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  1. spent a couple of days making jigs so I can do the box inserts to hold the knife, pistol and mag and had them all just right when the nlyon collar on the dewalt rounter base let go and I ruined one of the jigs, so am getting the engineer to make me one all in steel which will put me back a few more days on that side of things as I have asked him to make it with the collar only having a stand off of 4mm instead of the 15 that the dewalt nylon one had. This has necessitated making all new jigs which I have now got done with the primary insert cut out and will wait till I pick up the new collar on friday before I cut them for the stand off. Needing some way to hold the 7 rounds of 45 acp I cut and drilled these ammo blocks then duncked them in the BLO tin for ten minutes. They will sit at one end of the box and should look the part when it is all together. Only had 3 rounds but enough to show the easy grab eft above the block.
  2. After further discussion with Shane from Kelly country I am going to do the three knife handles and 1911 grip sets in different woods as a "this is some of what we can offer example", so after the call, I had a time of reflection on the different wood colours and it seems that they may be best shown against different coloured box linings so I have decided (I will tell Shane later :)the first set with ebony will have the box lined with the blue, the second set will be with walnut with green box lining and the third set will be the fiddle back macrocarpa shown above and that will show best against the red lined box.
  3. Picked up the rest of the discs and tags today so this will be a set for one box. While I was picking up some more wood for the boxes I saw this piece of fiddleback and just had to have it for knife handles athough not for this project as they will be ebony.
  4. I will add updates as this project progreses Gerhard.
  5. One of the gunshops here has asked me to do 4 presentation boxes. Three will have a 1911 Colt, mag and some ammo with one of my posket ranger knives. Pistol and knife to have ebony handles with the fourth box to have a US navy engraved Beretta M9.There will be the Spartan Molon Labe symbol etched onto brass discs to be inlaid into the knife and pistol woodwork with a larger one on the box along with my makers mark and a tag with my details plus one with the shop details engraved on it.I have started to make the boxes from macrocarpa (Monterey cypress) and they will be lined with blue felt.I picked up the first of the etched discs but have the tags and more discs to still be done.The smaller discs are 18mm and the larger one is 50mm diameter.
  6. Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress.
  7. A block on the bench with a tightly packed roll of felt in a recess that is soaked in the appropriate oil is just the thing to drag the knife accross after cleaning and drying it. We used to have them on our woodwork bench for chisels and planes. A strip of felt a 1/2 wide is rolled tight and pressed into a prepared recess that is about 5/16 deep so there is enough above the surface to make treating the knife a simple procedure
  8. It will be more use at home Mike as I have much smaller knives for hunting needs. This will be used mainly for when the meat is boned out and needs to be diced either for stews or to go into ground meat.
  9. I had a tag end of 1075 so decided to make a pattern for a camp knife/butcher knife. I had made myself one a long time back with a 8 1/2 inch blade for dicing meat etc when breaking down an animal but found it was more blade than I needed so thought this one with a 5 1/5 in blade would be more user friendly I had a bowie marked out as well so had the two of them to do Ground and ready for heat treat I wanted to try for a hamon so mixed up some very fine potters clay (for slip mix usually) with some wood ash and applied it to the blade. I know in hindsight that I had way too much on there which lead to the less than successfull hamon but at least there is the showing of one on the camp knife. The bowie not so much For the handle on the camp/butcher knife I started with a copper bolster and added black paper micarta, some blue G10 and another blaco paper micarta spacer before finishing with the walnut handle
  10. Lots to like about that one Ken.
  11. A Safari Knife with brass and buffalo horn on the 1095 blade ready for an edge and shipping off to Missouri.
  12. Personally I started (in the 1960's) finding fault with a commercial skinning knife and that started my interest in knife design with altering the first one and then making for myself. Decide what you want to use a knife for, whether it be kitchen use for slicing/ paring, the various aspect of hunting knives, camp knives or EDC's etc etc, and go to the big box stores or specialy stores and get your hands on "feel" of the various types. Put the same style into you google search and somewhere within that exercise you will find something that excites you with either trying to recreate or improve on one of the designs you have encountered.
  13. It is a stunning piece of work or maybe it should be termed art to be studied adinfinitum and always finding something new to see and focus on.
  14. Garry Keown


    A very nice pair and I cant decide which I like better. Both have something about them that is eye catching
  15. I hold it onto the blade and lightly set the locking screw and mark from both sides hoping for the marks to be about 35thou apart (for pre heat treat grinding) and then it is a simple tap with the handle of the small spanner if it needs correcting before tightening the lock screw. With one for each steel thickness it is set and forget.
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