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  1. You could always try one of the ceramic honing rods if you got the right diameter
  2. Got this lot all finish ground so some hand sanding to come
  3. Two of the new design Heavy hunters all done. Blades are 5 inch of .170/4.3mm with the first one being a new personal knife with a lovely piece of exhibition grade walnut over CB buffalo horn on the 1075 high carbon blade. Second one has OD canvas micarta over orange liners on a NitroV SS blade
  4. There is a reason that @jake cleland latest offering was the EDC of its day and would still be a superb knife for the same chores today.
  5. That is a splendid little knife and I could see myself doing a lot of work with it.
  6. A little fruit knife for the kitchen with spilled milk acrylic on the 3 in cryo treated NitroV SS blade This is another of the sheep shear blades with figured Eucalyptus handle and copper pins And a roughy to finish with this piece of antler on the 5 in 1084 HC blade. Had the knife sitting for a while but was never happy with the bulk of the antler handle so gave it a severe re-shape and it feels much better in hand and it will serve for a hunter now. Will have to do some tidy up on it before the herritage day display.
  7. Two Pocket Rangers. One has Impala jigged buffalo horn c]scales over red G10 liners on the 5 in SS damascus blade and the other has Cherry Burl over CB buffalo horn bolsters on the 5 in 1095 carbon blade and a Bird and Trout with rough jigged dyed bone scales on the 4 1/4 in cryo treated NitroV SS blade I was dissapointed in the scales as theyhad a nice royal blue on each end but thay was only a surface dye and was ground off with the shaping so I will have to except the other 9 scale sets I have will be the same. Not a bad look in itself , jus
  8. A fisherman and a Filliting knife The Fisherman has blue infused acrylic over blue G10 liners on the 5 inch cryo treated NitroV SS blade and the Filliter has the same handle specs on the 6 3/4 in cryo treated NitroV SS blade The Little Grayling has double dyed Lacewood between the brasse bolster and pommel with chocolate lanyard annd bead on the 4 1/4 in cryo treated NitroV SS blade
  9. A few pics of the completed knives. Just have to go over and do the final cleaning now of any finger prints and shed clart left after sharpening etc First is a skinner and a Boning knife. The Skinner has Resin Ivory scales over G10 CB bolsters on the 4 1/4 in 1084 blade and the Boner has Black Palm on the 6 1/4 in 1084 blade The PH EDC has brown linen micarta over black linen CB bloster on the 4 3/4 in 1075 blade The 4x4 Hunter has a very nice piece of Arizona desertwood over CB buffalo horn bolsters with black G10 liners on the 4 inch 1084 blade
  10. First decent pic of the 8 inch carving set I took today and will get the rest tomorrow As noted an 8 inch cryo treated NitroV SS carving set with Hickory Burl over brass bolsters
  11. Have these all done now and ready for the heritage day here early november. The shop has another 10 or 12 that I will get back to have a decent display. Just the group pic for today as its been a long one getting all the sheaths sewn, hot waxed and the blades all sharpened so will get some individual pics and details later in the week. Couple of new handle materials in there
  12. got a dozen sheaths finished this morning and will get the blade all sharpened this afternoon.
  13. Happy with where this lot is to finish out the week. From left is a boning knife with black pal, a fruit knife with spilled milk acrylic, damascus pocket ranger with impala jigged buff /red liners, a new one for me in a 4x4 hunter with desert ironwood over buff, a skinner with resin ivory over paper micaarta,a bird and trut with the new royal blue and brown bone with black liners, a carving set with bronze and hickory burl (that is my pattern blade as the actual blade is still in the tempering oven, a grayling with dyed box elder, a rasp bowie that will have brass bolster with a black and bras
  14. I have a 12 inch disc to flatten scales off the bandsaw before final flatening on the granite slab (with paper on it of course. I buy the 80 grit emery discs from thefarm shop that is for the shearers disc grinder to sharpen thier shearing gear. The discs are 5 inches but priced well and they last for months. Spray contact is easy to remove from the allow disc to attach another emery. Wouldnt be without it. A retiring knife maker offered me his double ended disc grinder with 9 inch beveled discs on each end so the wheel turned the same way for each disc against the blade . He had three of
  15. A rasp bowie HT and finish ground then a SS blades profiled HT and into the liquid nitrogen for a coupleof hrs. Will do a first temper this evening.
  16. a nice set finished but the junction of the blade to handle through the copper really sets that first one off.
  17. I was asked the other day if I would do a table at the heritage day in first week of november so while I have a few knives on hand from the local shop. The shop owner goes up to warmer climes in the winter and would usually be back about a month ago but with the covid, has been stuck up there, so I have the knives untill she gets back when she can have them back in her shop. But there is not quite as many as I would like for the display/sale so with a few from the ready draw that need handles and a few more I cut out today I should have about 30 ready for the day
  18. I was sent a few pieces with some from Africa and some from the US. I stabilised them purely for the piece of mind about expansion/contraction due to atmospheric conditions as my knives can go to such a wide variety of places where conditions can cover the full spectrum
  19. another thought is the hot glue method where you tape the back of the knife and tape your board then hot glue the knife to it for stability (saves clamping) I would also have started with stones rather than paper as the stones are a bit more agressive grit for grit. I belt grind post HT at 120 ceramic then go to 220 (trizact) then start with 240grit stones before going to 220grit paper then 350 and 600. Reduces the hand sanding time by signifecent ammounts. I made a hand sanding block to take the stress off my fingers and with this one my palms can take a lot of the load. Since maki
  20. Depending on the dia of the fuller of course but I ground an angle (and the teeth) of the end of a round file and used it as a push scraper to get the majority of the milling marks off when I did them. It works a bit like the traditional scrapers but you have the milled fuller as a big starting point. You could always cut a few inches off the file and weld it to a bar to give leverage and direction to the push or turn it round and pull for more directable power. Then the gritted papers and for my the 220 s where I start and go from there.
  21. Four more ready to go to Oregon in the US. A Light HUnter with spalted maple burl over curve backed buffalo horn bolsters on the 1084 blade. Three A H EDC's with Koa (Hawaii) Maple burl (USA) and Karelian Birch burl (Ukraine) on the cryo treated NitroV SS blades.
  22. Welcome indeed. I love the brass accents on the little by knife but the pair make a very nice presentation.
  23. it is becoming my new favourite to make and will do one for myself (I dont have enough knives ) when a supply of bone scales come in. There is some royal blue and brown cammel bone sets coming that I hope are as nice in hand as they look on the website so will have to decide what to match it with.
  24. This one away to Florida in the morning. A 4x4 Hunter with both the horrozontal sheath (10 degrees down for security) and the standard behind the hip sheath. 4 inch blade of 1084 with curve back buffalo horn and exhibition walnut. black micarta pins in handle with my 3 pin brass mark in the bolster.
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