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  1. ScottWright

    12" D-Guard Bowie in 1080 and Sambar stag

    This is an impressive piece. Both the sheath and blade are great. Keep up the great work.
  2. ScottWright

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Hello all, no blade work today but I did forge out some s hooks/ j hooks and also made a hand fuller. It is forged from 3/4" S7. Still need to cut the excess off to shorten it down. It is the first tool I have forged myself so I'm happy with it.
  3. ScottWright

    Coal forge info

    Hello everyone, come spring time, I'm hoping to build a lean-to on the outside of my garage and make that my new shop space. Right now I use a simple brick forge with a Reil burner. I plan on converting over to a freon tank shortly, which I plan on keeping but would really like to build a coal forge when I can move into this outside workspace. After reading and studying multiple different builds, I was wondering what style some of you here use with your coal forges. I plan on other general work which will require larger pieces so I'm looking to build something bigger than a rivet/brake drum style forge. As always, thanks!
  4. ScottWright

    Bowie Sheath

    Really nice. The inlay is great, it looks killer!
  5. ScottWright

    Issues with a round file

    Most likely from a combination of not grinding down any of the teeth and then being at too low of a temp because of those teeth. Pictures always help too know more and give the best answers possible.
  6. ScottWright

    'Tactical' daisho

    I love these. They are more than fancy. I'm onboard with Mr.Craft, if this isn't fancy I would love to see some of what you think are. Clean, crisp, and beautiful, the new owner will love them for sure!
  7. ScottWright

    Filing Jigs: Yay or Nay?

    I think if it works for you use it. I personally don't like them. When I first started though I built the Gough jig as well and it works well, I soon found though that it hampered my ability to grow because of the controlled motion so I retired it and go free hand now. I also came across a 1x42 grinder and currently workingon gathering for a 2x72. But certainly if it works for you keep on using it.
  8. ScottWright

    knife for a cancer raffle

    Zeb this turned out great. Awesome build it was nice seeing it come together. Sorry I can't really help on a price but if was going to someone for treatments I would try to find a way to auction as you may get above vaule for it as it is a donation. Great job!
  9. ScottWright

    2 New T Burners, looking for Advice

    2 of Frosty's T burners may be too much in terms of space. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/43976-t-burner-illustrated-directions/ That thread on ifi has all the possibilities for those to be properly set and you can feel free to ask him any questions you may have regarding your build. I'm not an expert by any means.
  10. ScottWright

    Falcata fighter

    Very nice Sam it looks ready for battle! Looking forward to seeing it handled.
  11. ScottWright

    FLat bar tongs for sale.

    No worries, I'll stay up to date make sure I don't miss them next time around. Thanks for the killer deal Gabe, I will have to cordially decline though. Haha
  12. ScottWright

    Voivode Bowie Final Pictures

    Watching this in your wip thread was amazing and it looked beautiful in your photos I didn't think it could possibly look any better but geez. These pro photos have really sent this whole piece over the edge. What an amazing piece of work and just in time!
  13. ScottWright

    New anvil

    Wow that really does put the size of this anvil into perspective. An amazing find for sure!
  14. ScottWright

    Hot filing

    Hmm alright thanks so much for the info. I had seen a video of someone forging a blacksmiths knife and they had used it to file down the bevels. So I was curious because everyrhing I have read previously is as you two have both stated, good for roughing and cleaning up cuts but not much in terms of finish work. Thanks a lot.
  15. ScottWright

    What did you do in your shop today?

    It has been tough finding time to hit the forge but I found this evening, not finish but rough forged to shape it will be annealing overnight 52100 pare/paring knife. The wife has been on me but it is 10pm and it is time to head to the day job.