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  1. Hey man what ever works right? I actually cut the ends off then got told that was a horrible idea. So I took hinges and locks and put it back together lol I really need to invest in a welder
  2. Hooked up a PID and was getting up to 2000 easily. Forging in this Florida heat suuuuuucks
  3. So the ol 2 brick forge finally bit the dust. So finally built a real forge. It's an air tank I cut up, stuffed with insowool and coated with satanite. Put it on a HF cart and made a weldless work rest for it.
  4. Yup just ordered insowool and satanite from hightemptools just a couple of weeks ago
  5. I've used them twice. Both times it took Jeff FOREVER to do them. But both times I've called hea answered. It's one reason I've decided to stop using stainless and go back to forging and carbon steels
  6. That's what I'm kind of worried about. I just have a 55lb Chinese anvil. Hoping to get a peddinghaus by the end of the year
  7. I'll forge some 1095 for a bit and once j get a real anvil I'll try round bar.
  8. Starting to sound like I should wait till I have better equipment and just get some 1095! No problem with that at all
  9. 1.5in round bar. Yeah that doesn't sound fun at all. The tungsten, vanadium and chromium are probably what make them difficult to forge. But I've heard w1 varies alot I its composition. So that kinda sucks
  10. My anvil is pretty sub-par so I'm worried about that. But I'll probably pick up some 3/4 round bar anyway. Geoff itll just be me so I'll just have to suck it up lol Joel I loved that santoku with the forged finish you did Jerrod what makes it difficult to move? Just the mass of it?
  11. So fastenal has w1 for a really good price in round bar. How big of a pain in the neck is it to forge round bar by hand? I'll probably make some Japanese pairing knives with it. I'd like to make chef knives with them but idk how tough it is. Thinking 1/2in to 5/8 maybe?
  12. Yup I saw that. I was quite confused. Doesn't Murray carter keep the forged appearance on his knives?
  13. Yeah I plan on getting the 1.3in wide cfv from AKS. And some w2 from Aldo
  14. One with the thermocouple attachment. And planned on getting the omega probe and sheath
  15. It just takes the reading of inside the forge. Same thing that's used in high tech ovens like evenheats
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