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  1. The other Traditional Finnish puukko I have made. Tommi puukko.
  2. There is wood inside. brass is 1 mm thick plate. It is Silver soldered. Blade is soldered to handle with tin.
  3. Here is one article about Finnish puukko. Language is Finnish so most of you don't undestant that, but there is lots of good pictures differend kind of Finnish puukko. http://www.taistokuortti.com/artikkeli1.htm
  4. This is my new Finnish knive as we say Vöyriläinen puukko. It is one old Finnish style puukko. Not very typical scandinavian style.
  5. Thank you. Now it make more sence. So the third tool I get with that anvil was this. I look at this and think it was more suitable for sheetmetal works, but stil i think they are for hot work, because they become with that anvil. Now I understand that these all three tools are for sheetmetal work.
  6. Hello! I am new blacksmith from Finland. I bought 42 kg Dalsbruk anvil. I get with that three other tools. There if familial logo but I don't know what it is. Can anybody say what is manifacture for these tools, and is there some special reason for these tools.
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