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  1. Not. wow ! Thanks ;D
  2. Finally
  3. saber

    To be honest i have no idea, maybe weight distribution. Tried find sth in book but there's nothing.
  4. saber

    I forgot to say thank you all
  5. saber

    First i ground one fuller. Secound fuller must be convergent to first (you have to lose thickness on the edge between fullers) Now it's time to bend our fullers and grind thickness. Now we see that our fullers don't have dimensions what we wanted. We lose to much width of the fullers, so it's time to make them wider. Using stuff like this you make them wider. Later i used (secound picture) turning insert. So it's done ! Now grinding, grinding, ........ I've made bar with velcro and it's perfect
  6. saber

    Hi !! This time i want to show my first XVII century saber. Blade made of 50hf steel, handle made of stainless steel and ray skin. Overal length 970mm, blade length 855mm. Weight 780 g
  7. All parts almost done
  8. Yea it's lost wax tree i didnt take a photo when it was made of wax. I carved elements and casted them in silver (picture on 1 side), using castaldo rubber I made mold to wax injection. Here is movie how it looks and what is next: Im using centrifugal casting machine like this: Don't know good books but everything you can find on youtube. Buy jewelry wax and practice carving it will be perfect at the beginning.
  9. Some new pics.
  10. Finally i want to make it in bronze, its hard to buy bronze plate. I don't have good experience in bending bronze (crack). Also i think it can deforme when will be bended 90 deg after pressing (stretching etc.). When you made rubber form next wax models are made in seconds. In 1 cast you can place all. I think it's good way If i don't forget i will add more pics from casting.
  11. Hi ! Flame maple
  12. Finally I made castings for sheath. For these time it's silver but will be more in bronze.
  13. Indeed. Now i see i didn't add 1 photo.
  14. I have no idea if i can add this link. It's all what i know about this messer. http://www.hermann-historica.de/en/langes_messer_sueddeutsch_1_haelfte_16_jhdt/l/143591?aid=145&Lstatus=0&Accid=1729&currentpos=16
  15. It's highly corrosive so use brush and try to avoid touching steel parts.