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  1. I always suspected as much and appreciate the link. I may just have to get a couple of pair and try them out. I know they would be exceptable on a serious using knife where as the three I have done are really more for the gift value than thier practical use although they are very comfortable in hand.
  2. I have seen a couple of knives done that are supposed to be impala horn but they are very even in the ridges and I often wondered if they were horn but this one is a high end knife and I have to except the guys word that this is what they are. I would love to see the set of horns something like this comes from and how that are turned into the knife scales.
  3. Finally finished the impala horn handled knives and quite pleased with the result. I used rimu as the bolster with a piece of black G10 facing and ebony for the pommel. The ebony pommel was treated like the bolster end and socketed into the horn end with the threaded rod drilled into the ebony to create another gripping surface for the epoxy. I added black dye to the epoxy and waited for everything to set up overnight. This gave me the basis for the handle so a shaping session was next. And with a fine sand and buffed it was time to add the finish to the resulting handle. Looking from underneath or the blade edge side and from the top or spine side.
  4. These are ready to ship #1 is a Hunter skinner with raindrop damascus, buff bolsters and macrocarpa handles. #2 is another giraffe bone handled Safari Knife #3 is a buffalo handled Hunter skinner #4 is an Acacia handled skinner and #5 is a Skinner for me with curve backed copper bolsters and giraffe bone handles. Have given thae previous ones away but might just keep a hold of this one.
  5. I didn't stabilise them Jeff. Sanded fine and buffed with sealer coat. I detest dyes on bone etc with its unatural look.
  6. Yes I found the water was a better softening agent than the direct oven heat. That one piece had been flatened by the oven once and that caused the small crack as it over flatened then with water twice to get it to final shape where any other time I wll only need to do it the once now that I have settled on the method I will use for any future horn handle work.
  7. I changed horses with these horn handles as I wasn't happy with the resulting piece when sort of flattened and filled with epoxy/canvas ayered in like unpressed micarta so today I made a start on the using a length of horn instead. This meant it needed some way of filling the gap in the hollow so the first step was to boil soften and clamp the ends to some shaped plugs to get the slightly flatter section rather than round. I decided to use a NZ Rimu for the front plug bolster and I will use ebony for the pommel plug. Fitting the plug reminded me a lot of the similar process when fitting the butt socket for the Magazine Lee Enfirld when making the Lee Speed type stocks.
  8. The combination of material and colours for the handle sets the knife of very nicely.
  9. Can see the detail better here than on FB. Still a stunning piece.
  10. Hot waxed the sheaths and sharpeed a dozen knives today to have them ready to ship this week, and picked up another lamb from a farmer friend to make a pair for grass controll and table fare when they are grown sufficiently.
  11. That was my first impression as well and I have to say it made me bristle a bit - -BUT, having heard the explanation for the word it cleared up its use. While it may not have been offensive to those "in the know" it certainly raises eyebrows for those who do not, and being a international forum (this one) there are many who would be in the same boat.
  12. I have just read a thread on another knifemaking forum where a remark was misunderstood and even when it was clarified there was a difficulty by some in excepting the INTENT of the remark against their PERCIEVED intent so my take is that if the posters intent was not derogatory but was taken wrong then an opportunity to expand/explain should always be given and excepted if the intent was not antagonistic.
  13. Leatherwork done bar the hot waxing. The few spare ones are for knives still on the bench.
  14. 18 sheaths cut out, belt loops sewn on, welts glued in then got them all dyed. They could then be glued together, edges sanded marked for stitching and the holes all drilled so they will all be ready for final stitching tomorrow to finish out the week. Hot waxing and blade sharpening next week so they are ready for shiping.
  15. The blades for the 6 safari knives had been ground and ready for some time waiting for the giraffe bone to arrive.
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