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  1. FIrst Forged Blade and Introduction

    Welcome Tim! I really like the look of that blade. -Thomas
  2. Name Changes?

    Thank you!
  3. Name Changes?

    Hello, Can I please change my name from tjk to Thomas Kadatz. Thank you
  4. My first knife

    Here are some pictures of my first knife. I know it is pretty rough but it cuts. The blade is made out of a old Nicholson pipeliner file, and the handle is oak from a tree in a family members yard oiled with boiled linseed oil. I quenched it in warm canola oil and tempered it at 425 for two one hour cycles. comments appreciated. -Thomas
  5. Help with Anvil history

    I,m Not very good at identifying anvils, But I know a good selfie when I see one
  6. A modern bowie hunter

    What a beutifull knife. love that pattern from the rasp and how you do the two different pin sizes. well done.
  7. Some pictures of my forge build

    http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/blackbear6506oiler20/library/ This link should work.
  8. Here are some pictures of my recent forge build. I am happy to finally get it built and start making some knives. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/blackbear6506oiler20/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>
  9. some more tomahawks!

    Absolutely beautiful. .
  10. Is this a good anvil?

    Thanks Alan, HaHa Great idea for a new thread. That would be a popular one.
  11. Is this a good anvil?

  12. Is this a good anvil?

    This anvil is one that is sitting at my grandpas farm, unfortunately these are the only pictures I have of it right now. Could any of you guys tell me if it is decent quality? or what make it is? I hit it with a hammer and it seems to have a good bounce but then again it is the only one I have ever tested. Thanks -Thomas
  13. forge length

    I am planning on using one blown burner and had originally planned on making the forge body around 16 inches.
  14. forge length

    I was just wondering how long I should make my forge body I am planning on using schedule 80 pipe with a 10" inside diameter. and am mainly planning on making knives. Thanks
  15. Propane Burner

    Thanks, everyone