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  1. It's been a long time since I have posted anything here, I thought it would be fun to show off some of my student's recent projects! Here are a variety of blades forged at the shop by our students - from a 16 year old forging a wakazashi to a septuagenarian with a bowie we have folks from all walks of life making blades :) I want to thank our wonderful teachers Justin Kirck, Stephanie Aiuto, Devon James, and Tahoma Hauptman for their diligence in helping students forge to their best ability. Coincidentally, Stephanie competed on Forged In Fire just two weeks ago and did fantastically.
  2. With Covid trapping me indoors I now have the opportunity to support the community by offering a way to convert their drawings into PDF, DWG, etc for cutting. Send me a pic of a blade you were considering doing a small run of and I'll use it to make the files vendors will need for their machines. Not sure just how much free time I will have, so just one per person til I get a sense of the volume I am looking at.
  3. Heya gang, Check out this amazing article The New Yorker did about bladesmiths in NYC. It features fellow Forged in Fire contestant Frankie Sausto, several of my students, and my ugly mug. It's all about passing it on, Theo
  4. Whoaw! Small world. Yeah Toni has a crazy schedule so it's been hard to get him back in
  5. Sure! They all range from 9.25 to 10 inches of blade, 1/4 inch thick and 2 inches wide. Triple step down normalized, spheroidized annealed, quenched in Parks 50, tempered for 4 hours at 400F and then the spines were blued.
  6. I am happy to finally show off the economy custom chopper series we've been working on the past six months! The blades are all 80CrV2 high carbon tool steel forged to shape, rough ground, and heat treated by yours truly; then final ground and assembled by Justin Kirck, who also made the leather sheathes. Handle materials include stabilized burls, hybrids, micartas, and hardwoods. While this isn't the completed set, the choppers here are great representation of the fun materials we got to play with. More collaborations are on the horizon, I will keep yall in the loop! TheoRockNazz.com - JustinTheBlacksmith.com
  7. Been a while since I posted - been busy starting a business and upgrading the shop! First, fun pictures of smiling students and their work: I've been teaching full time about a year now and thought it was time to step things up a level. Expanded my area and finally have it's confines clearly defined so I can settle in. Still tweaking things, but I am very happy so far, the flow is much better. Now I feel comfortable offering teaching opportunities for my fellow bladesmiths interested in vising us in The Big Apple. If this sounds like fun to you please reach out to me for more information on how this would work. Local Brooklynite bladesmiths Jim Merola, Jan Muchnikov, and Justin Kirck have already started their classes Lastly, the front hallway/entrance to the forge has been turned into a small gallery of student, teacher, and local bladesmiths to show off their wares. I want to include work from anyone interested in displaying their blades - we get lots of eyes on them via walk-ins and students. I do not plan on selling blades for other smiths, but send lots of cards for people to take so I can help arrange sales. Currently it's just the 3 cases (bolted to the table), but I am picking up some sword sized as well. And here are a couple fun personal and commissioned blades: Always looking for input on everything, Theo
  8. Today I finished the first of two Kelly Carlson blades I was given by two collectors to complete. Kelly passed several years ago, and his son recently started selling and giving away his father's unfinished blades, tools, materials, etc.. This bowie is very hard mystery stainless that was already buffed when I received it. I forged the guard from mild steel, and the pommel is a tapped mild steel ball that I did some shaping on - both were media blasted then sealed. I welded a threaded rod to the base of the blade and assembled the guard, caribou antler, and aluminum as if it was a take-down construction but used JB weld everywhere so it ain't coming apart. It was a bit strange working on another smith's blade. His grinds are perfect, but I have no clue what his plans were for the handle, so I am sure I ruined whatever the original flow was supposed to be haha. The customer/collector was very happy with my "rough" addition to an otherwise clean and crisp blade - he likes my brut de forge style. Comments and critique always welcome. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else ever worked on another smith's blade, especially if he/she had already passed.
  9. Heya guys, You know what time it is! Let me know if any of these blanks interest you and we'll get them into your hands. 80CrV2, already heat treated. Has a fun lanyard hole/loop that'll provide an extra challenge. A customer already has their eye on this one - I would need you to finish it and slap my provided micarta on. We will agree on how to divide profits privately. Email at TheoRockNazz@gmail.com. TheoRockNazz.com 1095 fighter, already heat treated. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 80CrV2 cleaver/chopper... clopper?..cheaver? Already head treated. Has inverted distal taper. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 1095 thick chef's knife, heat treated with temper line. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics)
  10. The darkest blade I've ever made, death in the night. Forged 80CrV2 finished in Dura-Bake enamel, black G10 scales with mosaic and copper pins. "Mango knife" This customer had a favorite knife with a very specific shape that he used to prepare fruit, I replicated the blade with superior steel and updated handle shape. 15N20 blade with copper, buffalo horn, and Brazillian bloodwood. Comments and critique always welcome
  11. Used alumilite cast right into the handle. Here's how I made it:
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