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  1. Brian, after a bit research and YouTube videos I agree with you about the ramp master, the one I am looking at is 49" . What is your opinion on using this one for both knives and swords, I realize I would be using more power than needed and heating way more surface area when heat treating knives, but being that this is a kiln with evenly distributed heat, I do not see any reason that heating would not be completed sufficiently. Do you?
  2. Thanks brian, the kits look pretty cool, and I will take a closer look at the setpro vs the ramp master
  3. Thanks Brandon, the Wilton square wheel grinder definitely deserves a closer look at in comparison to the BEE grinder, I have used the Dymondwood and I know what you mean about the smurf issue. I will check out harbor freight and grizzly, I uderstand what you mean in regards to the different size in kilns. Brian, thanks, I think I am leaning to the 2 hp variable speed. Doug, I would like to work with more complex alloys such as 440C and others, I would be concentrating on stock removal rather than forging, but I would not rule it out as forging is extremely fun and its nice to get away
  4. Gentlemen, I am not sure if I should post this under tools, but his is the newby section, so here I go. I am rather new to making knives and would like to eventually work my way up to swords, I would like some advice on a few different items in regards to tools, heating and materials. 1) After combing through the internet I believe I have decided upon a grinder to purchase, I have decided spend the cash first, (and once). I am look in at a BEE Grinder 2 x 72 but I am wondering what the difference/advantage/disadvantage would be between: A) The 1 hp and the 2 hp, The single
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