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  1. Nice work, Afzelia is awesome, very in demand and very hard to get.
  2. You can get around the problem of longer blades, by taking the disc to a machine shop and having them put a slight crown on it. This way when you cross over the center of the disc the blade wont catch. I cant remember for sure but I believe all you need is about .015 higher in the center.
  3. You should be able to just slice the wrap of with an exacto or the like.
  4. Try applying the epoxy with a small stiff brush, a toothbrush works well so do acid brushes. It will keep the epoxy from building up so much and getting shiny.
  5. Looks great Ray, I've been using Bamboo on one of my standard models for about a year now and I love it. The stuff is just to tough for words.
  6. luc


    Wow Tonn, Absolutely beautiful, to say that it flows well would be a gross understatement. :notworthy:
  7. Great tutorial Jesus. H.T here's a link to a Tsukamaki tutorial. http://pages.prodigy.net/tlbuck/tsuka/tsuka.htm
  8. luc


    Beautiful work as always Tonn. :notworthy:
  9. luc

    new tanto

    Wow, It looks great, very sleek and great use of texture/color.
  10. Nice work bro, I like the flow, looks like a real workhorse.
  11. Very cool bro. I love the blade shape, and the fittings are amazing. :ylsuper:
  12. luc


    Hey Tonn, Good to see you over here. Those picture are great. :notworthy:
  13. Very Impressive Bro. :ylsuper:
  14. Great work Murad, Wonderful project. Thank you for doing this.
  15. luc

    New Knife

    Looks good Aaron. I like the sheath as well.
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