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  1. Wes, beautiful work as always, that black and white wood is just amazing. Maybe it just wants to be remembered, I can't recall every acquaintance I have ever met but every fight I remember with clarity. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Very nice Austin, looking at the guard I had to laugh, when I was in the Marines a claymore mine had printed on it Front Toward Enemy, I know why yours is there but it just had to be said.
  3. For some reason I cannot send you a message, I would like to purchase a set.
  4. Trevor, with just learning this sight is awesome, there is so many knowledgeable people on this forum. But for that help to be helpful they need to know the material you are using since all steels are different. The more information you can give to the forum the better they can help, and they will help, a lot. Good luck
  5. JPH, Yes, Yes, Yes to the tutorial, and anything else you would like to share. Love that Whippit!
  6. Welcome to the forum, nice pens. You will find this is a great forum for learning, So many of these makers here are master craftsman and wont hesitate to help out. Good luck on the college funding.
  7. Very elegant, looks like it could accomplish any EDC job with style. I love the way the spine tappers to the point, and the slight curve of the edge. And the handle is amazing.
  8. I always enjoy seeing your work Gary, and this is no exception. Very nice piece, and homage to a past master.
  9. Beautiful piece love above answer.
  10. Thanks Alan, and Scott.
  11. Craigs list post states Arm and Hammer, in this area I have seen mostly $6 to $7 dollars a pound.
  12. Wanted to know if this is a good Anvil, and buy, Arm & Hammer 217 lbs. $825.00. weight and price are the best I have seen in this area. Thanks in advance.
  13. Great find Austin, what is the size of the film and if more than 35mm where did you find it?
  14. Now that's a view to wake up to every morning! Lucky you.
  15. Florian, "not artistically talented", come now being humble is good but you should be very proud of this. It's beautiful.