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  1. Well, this one picked up a good sized crack during the quench. One of the downsides of recycled steel I guess. I started a new one, but everything is going to have to go perfect if I'm going to get it done in time.
  2. Just be grateful that she doesn't have a GPS tracker on your phone. I Lojacked my kids phones when they got them. I can tell exactly where they are at any given time.
  3. If you read through the pinned thread on blown burners in the Tools and Toolmaking subforum, @Geoff Keyes stated in there that he felt that 3/4" was too small to get adequate airflow through. I have a 1" burner on my new forge as well, and I haven't had an issue getting to welding heat with a much smaller blower than what Don has pictured above.
  4. Absolutely. Its not the most efficient, but it will get the job done. Check out this thread: it talks about that exact same thing. Please pay attention to how Jeremy secures the bricks together. The last thing you want is for your forge to collapse on you while its lit. Enjoy!
  5. I've been looking at the heat treat forge that @John N posted recently and I've been seriously considering building something similar. My hope is to be able to control the environment to the point that I can move into some of the more higher end blade steels that require a soak at a given temperature in order to get the most out of them. As I was doing some cleaning in my barn today I stumbled across this old Coleman camp stove that I had completely forgotten about. The flame is easily controllable from what is shown, all the way down to a tiny ribbon. This got me to thinking and doing some rough designs in my head. I quickly sketched up a rough concept before I lost my train of thought: This inner chamber is 8" x 5" x 18" long and the baffle sits about 1.5" above the floor of the chamber. That comes out to about 720 cubic inches and should be more than big enough for any blade that I'll be tackling in the foreseeable future. There's a lot of detail missing (like the door) but I think this conveys the general idea. I'm thinking that 1" of Inswool all around should be sufficient insulation. I'm basically planning on setting the forge right down on top of one of the burners which would allow me to use the second burner to heat up my quenching oil (and still allow me to keep my campstove intact). I've never played with this type of burner before and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping I could get some insight on. First off, I'm planning on leaving around a 1/4" of air gap in the tube around the outside of the burner. Will this give sufficient airflow for the burner to operate properly? Is it too little, too much? Also, will I need a vent of some type (maybe in the door) to help control the heat? Or is that unnecessary or even counterproductive? Most importantly I guess, is this even worth spending time on? I haven't seen anyone post anything on a build quite like this but I'd hate to waste a bunch of time and effort on something that won't even do what I want it to do. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for sharing this Dave. I know it must be difficult. Such an amazing tribute to your father. I only hope that I can even come close to honoring my father in such a way when that time comes.
  7. When the smoker door catches the cord for the meat thermometer and yanks the turkey out of the smoker. If no one else saw it hit the ground, did it really happen?
  8. That this is going to be sweet Rob! Are you going to put a thin bronze spacer in the center between the two pieces of horn too?
  9. Damn, that's only 10 miles from me. Nice score man!
  10. If you can temporarily glue a dowel or screw of some sort into the hole in the pommel that sits/screws onto the tang, you can then chuck it up in your drill press and bring it to shape while it's spinning. Same idea as a lathe, just harder to use and much less convenient.
  11. Gorgeous! How long is the blade?
  12. I finally got my new forge put together and started hammering away on this today. I didn't get very far, but its starting to take shape. I still have lots more forging to do.
  13. Gave the new forge a workout today. In my best Doug Marcaida voice....."Iiiit will weeeld!"
  14. Finished up my new forge tonight. It seems to run pretty good. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to play around a bit and see if I can get it up to welding temps with the little blower that I have on it.
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