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  1. I think its time to say goodbye to my favourite project - damascus seax. Triple core damascus (edge n9e, rest o2+s235) Total length 47 cm Leather scabbard with brass and bronze fittings. 1000 $ Feel free to ask if you have questions
  2. Making of curved fuller on flat bar. To make pattern more interesting san mai flat bar was incised. I hope now you see it
  3. Hi! I finally did sth with blade which i started about year ago. Later i will add old photoes.
  4. Hi !! Ive already end this one :D steel: 420mv + 80crv2 as core handle: wenge + tigerwood Guard: soldered stainless steel Cooper on blade is some kind of etching. i hope you will enjoy :)
  5. I didn't add anything for a long time, so this time i want to show you 3d animation with picture of this knife. What do you think ?
  6. HI !! Finally i finished this knife Blade made of 1070 and 15n20, Handle: ebony, 304 and 420 stainless damascus
  7. Hi !! This time i want to show you sword what I made on MCS League event but unfortunately organizer deceive me and did't pick up sword.
  8. And another one from same flat bar
  9. Hi !! Another one in collaboration with "CICHY Knives". Again my job was to make forgewelding
  10. Hi !! These time I want to show you my latest project in collaboration with "CICHY Knives". My job was to make forgewelding. The razor will be a reward in the shaving tournament in Poland (https://www.najlepszypolskigolibroda.com/) Hope you will enjoy
  11. Michał made more knives from my S290 stainless san mai flat bars
  12. And there is another blade made by Michał Sadko from my S290 stainless san mai flat bar
  13. This time i want to show you my new experiment. Stainless damascus with n690 core on blade. I wanted to try restack on stainless and i think it's fine It's not finall grind i wanted see pattern as soon as i could.
  14. 1180-1190 oC and oil, tempering 540 3x2h. https://www.bohler-edelstahl.com/media/S290DE.pdf
  15. Hi !! Maybe it is not specifically consistent with the title but today i made some tests with forging and forgewelding rex 121 with 4h13 stainless steel. It came out well
  16. Hi ! I want to show you new knife made by "SADKO ręcznie robione noże kuchenne" with my material forge welded by me.
  17. Well ;D its 1 piece but i bend it in wrong direction ;d so it will not be knife.
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