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  1. I like the little curved blade on the bottom- Keep it up and hope all is well! Kerri
  2. By the way... If your goggles are fogging... Your mask seal is not good. Forgot to mention this earlier. It's the bridge of the nose that causes the most problems. This is another reason for the silicone masks... They flex/fit your jawline and cheek better.
  3. The P100 masks from Woodcraft are comfortable and allow for goggles/eyewear- P100 masks these are also not as expensive as the 3M VOC filtered masks. -The masks are rated for Silica dust, coal dust- you dont need to worry about the VOC or active carbon filters unless you are doing things like paint or organics. I personally like these as I can wear my glasses over the nose piece and they are easy to wipe out and clean. For eye wear- please look into the 3M glasses- 3M polycarbonate glasses I swear Im not a Home Depot sponsor- but they have the best prices local to me! These are a 4
  4. Larry- buy some outlet plugs like the ones folks use to keep the kiddies hands from shock- and use them in the outlet below your grinder- and any unused outlets in the room... you dont want to create a surface fault or an arc potential. Suggestions to eliminate "missed" dust and particulate material and protect your floors. 1- isolate this room from the rest of the house- cover any vents or ducts- yes- it will get hot/cold faster... but you are containing the dust to one room. Please wear a respirator. 2- get some strong magnets like from hard drives, speakers or some Nd strong
  5. Probably not biased... I guess I should have just asked what HT ovens do folks use and what are some Pro's and Con's to look for when starting out. I'm a bit of a data nerd so the links CHRIS C shot over are great. I'm also a fan of MatWeb and GlobalSpec for generic metal info!
  6. Thanks C.... the links are awesome and I'm have some time during the hurricane to start the deep dive. Just scratching the surface, and am already swimming in "options" ... Here is the basis for my statement of iOs and phone app... "A TAP Controller app is available for iOS devices and is accessible using an Evenheat or SDS Industries supplied USB dongle or, if you prefer, an Ethernet connection. The TAP app allows the user to monitor the kiln, develop and edit programs and perform TAP Controller functions from a networked iOS compatible computer, tablet or mobile device." -From Even
  7. OK guys/gals/folks and friends- been hard at work getting a few things set up for my garage evolution to a small shop space... I know I will eventually be putting the money into a HT Oven before New Years... and looking at Evenheat ovens. (Specifically the KO 22.5) TAP, Genesis, Rampmaster, add temp/hold temp Set-Pro... Im not looking to buy something I will never use half the features on- and in my stumbles across the web have not found a breakdown or comparison of the various functions. (Or what the multi-level functions are applicable to) I know for forge and knife work I am headi
  8. Thanks Alan- It is the ABS Class but in NC at Haywood- no libel or slander here- I have TONS of respect for the folks that are building the art and craft and teaching. Just when I asked ?s I feel like Im getting short answers when Im looking for the long view. Nothing against those folks- just trying to use my resources to gather info. Understood about the book explanation vs a typed web-posting... I was looking for a bit of a skills progression or basics layout so I can go in with not having to dwadle on learning underpinning skills and focusing on the "meat" and not killing my shoulder
  9. Morning folks! This was a toss-up to put here or in the "Hot Work" category... but seeing as I am: a newbie of the first order to knife-making (three official "blades" and 2 classes under my belt and a ton of literature digested) not very experienced with the forge... I own one, I have an anvil- both are used as Christmas chatski makers and in the off season are shelves for other things (heck ANY horizontal surface counts as a shelf if not in use!) a neophyte to this forum and posting here I think the "Beginners place" is appropriate to start from... So Im looking
  10. A question please- heard of some other folks having their blade designs copied- are you able to provide a confidentiality agreement as well as disclosure of file storage/deletion post a job? Kerri
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