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  1. Thank you for the replies. I do have one blacksmith I know near me and I have been trying to set up a time to go see him in action, and making that a big priority definitely seems like very sound advice. I have done quite a bit of reading already but there is always more to learn, the keywords to search for are very useful as was Joshua's point by point. I am in Southwest Texas (a bit over an hour west of San Antonio). Lastly has anyone used hyb-uv infrared reflective coating (from the hybrid burners site). I have done several searches and outside of the page he sells it on I can
  2. Hi I am getting geared up for building my first forge this December. I have a couple of very newbish questions. I want as safe as a forge as possible, I am relatively new to this and want to give myself the most safeguards possible. I want a forge capable of forge welding, and may eventually play around with melting brass, copper, and silver. I want to be able to heat treat knives with it. I want as precise of temperature control and information as possible. Fuel efficiency is plus. So my basic understanding is 1. Get a solid metal casing (such as a old propane tank, or air c
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