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  1. Brian, after a bit research and YouTube videos I agree with you about the ramp master, the one I am looking at is 49" . What is your opinion on using this one for both knives and swords, I realize I would be using more power than needed and heating way more surface area when heat treating knives, but being that this is a kiln with evenly distributed heat, I do not see any reason that heating would not be completed sufficiently. Do you?
  2. Thanks brian, the kits look pretty cool, and I will take a closer look at the setpro vs the ramp master
  3. Thanks Brandon, the Wilton square wheel grinder definitely deserves a closer look at in comparison to the BEE grinder, I have used the Dymondwood and I know what you mean about the smurf issue. I will check out harbor freight and grizzly, I uderstand what you mean in regards to the different size in kilns. Brian, thanks, I think I am leaning to the 2 hp variable speed. Doug, I would like to work with more complex alloys such as 440C and others, I would be concentrating on stock removal rather than forging, but I would not rule it out as forging is extremely fun and its nice to get away from the grinder for a while and just swing a hammer.
  4. Gentlemen, I am not sure if I should post this under tools, but his is the newby section, so here I go. I am rather new to making knives and would like to eventually work my way up to swords, I would like some advice on a few different items in regards to tools, heating and materials. 1) After combing through the internet I believe I have decided upon a grinder to purchase, I have decided spend the cash first, (and once). I am look in at a BEE Grinder 2 x 72 but I am wondering what the difference/advantage/disadvantage would be between: A) The 1 hp and the 2 hp, The single speed vs the variable speed, C) A 8” contact wheel vs a 10 “ contact wheel, D) A smooth contact wheel vs a serrated wheel. Obviously the price goes up depending upon which accessories are added and I am trying not to break the bank. Below is a link to a supplier I have located with the descriptions. https://www.knifemaker.ca/BEE-Grinders 2) I am considering a heat treating oven as opposed to a propane forge due to the accurate temperature control capabilities for annealing, heat treating and tempering. I have found one that may be sufficient in regards to size for a sword and may be used for a knife simultaneously (I believe, although it may waste a lot of energy for knives alone). It is an Evenheat KF 49.5 Oven Setpro Control 10"W x 6.5"H x 49.5"D 240v. What I am wondering is: A) Am I nuts or should I be looking into a propane forge for one third or less of the price Could this do the job for both a knife and a sword C) Would I be better off getting a custom one built where it opens like a coffin from the top (as I have read nothing but good reviews about these coffin custom builds) D) Does anyone have any experience with this type of oven and what is your opinion on the Setpro temperature controller Here is a link to the oven I am considering with its description. http://usaknifemaker.com/knife-making-machinery/heat-treat-ovens-and-accessories-c-57/evenheat-kf-49-5-10-wx6-5-hx49-5-d-w-setpro-control-240v.html 3) I am having trouble locating a band saw that can cut metal under $1000.00, but the Proxxon MICRO Bandsaw MBS/E may be suitable for a decent shop, any thoughts or opinions? http://www.proxxon.com/us/micromot/37172.php?list 4) My final question is in regards to the handle material known a Pakkawood/Dymondwood, I have worked with this material in the past and now knowing that the factory has gone the way of the dinosaur, I have found a replacement that may be suitable, so this is also a passing on of information to those whom may not know of it, but I would like to know if anybody has used it and would recommend it. Webb Wood. https://webbwood.com/about_webbwood.php Thanks for any assistance you are willing to give. Josh
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