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  1. Greg R wow I'm humbled by your comment. Thank you.
  2. Brian. I used shapton glass all the way up to 6000 grit. Worked great but the 120 was on the soft side.
  3. Thank you Ross! Yes that kind of tip just gets me going.
  4. Hi you all. Wanted to show a recently finished knife. 300 mm double bevel takobiki. Sanmai with shirogami 2 as core steel at 63HRC. Handle made from amboyna burl, corian, nickel silver and mosaic pins. I wanted to try to skip the belt grinder on this blade so after rough sanding the profile i turned to stones. Started at 150 grit and worked my way up to japanese nat stones, approx 10 000 grit followed by fingerstones. So insanely time consuming but in the end very rewarding.
  5. Thank you guys for all the kind words. Here are some specs (last pic where all three are shown): 290 mm suji wariha tetsu damascus (15n20/1095 and 01 as core steel) with koa, buffalo horn and copper/vulcan fibre spacers. 190 mm gyuto ladder damascus (15n20/1095) with koa, whalebone and copper/vulcan fibre spacers. And finally a 250 mm gyuto composite damascus (15n20/1095) with koa, mammoth ivory and copper/vulcan fibre spacers. Hera are some more pics of the knives. After heat treat and what the billet for the last knife looked like after forge welding the different se
  6. Just wanted to share some of my recent work. Feedback is much appreciated
  7. Thank you Karim and Alan! I etched the blade for five, minutes took it out and cleaned of all the oxides very thoroughly then back in the etchant. Repeated this 6 times to get a really deep etch and as you said took it to the buffer.
  8. Hi all! I"m new to this forum and also to forging knives. Only some two years. I wanted to show you all some of my recently finished knives and also get some input. The damascus is all forged by me and is 15n20 with either 1095, W2 or 52100 This first one is a laddered crushed W 190 mm gyuto. Handle is desert ironwood burl with copper and ebony spacers. Ferrule and endcap is sperm whale tooth. Saya made from american walnut with pin of whale bone. This next one is a laddered 240 mm kiritsuke. Koa with ebony/buffalo spacers. Ferrule and endcap buffalo Here is my firs
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