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  1. Cleaning out- these have to go- Free to a good home! I've switched my bench molding over to petrobond- and just don't cast as much Greensand anymore. Bring buckets/bags and boxes- these bags are crispy old. I work odd hours- so be patient- I will usually get back to you within a day.
  2. Friday I helped an older gent clean out his shop and get things on pallets for moving- The city has claimed his barn area for eminent domain to widen a road. If anyone is nearby the Hampton Roads area and needs an anvil- he has 2 in great shape! The Kohlsawa: The Peter Wright: And a gnarly doorstop Vulcan Arm and Hammer: And I scored a big find for me- a 300 pound Fisher 1942: He also has several Swage blocks and stands (Here is just one) I had a blast rummaging and cleaning- Im heading back next week to help him tackle another section- so hopefully more posts then!
  3. Took my intro to blacksmithing course at my local guild this weekend- had a blast... On my way to the entry test next month- now to forge out the remaining pieces (5 of each) for the "Noob merit badge" to get some street cred in the guild. Heating the blanks- making the scrolls, learning the ropes... Making the hooks- yes the spikes are TOO BIG... but they will do well cinched! And the wife loves her keychain leaf... Its a start!
  4. Bravo Chris- Did you stabilize the wood yourself or get it done? I think your horizontal carry choice should be a great canvas for that sheath!
  5. Hard to believe no one has taken one of these to the XRF scanner- just a simple interwebs search shows this steel has been around since before 2012- Oct 2012 Fine Woodworking PM-V11 article If they are using a boutique manufacturer (low run counts strict quality/lot/proprietary sales) then they have a great secret... Sounds like a bit of smoke/mirror ahem... ummm "Marketing" materials. But- then again- maybe they are just really into developing cutting edge tools (couldnt resist- pardon the pun!)...
  6. Bravo Ms. Jennifer! I appreciate your camera angles- you can see where the metal moves- Thank you for posting this- I will be visiting the other videos this week as well! Kerri
  7. John- I like it- You need to look up "Chopped Carbon Fiber"... The OSB has a similar "look" to its multi direction layers. Like the other folks mentioned- dye it and see what happens! Who knows- maybe a Chopped carbon sleeve? Bravo on experimenting!
  8. So here she is after helping build the stand- gonna recess the anvil 1/2 inch and she will be ready to swing! Took us about 4 hours longer than doing the project by myself- but MAN- What a good day... Now on to build my stand and get this little chick SWINGING! Guys- sorry about the dad-bragging- but Im just stoked she wants to "play" and learn... not just cash out into the digital world... (and to be honest- it helps keep me wanting to "play" in the shop too!)
  9. Thanks Chris- Shes always been my sidekick- and shes always ready for an adventure in the shop! Keep trying my friend- Its amazing to see the curiosity and energy (and honestly a bit trying at times as well) but its well worth it in my thoughts! Try "Handmade Christmas" as a family suggestion and target the boys with ideas- who knows... Ill pray for it to catch in their hearts like it has in mine! Gerhard thanks- I will not say I "never" say no... but I do say things like "Not now... Maybe... We will see... If we can... After we finish..." and over a thousand other things from my Dad-vocabulary to never dim her curiosity! Faffing- now THATS going in the notebook! HA! Alex- Get some strong magnets (hard drive magnets are cheap and awesome for this). Hang them in ziploc baggies about the shop- they "passive collect" metal dust as it floats by- every month or so just pull the baggie off the magnet and the dust falls off- and re-hang. I like your idea for the grinder box- Ill be (ahem...) Borrowing your design... Thanks!
  10. Jesse- keep looking... put the feelers out and keep watching. It will happen my friend. Took me awhile to land my first real anvil. If you get an offer like this again- use google money or paypal to give good faith money- lets the guys know you are serious and not just "kickin the tires"... plus it gives you recourse if they sell it or you have any worries about it walking away. With Google Pay and PayPal both you can put a hold on the funds- but it shows you have the cash and are serious. Where are you located Jesse? You can go on "AuctionZip.com" for estate and farm auctions- I even called several auctioneers local to me and put cash offers for anvils out. Higher price (somewhat) but the convenience of someone else doing the search is a nice feature. You specify the condition and the type (No cast iron ASO's or if you are looking for specific makers) Just some hints that have worked for me in the past- be safe and as always- at peace! Good Luck!
  11. Did a little horse trading- and now My shop-monster has her own anvil... a little 35 pounder Cliff Carroll to go with my new TFS -Now to get a stand built and her rocking the iron!
  12. Extremely awesome (and if I say a wee bit jealous- my HOA would have me on a stick for trying this out!) Bravo Indeed- and may your hopes come true- make a door sash touchstone with a wee bit and keep the vibes alive in the new year! (Like a Jewish Mezuzah if you have no idea what I speak of)
  13. A moment shared among us assures his memory grows bigger- Bravo for the strength to share- and I am honored you chose us to share it with. Be safe and as always- at peace.
  14. Daniel- If you have a furnace/HT oven or Kiln you could try "slumping" tear shaped or round cutouts onto the surface as well- Im not sure if it will bond/hold due to oxide films- but in my mind- I see dimpling the surface then slumping into it... I will ask the ceramics guy at the makerspace near me and see if he has any thoughts...
  15. Just a thought- I have no experience with it but I have seen folks use torch fired clear-coat enamels and build up multiple layers on copper for a dripping effect on necklaces/pendants- maybe this could be an option to explore?
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