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  1. After a few days away from the shed was able to get back in there and finish the hand sanding on this order of NitroV kitchen and fishing knives. A new one 3rd from the left is primarily for peeling a piece of fruit or taking a slice or two from biltong and should go down well with my main customer base.
  2. Every reason to be happy with this one
  3. A couple of sheaths this morning then got a few more stainless blades hardened and had a bit of time left so made a holder for a little crucible I got to try a bit of smelting and casting with bronze. I got the pouring clamps for the crucible but it is way too short for getting it attached to the crucible in the forge so cut this out and have the handle epoxied on and curing overnight. May not get to it for a while but when time allows I now have everything in place.
  4. I would call that a trailing point skinner and for those who prefer this type of knife I can understand why it sold so quickly. Personally I have always used a drop point but the trailing point has a real history with a great many knives sold over the years. I have made a few to order so do know that it is a much liked style among some hunting groups.
  5. Facinating look at flintnapping through to a beautiful finished knife.
  6. First two of this order ground and ready for handsanding this morning so will see how far I get through them this afternoon.
  7. packaging up and shipping knives away this morning and is a really satisfying part of the process.
  8. A few more ready to ship off today Safari knife with Giraffe bone over buffalo horn on 1084 blade. PH EDC with Spalted Buckeye over bronze on the stonewashed 1095 blade edge dyed and stamped sheath, EDC Khukuri with OD canvas micarta on the 12C27 SS blade in the X draw sheath. AH EDC with giraffe bone on the 1084 blade with chocolate lanyard and ivory colour bead. . Sheep shear blade with red gum. Pig sticker with OD canvas micarta on the 1075 blade in X draw sheath, J T Ranger with
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