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  1. Damn nice! When you send it back, tell Zeb to get back in the shop and start posting again!
  2. Slightly less crappy cell phone pics. Hopefully I'll have better ones to follow next week.
  3. I'm trying to talk our marketing girl here at work into taking some real pictures. We'll see if I can get her to do it. Much appreciated. I definitely showed the good side. The other side isn't bad, but I definitely got the tip a touch off center when I forged it out as the out layer runs all the way down. Thanks Doug!
  4. And finished. (Crappy cell phone pic for now) Not perfect by any means, but overall I'm happy with it. The San-mai didnt come out looking quite the way I intended. I over-etched it and pitted the 1084 outer layer pretty good. As I went to sand it down it revealed an almost wrought iron look in some places, especially up by the ricasso. Between that and the hard line where it transitions to the 15n20 core, it was a cool enough look that I decided to leave it be. Hopefully I'll have enough time this weekend to come up with a fitting sheath for it. 4 different blades, 2 guards,
  5. Little sneak peek after glue up, and a little celebration for not screwing it up to badly. Yet. Oops, looks like you'll have to wait until it's done to see it all now. Ok. Maybe that's not the only empty bottle in the shop tonight!
  6. Looking pretty good to me. What did you use to patina the blade?
  7. Final dry fit before I finish the blade and glue it up. I was running out of light so the picture is even worse than normal. I had thought about sculpting the handle a bit, but I think I'm going to leave it clean and simple. If I screw it up, I wouldn't have enough time to finish before the deadline.
  8. If it were me, it would stay clean. Since I'm not the one doing it, I'd say its begging for some type of carving.
  9. Now that one definitely looks like it's doable to me. Not having much experience with power hammers, I'll ask the question. Are there any major drawbacks to that type of design?
  10. Definitely doesn't get used much. Keeping it in the glove compartment of his truck seems like an odd place for something of sentimental value, but who am I to judge. I still have it sitting on my bench waiting for him to figure out what he wants to put on it for a handle. I did dig a file into a bit harder and it bit pretty good. Once I get around to getting the handle off it I'll try a comparison in a few different spots and see how it reacts.
  11. Definitely needs more practice to make her trigger control second nature. We've been shooting off and on all summer, and when she's concentrating she'll hold a 2" group at 40 yards with her little bead sited .410. Put a deer in front of her and she jerks the trigger like its her first time ever shooting. Watching them grow up and mature right in front of your eyes is one of the things that makes the youth hunt so much fun.
  12. Interesting little unit. Probably isn't the best at any one thing, but I'd be very tempted if I was just starting out and looking to tool up on a budget. https://www.eastwood.com/1-hp-jet-grinder-with-multitool-attachment-and-sanding-belts.html?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=ECI+-+DABA&utm_content=Conv+-+Catalog+Sales+-+DABA+-+7%2F21&WickedSource=Facebook&WickedID=23848646330190427
  13. She's got to get over her nerves before I'll say she can shoot straight. This deer was less than 10 yards and she still managed to hit it in the spine. She was supposed to be aiming for the lungs. I told her it was a good miss lol. Better than last year though. She had a clean miss on a deer that was standing in the exact same spot!
  14. Finally starting to look like a knife. A couple hours with a dremel and it'll be ready for finishing.
  15. Anything is worth a shot, but my gut is that trying it that way would shred a normal belt. If you do try it I wouldn't use anything that will melt. Stick with steel or ceramics, you're going to create a ton of friction on the surface of the rib.
  16. Lol thanks Garry. I think she's hooked now. Probably time for her to get a real hunting knife. Especially since I told her that I'm not field dressing her next one for her!
  17. I had to cut my shop time a little short this afternoon to take my niece out during Michigan's Youth deer season. She managed to connect on her first one ever!
  18. Guard rough shaped and fit up with the spacer package.
  19. 1080 or 1084 are great steels to start with. Arguably the easiest to properly heat treat when compared to any other blade steel.
  20. That is a pretty blade. What's the handle wood? I'm a little more simplistic with brussel sprouts. Steam'em, melt a little butter over the top and sprinkle with salt.
  21. Check with a local sheet metal distributor. 1008/1010 is a pretty common spec for commercial quality cold rolled sheets.
  22. Looking good Doug! I think the "deadline" was set at October 1st. I don't think that there was any mention of a sheath being a requirement.
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