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  1. Congratulations Josh. That is a very nice set and the photo shows them up nicely.
  2. Simply outstanding. A myriad of supleratives discuised as a knife.
  3. Big afternoon with all the handles on and in the clamps under the lights for the night. There is from the left canvas micarta, giraffe bone, rosewood, spalted maple burl, desert ironwood hickory burl, amboyna, koa, double dyed box elder, and two of hickory burl
  4. That is a pretty little knife and a usefull size for EDC. Have you got spacers either side of the sheep horn? I love the amboyna burl and have one on the bench to get amboyna scales tomorrow.
  5. If we make everything we can there is more funds for the things we cant make and in reality the grinder is a simple make that most anyone can do.
  6. Something I had seen on a few videos so certainly not an original idea on my part.
  7. Took some time out this morning to play with something I had wanted to try for a while now but first I had to make a hot cut which is essentially just a blade on a stake to fit in the hardy hole on the anvil so the easiest way to get one was to convert a cheap hatchet so that was the first step. With that done I cut a strip off a plate of 5/8 thick steel and split it to over center from the top and the bottom but on opposite faces. Into the forge and started the splitting process It took a couple of heats to get it formed and flattened.
  8. Things turn out best when you make the best of the way things turn out.
  9. Have a couple ready for heat treat when I get some more LN.
  10. A few blades ready to heat treat and a couple of handles sorted so happy with the last few days efforts. The HunterSkinner on the left is waiting for the customer who wants to see the grinding and heat treating so will get that ine done when he arrives. The 5 stainless police rescue blades are foil wrapped and ready for when I get more LN next time in the city.
  11. That is a might fine loking knife
  12. Have got the first one ready to foil wrap and heat treat but will wait till I get more liquid nitrogen before I go ahead with that.
  13. I get everything I need from various sources sent to my agent and he packages it all in the one box to send over so shipping is reduced. I will have a good look through what they have
  14. I had ordered the 3/8 and 1/4 inch scales but they were "lost" in transit along with 40 belts and pinstock etc, but when I wanted to order more (from USA Knifemakers) there was only the blocks available which is what these handles are cut from. I had just finished the set when the "lost" package arrived 2 months late so I had a comparrison betwen the two. There are more pronounced Shreger lines in the blocks than in the scales and I much prefer the subtlty of the scales, so having a number of scales sets in both 3/8 and a 1/4 I have plenty on hand for a while now. The 1911 grip set was made fr
  15. I drill two holes at 1 3/16 with a hole saw and leave the web in for hardening and grinding to eliminate the warps I was getting when I fully shaped first.
  16. That really does look like a very careful restoration of an antique cleaver. Beautiful handle but I like the "old" blade as well.
  17. Been playing with a new design for police rescue. Will be from cryo treated 4.8mm NitroV so plenty stout and with the low saber grind will leave a good edge. The glass breaker behind the handle is square to the centerline so will be a platform to hammer against if the need is to drive the tip into a vehicle pannel and I may even look at kydex for the sheath as the micarta handle will be another first with textured/scalloped finish.
  18. Finally able to get this order done and sharpenedafter hold-ups with the handle material. A full set of the kitchen knives plus a 1911 grip set from the little 3 inch peeler through the His n Hers table knives, 4 inch and 5 1/2 inc general purpose, 5 1/2 inchh chef, 7 1/2 inch chef, 71/2 inch nakiri to the bearded chef. All have blades of croyo treated NitroV (bar the bearded chef that was freezer treated as it dosent fit in the neck of the liquid nitrogen container) and all with Resin Ivory handles. I started again on the 1911 grip set as I wasn;t happy with the first set and it was night an
  19. Had a play on the new mill today with the vice getting the back channel cleaned up and paralelled to the mill table and head, then some parallels made and milled level with the base of the vice.. Have made a spare as well. now able to make to be more accurate with some aspects of various jobs. The first job now that the parallels are done is to make a 1911 grip set as doing them with the drill press was not up to scratch. Back channel cleaned up and parallel to table top under the mill Parallels all done.
  20. I bought a Cannon SX740HS and am very pleased with it. I had looked at and asked on here about the go pro as well and the Cannon is streets ahead of any go-pro for what we do. It was similar price.
  21. Love the pass through treatment on the handles.
  22. With the arrival of a replacment package I had the blocks of resin ivory that I could then cut into scales for this set of knives. Everything was prepped and then into the clamps for the night in the house as there are too many for the usual light lamp in the shed. The three on the right are for another order so cut the scales at the same time although they will wait on their turn to be finished. scales drilled and all cut to shape with the front edges sanded to 600grit and ready for the handle finishing buff And all in the clamps Not sure if these ar
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