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  1. Hello, I finished making a new Propane Tank forge with 2 Frosty's T burners. The video link below is the first time I've ran them and I was wondering if I could get some advice on how they look. https://streamable.com/jtz1o They were probably running for about 10 minutes when I took the video and that is at 5 psi. The propane tank is 3" kaowool, coated in kast-o-lite 30, and then painted with ITC-100 Frosty's T-burner Instructions: http://www.blacksmither.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/T-Burner-Directions-finished-1.pdf Thank you,
  2. Hello Everyone and sorry for the long Delay, but I've finally gotten everything put together, thanks again for all your advice and help. Here is a link showing some pictures of its first run. http://imgur.com/a/Sx1K8 That is just with the Ceramic Wool and Kast-O-Lite 30, once it cooled down I then painted on the ITC-100 and will try it out next week. In the pictures you can see the pipe inside the forge, next time I plan on making it flush and or a little inside the burner connector. Let me know what you think or if you have any more advice. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if you could use Server Rack Rails for forging, at my work we have a heap of them in a pile for recycling, and I was wondering if I could them for blacksmithing. I don't see why I couldn't unless they are galvanized, but I am not really sure what type of steel they are made from. Thank you,
  4. Hah! I didn't know that could happen, I will definitely avoid that for the sake of my pants and fan. Thank you very much for that post, I already have 1" pipe so I will give it a try and see how it goes. I will setup the fan above the burner, and will use a reducer going into the forge. Your advice is much appreciated, thank you!
  5. Hello again everyone, I've made some progress and had a few more questions come up. I now have 10sq ft of ceramic wool, a 50lb bag of Kast-O-Lite, a bunch of firebrick, and all the 1" black pipe needed to make a forced air burner. Through Craigslist someone was getting rid of their forge and so I was able to acquire a 100lb full propane tank /hookups for it, a 14"T x 12"D Pipe forge, and a 50 cfm blower. My first question is if you look at these pictures of the forge: http://imgur.com/gallery/PNX9X the forced air burner sits below the forge and shoot up, I have only seen side forc
  6. Thank you very much for the quick and helpful responses everyone, it is very much appreciated. ++Gabriel, thank you for the forge info, I am definitely going to go with the 5 gallon bucket build, and those T-Rex burners look rather nice, but since I am starting out I feel I should attempt making my first burner to accompany the forge. ++Wes, it’s possible, I was there when it started but hung around till about 12:30 as I kept making the rounds looking for any other tools I might of needed, Thank you for pointing out the need to cover the insulating blanket with more than just the ITC-1
  7. Hello Everyone, I recently took a blacksmithing class and decided I would like to get into it, I lucked out and managed to scrounge up an assortment of tools and a railroad track anvil to get started at a recent blacksmithing swap meet in Seattle, WA And so I am looking to build my first forge and 1-2 burners so I can really get started, I would appreciate any advice you have. I am planning to forge a bit of everything so I would like something that has some versatility size wise. So far I am looking at the 5 Gallon Bucket design located here: http://www.zoellerforge.com/simple
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