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  1. I need to know how old this knife is gentleman or even what they are worth
  2. Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone has bought a diamond sharpener off ebay or anywhere else for that matter.... thinking about buying a cheapy anyway i want to sharpen my knives in the loader at work (not busy enough) I don't want to use a stone coz it can be messy! I want to know what is the best sharpener any ideas?
  3. im going to heat treat my first knife today but don't have anything other than water or sump oil all my other heat treats I have done in water but were 1045 and pre 1950 leaf springs all went well..... any ideas??? ps. kitchen knife 5 inch blade 2 inches tall nearly 4.2 ml thick
  4. I was a concrete sealer as a kid out of school..... we use to paint the floors with rhino 2 pack epoxy. something called methacrylate and I was definitely allergic to all 2 pack resin basin based paint
  5. would corby bolts with a dash of silicone between each scale and tang suffice? I'm making a kitchen knife if that helps ps... trying to avoid epoxy. very allergic thanks aaron
  6. hi guys I'm allergic to epoxy and most 2 pack industrial type paints.. does anyone know an alternative to epoxy..... formaldehyde resin is the only other thing I can find thanks aaron
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