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  1. Justin Did you sell this anvil I was looking for one this size to replace my Fischer for reenactments.
  2. Thanks. I used 6 inch diameter holes 3 on the bottom and two in the center if you look at the original 2 posts you can see how I made the valves. It worked great I was even able to weld wrought iron with this bellows
  3. I have a few pictures to add of the forge in action. Essentially I ended up making a coal rake for myself and then lantern hooks for our Flys and tents. I sold everything I made except the rake.
  4. I'm waiting for most of the pictures to be sent to me but the new quartermaster and artificer blacksmith is up and running although much more needs to be done
  5. Absolutely glad to be able to have something a bit different to talk about. I just finished setting up camp at a reenactment today so I'll take a video of it tomorrow in action.
  6. So it's been a while since I've added to this but I have completed a working version 1 of the forge. And will be testing it this weekend at a reenactment. So far so good but I'm loozing forward to seeing how it handles it's first fire
  7. Absolutely I'll continue to post to this one while I finish the mounting for the bellows and the forge and then put a post with the link to that.
  8. I'm planning on building a smaller one for the design of the traveling forge I can do a wip on that one if people are interested.
  9. That's an awesome idea all the ones ive used have a hole drilled through the pump handle and a pin with two forged loops as the hinge on the top of the cross member. The only downside to his design is the uprights have to be much taller then.
  10. Alan That's almost exactly what I'm going for. I am curious why does he use a hook to hang the bellows pump. Most of the ones I've seen are either mounted directly top or bottom to the top cross member.
  11. Thanks guys most recently I've been working out the bellows supports and how I want to design the firebox. the picture is how I'm trying to build my temporary set up with some slight modifications to make it more sturdy without having to dig holes for posts. At least while working towards a full travelling forge.
  12. I'll be more than happy to post some video of it running but I do have a few things to finish first. I need to finish the stand turn a pump handle and forge weld up about 8 ft of small chain I want to try to keep the externals looking as historic as possible which is why I'd also like to cover the top panel with some tongue and groove boards and also with the two cleats
  13. The ones at the museum are 5 ft
  14. It's funny you say that your not the first person to say that it looks like the Conestoga wagons. It is large but I actually took some outer dimensions off the bellows that I learned to forge on its my favorite out of the four at the museum I work at. And still I scaled it down some proportionately.
  15. I finished skinning it with the canvas and tested it and it works which makes me happy because I really did not want to have to remove epoxy and about 200 staples
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