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  1. I've just bought a rounding hammer from Lyle Wynn and Stan Bryant.... I've tried sending an email to dancing frog forge but no reply
  2. Here's another video in which they use the dog head sledge hammer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NhdFygUJOek
  3. I wonder how a 8lb dog hammers with an 18" handle would react
  4. There's a few YouTube videos of the sledge hammer but here is one of them. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OQVcBDSwCxA
  5. I use a normal sledge that you get from the hardware stores for striking but I feel that the handle is too long?? I've seen videos of Alec Steele using a "sledgehammer" and the handle looks considerably shorter. So I thought I might as well try something different lol
  6. Ah ok yeah sure that's fine I'll go by your recommendation....I just wanted something heavy for a striker application instead of the usual sledge hammer
  7. I prefer longer elongated dog head hammers similar to the Japanese style for some reason I find it lands more flat I don't have to strain my writers and it's easier on the arm
  8. I think that would be a better idea....I'm thinking of a 18inch handle for the sledge....what dimensions would the hammer head have to be for say a 6-8lb dog head???
  9. Do you have any pics? How heavy are the hammers??
  10. Hey JJ Simon do you have any pics? I was thinking of something with a long handle like a sledgehammer.
  11. Just an update....emailed Glen he said he won't make anything bigger then 3lbs... I will happily pay for shipping to Australia from the US of A! I don't like the quality of the hammers in Australia.
  12. Yeah I had one of Glens hammers aswell they are nice
  13. Hi there Geoff I think I'll email Glen again. But I'm sure his largest is the 3lb hammer
  14. Already got a hammer from Glen from GS tongs... Yeah I tried contacting Sam but not answer....yeah I've emailed Brent but the postage to Australia is expensive 60USD I'm looking for a big hammer that can move steel....so far I've only got a ball pein,diamond rounding hammer and a dog head.....
  15. Looking for a large and heavy dog head hammer...can anybody make one??? Cheers
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