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  1. A piggyback sheath

    I have just made a pattern for a piggyback sheath that will have the big game hunter in the main sheath with a field scalpel in the piggy back. It will have a set of chicago screws to fix a strap that will go through the belt loop of the field scalpel sheath and round the main sheath so that it can be taken off and used as a single sheath in its own right. I will get one put together together with the two knives next week to show here. This will be a first of this concept for me and I want to offer one that is not as bulky as some I have seen
  2. A few more ready to ship off

    Have this lot ready go to off to new homes except for the cleaver that is mine On top by the cleaver is a pair of knives exclusive to and logo'd on the sheath for the African Hunting forum Under that is two sets of Hunter/butcher and boner knife sets and on the right is a pig sticker. The cleaver is an old monster that I have had for some years but never really used as it is cumbersome in both wieght and design with a distinctivly unusabe handle shape and size. Whe I cut it down I lost over a lb in weight and with the new handle length and shape it is now a usable tool that will get used
  3. Bowie Sheath

    That is a great design for the two carry options Joshua and of course the execution is very pleasing.
  4. Big game hunter butcher and boner set

    It comes in a near horrizontal cross draw sheath which does make it a good little EDC.
  5. Have made up a pair of these and am pleased with how they feel in hand. The hunter butcher has a 4 1/2 inch 1095 blade with buffalo horn bolster and blackwood handle with a flaired butt end for greater directional controll, while the boner has a 4 inch 1095 blade and a simple losenge shaped blackwood handles as it will often be used from the bottom of the hand as often as it is from the top of the hande for boning out. They will both come in standard carry sheaths. Am gong to make a few sets and will see how they are recieved. I have "discovered" a new way of finishing the handles and now sit them in a tin of BLO for a few hours then wipe off rather than finger tip rubbing in multiple coats over many days. It was the way the old Enfield factory finished LE rifles stocks but they left them 24 hours so it will certainly be good and faster finish for the knife handles as well. Finished another little field scalpel as well with 2 1/2 in 1084 blade and buffalo handles with a slightly redesigned rounded end.
  6. A question for sausage makers

    I have been making my own sausage (and salami) for a few years now and generally freeze the meat till I have enough to make a decent batch. I grind it cold after thawing and then mix in the spices and herbs. It is forced into the skins straight away. I dont put any curing salts in the sausage but do in the salami but then the salami sits in the fridge overnight before it is smoked for 6 hours so the salts still have time to do their thing.
  7. OT damascus shotgun barrels

    Can you identify the shotgun they came from Geoff and what condition they are in, as that would be the place to start a value consideration. I am on a couple of forums that have very knowledgable members for this type of enquiery
  8. Bird and trout

    It may not be the size/length that makes it a general purpose hunter capable but the percieved lack of slimness and blade profile that may be taking it away from the bird and trout concept. If I was to comment on Mk 6 version I would probably sugest that the rear of the blade edge be raised with the accompanying slight reduction of the bolster depth and take some of the belly from the front of the blade. This is just my opinion as I see the b&t concept. Your Mk 6 is a wondefull light hunter design and I woud file that design away to make one just as you have drawn it.
  9. Bird and trout

    A bird and trout knife is typically quite slim and to my eye a 4x1 in blade is more in line with a hunter. This is three I juts finished with 3 1/2x3/4 blades.
  10. Reviving sword and knife maker in Bhutan

    This a thoroughly facinating subject and I wish every succes to those involved.
  11. A new design

    I had designed this one a while back but this was the first time I decided to make a couple. A good friend had given me a piece of beech burl and thought to use it on this smaller handled knife as it had some barkpockets I had to fill and would not suit anything larger. Did another one in buffalo horn and one in walnut as well 2.2mm - .09 15N20 steel. 90x20mm blade (3 1/2x3/4)
  12. A forum knife - for another forum

    Yes but it is in a public display area and I think there woud be an outcry if I was to purloin them - regardless of the intended usage thay mght be put to
  13. Heat treating with a gas forge - some questions

    I have my gas fow aimed at the floor away from where I position the blades for HT and when the forge is at heat I turn down the air flow so there is no direct flame, so no hot spots. I can see the steel go into the right heat treat colour as the black shadow dances and leaves back through the tang.
  14. A forum knife - for another forum

    The last few weeks has seen a project come to fruition with an EDC knife and sheath design that I have been working on with the owner of the Africa Hunting forum for a "forum knife" with the forum logo embossed on the sheath. The brief was for a small EDC knife that would be suitable for everyday chores and stand in for a small game knife as well. There were a few different approaches to this ideal so there is a healthy pile of both blade and sheath discards that failed either one of both of our expectations and in the end this is what will be offered to the forum. Initially it was just the horizontal carry sheath that was envisaged but I made a standard vertical carry sheath as an option as some may prefer the standard vertical sheath. The patterns will go into my portfolio for non forum buyers but the logo will only be embossed for the intended forum members.