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  1. I think its time to say goodbye to my favourite project - damascus seax. Triple core damascus (edge n9e, rest o2+s235) Total length 47 cm Leather scabbard with brass and bronze fittings. 1000 $ Feel free to ask if you have questions
  2. Making of curved fuller on flat bar. To make pattern more interesting san mai flat bar was incised. I hope now you see it
  3. Hi! I finally did sth with blade which i started about year ago. Later i will add old photoes.
  4. Hi !! Ive already end this one :D steel: 420mv + 80crv2 as core handle: wenge + tigerwood Guard: soldered stainless steel Cooper on blade is some kind of etching. i hope you will enjoy :)
  5. I didn't add anything for a long time, so this time i want to show you 3d animation with picture of this knife. What do you think ?
  6. HI !! Finally i finished this knife Blade made of 1070 and 15n20, Handle: ebony, 304 and 420 stainless damascus
  7. Hi !! This time i want to show you sword what I made on MCS League event but unfortunately organizer deceive me and did't pick up sword.
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