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  1. Geoff, Thank you- that was very helpful and I will be sure to look into that rather than a london anvil. However, as I said on the other forum, I am having trouble convincing my parents of helping me enter this hobby. Hence, I believe that it may be wise to forge everyday objects other than knives at the very beginning (ex. those hooks for holding bananas, fire pokers, etc.) in order to cast a favorable light upon the hobby. This has led me to believe the horn on a "traditional" anvil to be necessary for other tasks. Are their any other shapes which combine the two types? Also, if I were t
  2. Yes, I did. However, I've been struggling to find equipment that isn't absurdly expensive. I am attempting to enter the hobby of knife making, and funds have been extremely limiting to me. I am fairly young, and I live somewhere where blacksmithing as a hobby is unheard of, so I have found it challenging to convince my parents into helping me start; any deals I can find, even from 2013 , would put me a step closer to being able to pursue my interest. My apologies, Geoff, if that is idiotic, but I have always been fascinated by knife making and I am doing everything I possibly can to enter thi
  3. Hey - I was wondering if your hydraulic press is still available. I'm trying to get into bladesmithing, but funds have been limiting my ability to purchase equipment. I've been hoping to stumble across a used one in good condition, and I am very interested in yours. Please let me know as to whether it is still available.
  4. Hey Dennis - I know this was posted over a decade ago - but is there any chance that your anvil is still available? I'm trying to enter the hobby of bladesmithing but funds have limited me greatly. I've been shocked at how expensive anvils are - and getting a used one in this price range would be perfect for me.
  5. Hey Shane - Sorry to reopen an older thread, but is this hydraulic forging press still available? I am attempting to get into blade smithing, but my funds are fairly limited - so I've been hoping to find a used press in good condition. If it is, I am very interested in it! Please let me know as to whether it is still available or not.
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