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  1. These are my third and fourth knives. They are 1095 kitchen knives that I made for my house. One I thought was more of a general pairing/utility knife and the other is a chef's knife. Both use red oak as the handle material and do not have handle pins, just epoxy. What do you think?
  2. Up for grabs, a pair of kitchen knives I recently made. One is a 9-inch tip to tip pairing knife the blade itself is 4.5 inches and made out of 1/8 inch 1095 steel, nice and sturdy feel for peeling things and chopping stuff. The other knife is a chef's knife made from 1095 steel, it is 12 inches tip to tip and features a 7 inch blade. Both handles come from the same block of red oak, one appears darker due to lighting and age of the tung oil. I made the pairing knife several weeks ago and only recently finished the chef's knife. Both have very good edges for kitchen work on them and th
  3. What kind of putty is that that you've applied to the spine in photo #3? It appears to be acidic by the pattern it left in photo #4.
  4. What kind of steel is it made out of? I like design, very nice handle material. I think oak is one of the nicer looking woods for a handle.
  5. Beautiful knifes, I prefer the lighter color patterns of the handle in the first photo. Awesome job
  6. Thank you everyone! I took most of my time primarily thinking it through and watching people make knifes in videos online and then planning how I want mine to turn out. I must say it did come out closely to how I imagined it. I appreciate the warm welcome from the community
  7. Using the wood charcoal pieces I started a fire and used a hair dryer to get it up to temperature. Once the steel became non-magnetic I quenched it in hydraulic oil from our tractors.
  8. Simple 1095 kitchen knife, I haven't really polished the blade up too nicely. I got in a rush and wanted to put the handle on lol. All in all it didn't come out too horrible? I think it was a respectable first blade.
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