And last is a set of His'n'Hers steak knives with Burma camphor burl handles on the NitroV stainless blades.
  5. Three for the kitchen First is a 5 inch general purpose with English oak on the NitroV stainless blade Then a 5 1/2 inch chef with a stunning piece of Honduran Rosewood on the NitroV stainless blade And a 7 1/2inch chef with box elder bul on the NitroV stainless blade
  6. A pair of PH EDC's. First one has a Koa over CB Buff horn on the 1075 blade with hamon in a border stamped sheath with edge dyed fade in. A nice oiece of walnut over a spalted buckeye CB bolster on the 1075 blade in simple edge dyed fade in to the sheath.
  7. A Hybrid Hunter with Eucalyptus over buff horn on the 1084 blade 4x4 hunter with Cherry burl over buff horn on a 1084 blade
  8. These all finished up now and off to new homes tomorrow. A skinner with Tasmanian Blackwood over the CB Buff horn bolster on the 1084 blade A Light Hunter with Giraffe bone over CB Buff horn bolster on the 1084 blade with some border stamping and edge dyed fading on the sheath.
  9. A area of embellishment that would take a deal of paitence and a steady hand on top of the artistic ability to conceive and execute.
  10. Having had RC injury and now working through a frozen shoulder I can certainly sympathise with your situation and appreciate the return journey with these two blades being shown. Slow and steady will be the order of the day for some time to come and blade work more rewarding for that.
  11. A descent result for the day. Took them out of the clamps this morning and they are in the andle rack waiting for leather this afternoon
  12. Some beautiful wood on the way. Spent some time (and lots of $) this morning selecting some lovely handle blocks. This is part of the selection with gold and dark Koa, box elder, spalted maple, and hickory burl among them. As always the pic does not really show the spectaculer colours and contrasts that is reveasled when it is in hand but Jason does short videos of the blocks I select, turning them in all directiosn so I can get a full picture of what is offered.
  13. With all the handsanding done on this lot, it was time to look at handles on those that are not going into the ready drawer. From the left is some antler but there will be brass guard ad pommel on that one then a nice piece of walnut wover spalted buckeye bolsters koa over buff and gold tassie blackwood over buff. box Elder on the 7 in chef and stunning piece of Honduran rosewood on the 5 in chef. english oak on the general pupose and burma camphor burl on the pair of steak knives.
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