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  1. Where would you buy a large Norton stone? good to know to use water instead of oil
  2. It is a master craft sander and half of the tracking wheel is actually worn down so there is a substantial step down that half of the belt has to run on, so I would need a replacement wheel and I am not sure if they make replacements. I might just save up for a 2x72
  3. I have a little 1x30 belt sander but the tracking is messed up and it is a pain to use. so I am not using a grinder at the moment. Water stones are expensive but I think I will start getting them one by one, maybe from Lee Valley. Thanks for the video Joshua I will have to check out some more of yours.
  4. Thanks everyone, I guess its back to the sand paper for me. are the Norton stones good for a first set?
  5. So when I heat treat a knife I leave the edge about as thick as a dime, I was wondering how you get that dime thick edge down to a final edge without putting a secondary bevel on? If this is in another thread can you please point me towards it. Thanks -Thomas
  6. Here is a good long thread about epoxy. Two guys researched and recorded how different epoxies preformed and made a spreadsheet telling what epoxy is best for what materials and how they all preformed. Long read but it is worth it http://www.knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27463
  7. Thanks Alan, I Think I will cut a piece next time I have access to the proper equipment and see how it looks. If it doesn't look nice enough I will save it for another project.
  8. Does anyone use Balau wood for handles? or know if it would be any good for handles? I got a fairly large piece of it and if it is good I would like to try stabilizing it
  9. I use the gough filing jig and it works good. if you google it you will find his website
  10. Okay, all this information helps me a lot. Thank you guys.
  11. Thanks guys, Is there a certain grip I should be using for tongs? like a hammer grip or something?
  12. Thanks Alan, so to form the tongs to the work, you heat the tongs, press them around the piece you are working on, and then quench them? If so i'm assuming it depends on the steel they are made from for the quenching recipe I am in Canada so it is hard to locate a place that sells tongs without shipping costing as much as the tongs themselves. -TK
  13. Thanks, Do you detach the tongs off the piece your working on every time you put the piece in the forge, or do you leave the tongs clamped on? it seems like a pain to grab the piece with the tongs and then slide the ring on every time you take the piece in and out of the forge. -Tk
  14. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has any references for the proper way to hold/use tongs? I know there is a specific way to use a hammer so you do not hurt yourself, is there such a thing for tongs? I noticed my tong hand getting sore after a couple hours of work. If anyone has any insight or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -TK
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