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  1. Looking good so far! I've been toying with using magnets to hold my blades. I dont mind using them before heat treat, but after heat treat I'm not a fan of the magnetism that they impart into the blade. Although it's not much, I dont have access to a demag machine and it's just something I prefer not to have in a finished knife. A couple of little tips: If you dont plan on doing any real grinding after heat treating, do a large part of your hand sanding before hardening. I think the softer steel sands a bit easier. Also, use a descale treatment after you temper to remove whatever scale you get from hardening. It'll save you from going back to the grinder and ruining the hand sanding that you've already done.
  2. I'd leave it too, especially if it's your first knife. Take the lessons you learned and fo it differently on your next one. I try to concentrate on one or new details on every knife. Any more than that and it can become too much and I'd never get anything done.
  3. I think that you would find a fair amount of interest right here on this site. Where are you at in the world?
  4. Looking good Connor. Reminds me a lot of my Schrade Old Timer that I've carried out hunting with me for the last 20 years.
  5. I dont have any experience with tung oil, but I've never been really happy with the results I've gotten with BLO on walnut. I'm probably not patient enough to really do it correctly. The best results I've been able to get with unstabilized walnut is using many (8-10) light coats of polyurethane, sanding each back down to the wood with 600 until the pores fill in. The last coat I sand to 1000 or so and then buff.
  6. Looks good Josh. Its little touches like that that really make your knives stand out.
  7. That's for sure. I've seen hawks take rabbits and squirrels while out hunting. I think the coolest part about this one was that it was literally 3ft away from where I was sitting.
  8. Sitting here chilling in the AC and there was a commotion on the porch. I looked out and saw a flurry of feathers and thought maybe a young bird had gotten himself trapped under the overhang. Then I looked down and saw this: Not something you get to see every day. Quite a big meal for a little hawk.
  9. Yup, 1.5" for most of the plumbing. I use a 1.5" gate valve for controlling my air flow, but only because it was mismarked at the hardware store for $3.00. Depending on what type of blower you use, Geoffs method of restricting the intake is simple and effective as well. I didn't have any issues getting the 1.25" burner up to welding temps. I sparked more than my fair share of pieces before I learned that you dont have to run the forge wide open all the time!
  10. Yup. Black pipe is all you need. I've used both 1" and 1.25" for my burner tube, I would recommend not using the 1" if you're planning on doing any forge welding. I can get it up to temp in my forge, but I really have to pour the air to it to get enough through the pipe. @Geoff Keyes has a pinned topic in the Tools and Toolmaking subforum called something like "Blown burners, a care and feeding". Give a read through that before you get started. Like Alan said, they are about as simple as you can get.
  11. I'm looking forward to seeing this one!
  12. Nice! I love the 8020 system. We use it all the time at work. I never thought of using it for a grinder frame though. I may have to do a little bit of pricing and see if its feasible.
  13. I had the same use in mind Chris. Judging by the leverage he was putting on it at the end of the video, I think it would hold just fine. That being said, the door lock that you posted would be a whole lot easier, and a bit more appropriate in size too.
  14. Thanks for that Brian. I think that'll come in handy in the near future.
  15. Ha! I hadn't noticed that. I was trying to get a picture of him at the surface, before he managed to rip the fish in half, but I couldn't get my camera out quick enough. I've never seen a turtle around here that had that much moss growing right on his shell.
  16. My kids and I recently hiked back in to a small lake in the woods near my house. As I sat in my float tube I started to feel some tugging on my stringer. The picture isn't the best, but if you look you can see the 18" snapper turtle that wanted my fish more than me.
  17. Given that it is intended for a child, I'm wondering if it's not meant to be more of a whittling knife instead of a true carver. Either way, depending on the age of the child, I think the guard is a really good idea.
  18. There used to be a hardware store around here that sold the old school style replacement nozzles right next to the brand new cans with the new style. It made it easy to buy them at the same time.
  19. Crisp and clean like always John. I like it!
  20. I've been toying with the idea of playing around with D2 (I can get as much as I want from scrap tooling at work), but you're doing a good job of talking me out of it Jerrod. Lyesyuv, I agree with Alan. O1 makes a hell of a blade, even if you only have a simple heat treat setup.
  21. Excellent video Niels! Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share it.
  22. Pretty cool website Alan. They have just about every type of file you could ever want. Too bad they don't give a way to order them direct. I sent them an email to see if I can get the name of a distributor in my area.
  23. @JenniferP, Are the SWBT files still in production? I tried a google search and came up with nothing.
  24. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one finished!
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