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  1. ScottWright

    Damascus kitchen knife

    Gorgeous twist pattern and leather dying work. It matches perfectly
  2. ScottWright

    Post Vise

    Yeah Alan, tracing it I believe it is 60 as well and although I have not put it on a scale I'd say that's got to be close. Also good to know about the difference in English and American made videos. Thanks I'm just happy to finally have found one at a reasonable price.
  3. ScottWright

    Post Vise

    Finally was able to get a decent post vise for a good price. 5" jaws the only repair it needs is a new wedge for the mounting bracket which I will most likely forge out this weekend. The fella I bought it from thinks it was a Peter Wright but not sure no markings other than what appears to the date of 1912. Going to break it down clean and grease and mount it this weekend but the screw works extremely smoothly already.Thanks for looking.
  4. ScottWright

    My venture into pattern welding.

    Really nice. I like the shape of it a lot.
  5. For anyone not interested in making there own. PineRidge burners supplies ribbon burners. A little on the high side compared to the DIY path but quality nonetheless.
  6. ScottWright

    Grinders, grinders, grinders....

    Thanks for the info Alan it is very helpful. I'm beginning to lean towards a Coote with an 8" or 10" wheel. Vern what type of setup do you run yours on? I see they list a 1hp as a good size but I was thinking of a 2hp with a two or three step sieve and possible ordering the ceramic platean and a possible rest. Any thoughts or ideas on that would be helpful thanks.
  7. ScottWright

    Grinders, grinders, grinders....

    Thanks Vern. There is a lot out there. Right now I use an old Rockwell 1x42 with a 1hp. It works but quality belts are harder to find and my abilities have exceeded its capabilities at this point. I would really like to advance my hollow grinding with this purchase and that is where my questions start to rise. Do I get a flat or serrated wheel and what size etc? Thanks
  8. ScottWright

    Grinders, grinders, grinders....

    Rehashing an old thread here but after 2 years forging I finally have enough to be able purchase a mid range setup. I too am looking at the OBM grinders and Coote as well as AMK and Ameribrade. I was just looking for some other opinions. They all have pros and cons, I also plan on getting a better forge setup at this time as well to have more welding success. Thanks for any help!
  9. ScottWright

    KITH 2018 poll

    What is the final submission date for this year?
  10. ScottWright

    [WIP] Tanto style blade

    How warm do you make the vinegar and is it plain white or apple cider? I was working on my second attempt at a hamon and after sanding at 2k grit with apple cider for about 25 minutes I still I had no activity so was just curious. Also blade looks good
  11. ScottWright

    Small utility Blade

    Hello everyone, I've not posted anything in a while buy I have been creeping around. Anyway I made a small everyday utility blade. Forged from 1095 about 3in blade with an american walnut handle finished off with paste wax. I still need to do a final buff but I'm happy with the overall outcome. Let me know what ya think!
  12. ScottWright

    12" D-Guard Bowie in 1080 and Sambar stag

    This is an impressive piece. Both the sheath and blade are great. Keep up the great work.
  13. ScottWright

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Hello all, no blade work today but I did forge out some s hooks/ j hooks and also made a hand fuller. It is forged from 3/4" S7. Still need to cut the excess off to shorten it down. It is the first tool I have forged myself so I'm happy with it.
  14. ScottWright

    Coal forge info

    Hello everyone, come spring time, I'm hoping to build a lean-to on the outside of my garage and make that my new shop space. Right now I use a simple brick forge with a Reil burner. I plan on converting over to a freon tank shortly, which I plan on keeping but would really like to build a coal forge when I can move into this outside workspace. After reading and studying multiple different builds, I was wondering what style some of you here use with your coal forges. I plan on other general work which will require larger pieces so I'm looking to build something bigger than a rivet/brake drum style forge. As always, thanks!
  15. ScottWright

    Bowie Sheath

    Really nice. The inlay is great, it looks killer!