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    All forging aspects. Primarily involved with the colonial period to present forgings. tools, hardware, knives, swords, Nin-gu, Hammers.

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About Me

I started forging when I was 8. Primarily forging martial arts and hunting bladed tools.  At age 16 was asked to forge a Bean pattern thumb latch which was hideous.  Devoted about 2 years just studying hardware, and other items from 1600, 1700 and 1800's and applying what I had seen to the items I was asked to make.  Specialized in custom hardware and tooling until I quit blacksmithing all together for 13years just coming back to it in 2014 with a few demos here or there. 

Served a 3 year apprenticeship 1989 to a Farrier to learn the Farrier trade so I could add the moniker of "General Blacksmith" to a sign..  I had done Wagon, tools, hardware, industrial forgings and such and got the notion it was a desired skill to add. :) 

I have since become more involved with ABANA and more locally the NEB (New England Blacksmiths) after coming out of retirement and have also started a youtube channel: 

Last few years more heavily involved sharing what I know and taking my time getting back in shape forging wise. 

I am not an artist and for the most part consider myself a Trade smith.  Just an old timer that learned a thing or 2 at the forge and willing to share it. 

I am a Full time Farrier specializing in Barefoot hoof trimming, but also do some fabrication work,  as well as some commissions on the side when time allows. 

My latest accomplishment on the blacksmithing scene, if one can call it that was to take 1st place in the pro division at the Fitchburg Forge-in which was a blast and a lot of fun. Ended up with a bunch of ribbons and a really nice Jacket.  Was a blast answering fielded questions and plying my skills against some other great pros.  I don't really consider myself a pro any longer as I don't sell things really, and only get out to forge once a month or so. 

Teaching and demonstrating is what I am passionate about.  I do about 12 to 14 demonstrations mainly in MA, but also in NH and others places and currently erecting a "Blacksmith Teaching Facility" in Rutland MA.  

JLP Services Inc:  https://www.facebook.com/jlpsinc/
Observational hoof trimming: https://www.facebook.com/ObservationalHoofTrimming/

Google photo's: https://goo.gl/photos/jNR8MRdz5TSU3Nm47







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