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  1. That hickory burl is gorgeous! Even more so in contrast with the brass. That's a beautiful set Garry.
  2. Thanks man! That'll give me something to do on lunch tomorrow.
  3. Mounted and ready for a test run. I'm going to wrap straps around to snug everything up once I'm happy with the height. As it is it might be just a touch too low for me. Toying with the idea of adding a layer of OSB to the bottom to bring it up a half inch or so.
  4. That's awesome. I just got off a Zoom meeting with my son. He said that when he comes home for Thanksgiving he wants to give another go at forging a knife. Makes me look forward to seeing him even more!
  5. Nice! Thanks Alan! I'll take a closer look when I head back out to the shop. I'm going to put together a stand for it and hopefully put it to work next weekend.
  6. After learning the wife was more open than expected to the idea of me buying an anvil, I did a bit more looking around on Marketplace. Lo and behold, somebody was cleaning out their garage! This is the only marking I could find after a good bout with a wire wheel. Looks to be a 208, and since I can barely pick it up, I'm guessing that's the weight. The rebound looks to be 90%+ with a 5/8 ball bearing. Dang thing is almost mint! It would be cool to know its age and maker, but since it's already mine, it would just be for the fun of it.
  7. Yeah, they're starting to come back to reasonable. The good thing is that I now know what the wife's tolerance is for me to buy one. Besides, I didn't really want that one anyway. Somebody had gone and hit it with a hammer!
  8. Thanks for the help. Moot point though. I set my limit so it would be $4.00/lb after taxes and auction fees. Then I went out to the shop and worked on a knife until after the auction was over so I wouldn't tempt myself into a bidding war. Somebody decided that they could part with at least $10 more than I was willing to. I hope it serves them well!
  9. So I snuck out of work to go take a look at it. There isn't any distinct markings that I could make out, but it's in decent shape and seems to have adequate rebound. The multiple coats of paint are probably doing a good job of hiding any markings. I did take a pic of the bottom if that helps at all.
  10. Hmmmmmm. I don't mind paying for something that's worth it, but I'd hate to shuck out $400-$500 bucks for a dead piece of iron. I wish I would have seen it sooner and had a chance to go take a look at it.
  11. I just saw this one come up for auction near me. The auction ends this evening. This pics don't give much in the way of an idea of the maker, but I'm hoping maybe there's something that'll give the anvil guru's a clue. It's currently bid at $2.50ish / pound, I was thinking about going up to $3-$3.25 if the anvil is worth it.
  12. I was just throwing it out there for fun. I didn't figure that you'd put it up for the KITH. Those are all beautiful blades BTW.
  13. Sounds good to me Alan. I'll send @Conner Michauxa DM and see if he's planning anything. As it is the 8 entries are all that we have WIP threads for. Unless @Joshua States wants to throw his little Ulu into the mix..........
  14. Don't ever hesitate to be 'that guy' @John N i really do appreciate the feedback. You gotta try a lot harder than that to hurt the one feeling I have left. Thankfully the welds aren't all as bad as they seem from the pic. I'm still trying to figure out how to make stick welds look pretty, but I know how to burn them in pretty well. I've run it up to max for that jack a few times, starting with wood and working up to cold steel. Definitely wearing PPE and feeling a bit of pucker factor the whole time. No creaks or pops yet, but it'll be quite a while until I have any type
  15. It's 6" in between the uprights, and 24" to the top of them. Base is 8" deep. I used 2" square x 1/4" tubing for all of the structural pieces. The top crossmember is set to a comfortable working height for the jack, I could have easily cut a couple of inches off of the uprights without causing an issue.
  16. Good to know. The hunk he gave me is absolutely gorgeous. I'd hate to see it fade out. Thanks!
  17. I'm not going to be much help on that I'm afraid. I'm a blown burner guy. I believe using MIG tips as gas jets is pretty standard though.
  18. 3mm (11 gauge here in the states) is what I've used in mine with no issues. Personally I think the insulation and refractory is far more important than the shell. My next one will probably be built with something even thinner.
  19. Appreciate it Garry. I'll go ahead and start baking it. Thanks again!
  20. I've never worked with it before, but a buddy of mine gave me a chunk that he wants on a blade I'm restoring for him. I don't really want to try to stabilize it if it's not a wood that will benefit at all.
  21. Somebody remind me to never take on a restoration project on a production blade again. I got everything taken apart and started to clean up the blade. The amount of low spots on the "flats" is incredible. I thought about just blending everything by hand and buffing the hell out of it but couldn't bring myself to do it. Looks like I have a lot of hand sanding in my future, and I'll probably have to refit the guard after I'm done.
  22. Finally got the frame for a little bottle jack press tacked together. (Professional welders may want to stop looking here! ) I doubt that my little manual jack is going to cut it for long. I'll probably upgrade to an air/hydraulic if everything works as planned. Should be sized to take the 20 ton from Harbor Freight that seems to be popular for these types of presses. I still need to take a couple more passes over the critical welds, and get the die holders in place. Then take it for a test spin and see what happens.
  23. That was going to be my other suggestion, lol. I like Geoff's method. Never would have thought of that myself.
  24. I hope you're using a hard backer that let's you keep your hands in a comfortable position. Doesn't sound like you are though . I do most of my sanding with a piece of 3/4" x 5/16" flat bar. it keeps a small enough surface area on the workpiece to allow me to use some significant downpressure to get the paper to cut properly. Also, make sure you're using your paper like a consumable. It's easy to want to make each piece last as long as you can, but the only thing you end up making last longer is the hand sanding session!
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