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  1. Interesting knife. Ditto Dragoncutlery comments. Where is the makers name on the blade. Fit and finish arent up to that price range standard. IE. Buggered blade slot in pivot , dings in wood around pivot, poor scale to frame fit. For that much money I'd expect perfection.
  2. I'm not going to tell you it safe to use. I see two ways to go. 1. Make it a wall hanger. A reminder of what not to do. 2. Test it. With some protective gear on. Break or try to. If it breaks then look at why. Poor grain structure or dark stains at the break. I realize u are just starting out and its hard to destroy a blade you've spend hours one. But, it can be a learning tool. I've done a lot of test blades. Some because I didn't feel comfortable with my process. Some deliberate. But I'd rather break one in the shop rather than have it fail when I needed it.
  3. Yep, had to leave forge and didn't want to leave a hot piece of 5160 laying around. Without thinking I buried it the water bucket. More snaps and pops that a bowl of rice crispies. In the future,, A quick online check will tell you which oils to use for specific metals. Good luck in your endeavors with blades.
  4. Sir. First. I am not an expert in propane forges. From the flames I see, it would appear the burners aren't properly tuned. Or a lack of propane pressure. Your flame should be more inline with the flame produced by a propane torch. Also consider closing off the opposite end with fire brick. You are loosing a lot of energy out that open end.. If you need it open for longer material like the sword then leave a small opening for the sword tip.
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