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  1. Damascus rib tickler

    Wow, great looking knife!
  2. I love the takedown setup!
  3. Antique Wakizashi signed Sukemitsu

    Wonderful blade! Might have to keep my eyes on this thread.....
  4. Two Honyaki Usuba Slicers

    I am tempted, but I already own enough knives that I wait for the ones I fall in love with. Unfortunately I missed out on the bottom one. Good luck with the sale!
  5. Laminated Shirogami (white steel) #1 Petty

    Gorgeous! Could you tell me more about the Steel and Nickel combinations? Is it quite stain/corrosion resistant?
  6. Desk dagger in mokume and damascus

    Man, I really like the style and letter-opener look. Big fan of the mokume. Maybe one day I will have to give in and buy one of these..... When I see "the one" maybe? Great work, mate!
  7. push dagger

    Love it!