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    Bellingham, Washington
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    I am an avid climber and hiker.  I love to homebrew, and when I can I try to forge.
  1. That is a cool jig, you don't by chance have a link to it do you? Oh, great first knife by the way.
  2. Yeah, The ICP-MS technique would also be limited to small sections of the sample. It seems like getting a good representative figure is going to be the hard part. Wish I new more about some of this stuff. I have done the chem stuff, but not a lot when it comes to metallurgy.
  3. Correct me if im wrong, but couldn't you use a SEM with a EDX attatchment to find rough carbon content? Also, If the option is available, wouldn't ICP-MS be a good choice?
  4. Were are you located in the Nor west? Sure does look familiar.
  5. What is a Bladsmith? A person who puts way to much time, love, money, and blood into something that will fetch him 100 bucks, or at the least, a bunch of OOOOs and AHHHHHs!
  6. Sweet! What progression did you use to file the blade with?
  7. Baker is a good looking mountain, I would love to have a house with that kind of view!
  8. I would love to see some pictures of New Zealand and Norway. I am planning on taking a trip in two years to go climbing in the alps, should be cool, I have heard only great things.
  9. The Northwest is a great place to live. I love it here. Also, I though I would add some pictures of Washington. The first picture is Mt. Baker, and the second is Mt. Shucksan.
  10. jordansahls


    At this particular moment in time I am attending Whatcom community college, its right by Western, off of Meridian. Class wise I am taking Calculus and physics/chemistry classes. This is my last year, then its transfer time, either to Western, the UW, or Montana State U. I would love to get the chance to see other people forge, it might help me out. I just dink around really .
  11. jordansahls


    Cool that sounds great. I am no great blade smith, so I am sure that I could benefit greatly from watching people work who are better then me. Keep me informed on your tribe, I will be back in the Bellingham area in Washington this fall for school, so I won’t be far from B.C.
  12. jordansahls


    Are there any tribes in the Washington/Oregon area? I couldn't find one, maybe I didn't look hard enough.
  13. You've got to love the Homebrew. I have been brewing about once a week for three years. The guys that I brew with are planning on starting a brewery. Lately we have brewed a Kolsch-ish type German ale, an Imperial IPA, Northwest ale, bohemian style pilsner, Belgian triple, imperial stout, ect. Funny thing is that I'm the opposite of a lot of you guys, I can’t brew mead or a wine for the life of me, but I can brew a damn good beer, cheers!
  14. That hamon is awesome! It makes me think of a fire breathing dragon, which is perfect because it looks like that blade can bite!
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