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  1. A new butcher knife for me. Cryo quenched 9 inch nitroV blade with stainless bolster, stainless and G10 spacers and a G10 liner under the Honduran Rosewood handle.
  2. A Hunter skinner in 1084 with jarrah habndle scales in closed top sheath with honing steel. A bit of texturing and stamping on the sheath. A 1095 Tahr Hunter with jimping and a spalted Buckeye handle over CB buffalo horn bolsters in closed top sheath with edge stamping. A 1095 Old Western Hunter with Cherry Burl over CB buffalo horn in closed top sheath with edge stamping.
  3. Either would make a hunter well set for a walk in the hills after a deer or two.
  4. After I posted the whittling knife last week I had some interest from a wood carver so after a bit of consultation I have got two blades ready for him. I have them ready for handles as they will be left with the belt finish for an industrial look. The upper one is the primery whittler with 2 1/4 in blade and a bull nose for bulk removal with the lower detail whittler has an 1 1/4 in blade with finer point to take care of the finishing.
  5. Knife # 900 I have a few days hunting organised for this month so decided it was time to retire my old standby Light hunter with the end grain olivewood handles so I made myself this Tahr Hunter with scolloped OD canvas micarta handle over blaze liners with lanyard tube on the 1075 blade with jimping.
  6. A gift for a drift wood whittler with heavy 1075 blade and eucalyptus handle
  7. No just a pic that turned up on my FB page but my thought was similar to yours and pic taken just before it was cut off and turned into a usefull tool again.
  8. There is always a problem when working on longer blades with the depth of the water bucket so last couple of times I used a barrel but it takes so much water and more room at the grinder than I would like so I had a look at some buckets I had and a plan formed. There is the rim around the top and bottom of the bucket and it just so happened that the rim of the 2o liter bucket fitted snugly over the 10 liter bucket and with the bottom of the 20 liter bucket cut out there is a 20 -25mm overlap so will use a good grade of wet area silicone and put it together and add 4 small gutter bolts round it to ensure there is no pull against the silicone if I am shifting it by the handle. To make sure there is no danger of stabing through the bottom of the bucket I cut the bottom from the 20 liter bucket to fit as a protector to the bottom of the bucket with a couple of loops of light rope so it can be lifted out with any accunulated metal that comes from the grinder.
  9. On the bench 3 whittling knives, a heavy hunter and3 buffalo skinners, 2 swords and a set of the K tip chef knives. The chef set has yet to be heat treated so is not ground yet.
  10. Was pleased with the finished knife and really like the K tip style. Your deep blade will be very usefull as well as looking good.
  11. The first in the new series K tip chef knives on its way. This is a 10 1/2 inch NitroV blade with Chittim handles to completment a set of knives shipped earlier.
  12. I got the 10 1/2 inch K tip ground, hand sanded and the handle on today (with the mini corby bolts) so will have it ready to send by friday.
  13. Some hand sanding to do but I have bought a plunge platten from 84 Engineering so that should make for a bit of help in that regard.
  14. Got an urgent order for a 10 1/2 in K tip so got that cut out, tidied up and hardened. It is going into the tempering oven soon and while there I will carry on with a couple of short sword sized blades
  15. These three were finished and one went in the post, one is to be picked up and I delivered the 3rd one to nieces husband today. Great ride with a 216 mile mile on the bike by the time we got home again. Hunter skinner with acacia scales on 1084 blade Bird and Trout with canvas micarta on the NitroV blade And the Bushcraft Hunter with scolloped canvas micarta on the O1 blade and the view on the way home on the coastal route.
  16. The African blackwood makes a really good handle but be prepared for your files and sandpaper to gum up within a few strokes.
  17. I It is the R grade as compared to the S grade.
  18. First three Lion knife handled general purpose kitchen knives for a friends shop in the victorian Precinct in Oamaru. Had a bit of a glitch with the etching (size wise) on the two top stainlessknives and the engraving on the carbon steel blade. Should have been an "N" on the end of Victoria and all future blades will be have the etching and engraving the same size as the smaller option but they will serve as they are for the first delivery. top knife is "spilled Milk" acrylic over micarta on NitroV stainless blade middle knife is Resin Ivory over micarta on the NitroV stainless blade Lower knife is English Oak on 1095 Carbon steel blade.
  19. It is not how dry the material is but how well sealed it is although it is best to stabilise any porous materialsas as without being completly sealed against uptake of atmospheric moisture you may well get expansion of the material and it expnds inward against the tang as well as outward toward the atmosphere and this is what can cause the cracking you may be experiencing.
  20. I have a 1/2 in carbide burr in an air driver that I go over the tang with and leave a series of small divots all over the tang something like a miniture rasp and have a very good adhesive surface.
  21. The new pattern Byrd Camp Knife with 7 1/2 in 1084 carbon steel with this first of the series being engraved for my agent who it is named for. The description from my website The Byrd camp knife is the ideal knife for all foods from meat through to vegetables in those situations where a rugged all purpose knife is needed whether it is at camp or for the family barbeque. This one has Buffalo horn scales over blaze orange liners fixed with corby bolts to the 7 1/2 inch 1084 carbon steel blade.
  22. This set away today with 71/2 and 5 1/2 inch chefs with a 5 inch general purpose and a 4 inch paring knife. Really pretty Chittim handles with mini corby bolts.
  23. I got the handles of lovely chittim wood on a set of kitchen knives yesterday with a new fixing method. I have always disliked the standard corby bolts with the large face seeming to dominate the visual but I got onto smaller bolts that will leave a 4mm face on the handle and is (or will be) far less intrusive visually. I use brass (but also got in SS bolts) this time to go with the beautiful gold of the chittim wood.
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