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  1. speaking of anvils I have a line on a 175lb furriers lightly used. $300. seems fair enough although I wont be making horse shoes. whats the difference between a furriers anvil and a common black smiths?
  2. when you smack it with a hammer and steel it goes "clunk"
  3. I still have my chunk of rail from a local scrap yard. working on my third forge. this one is a brake drum from a large RV chassis. I'll post some pics soon.
  4. if it does turn out to be CT google up some stretching exercises off the net. my wife used to sew at one of the few remaining glove companies in the states. she was diagnosed with CT after a month of physical therapy (she skipped surgery) and daily stretches she had the symptoms under control.
  5. wow thanks, exactly what I've been looking for. I have barely got my toes wet making blades and I told the wife I wanted to try engraving. ever the pragmatic one she pointed around my shop and said why don't you try finishing up a few of these projects first.
  6. never stop learning, I've had million miler truck drivers tell me the day they think they know it all they will hang up the keys....
  7. adding a bit to number eight. I do my spark throwing early when I go to my shed. wether welding, or grinding I get it done early on and spend the rest of my time hand sanding or whatever but mostly on fire watch. give it a good look over before leaving for the day and you may stop a spark from becoming a fire.
  8. nothing wrong with that, and the handle is really a beaut!.
  9. much better then my first knife sir!
  10. wow Dave, you got us all drooling. that's a beauty.
  11. Ruggero, your command of the English language is better then some of the folks that live here.
  12. I gotta ask Geoff, how long does your 140lb tank last? say if you were using it every day.
  13. it seems the flood gates have opened. once people find out you want their old steel for practice knives suddenly you are up to your ears. the HR lady at work (a very nice lady too I might add) just gave me this morning a stack of lawn mower blades and an old axle. the axle intrigues me, seems like I've seen some pretty good knives forged out of steel axles. what say you?
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