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  1. @kevin...thank you for your advice... I will take note of everything you said and put it into play during that project... @aweller... I'm going to try incorporate a metal bolster to my chef knife in the near future here or there... the function is to help keep the blade more sterile during Heavy raw meet prep where you will use the whole length of the blade and when cleaning It'll make things easier
  2. @kevin... I plan on incorporating a metal bolster soon when I feel my skill level is a little higher...still worried I may mess up the bolster or guard...lol
  3. I really appreciate all the feed back!!! @Kevin... it's 1095 with oil quench "I'm still trying to fine a good source for W2... I've been doing a lot of research to fine the best Tecnics process to bring out the Hamon in the mean time @Brian D ....Thank you @Austin .... Thank you
  4. My first post... Hi my Name is Steve... I'm a beginning knife maker just in the last year...even though in my younger years I learned how to make knives but I still consider myself a noobie because back then to now the hustle and grind of the working world of adult hood took hold of me and my knowledge and skill didn't really progress... Fast forward 16+ years and now I've began to pick backup knife making as a way to relax on my time off from work. My way of "R&R" My jobs have taken me through a lot of different fields and so I like my work to kinda reflect that... from Kitchen Cutlery
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