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  1. Jim Pierce

    Three axes for the new year

    The eye section is forged down to around 1 1/4 ". Still a lot of work though.
  2. Jim Pierce

    My Lineup of Mosaics for The Arkansas Show

    There are going to be some very lucky people in Arkansas. Such a beautiful collection. thanks for sharing.
  3. Jim Pierce

    Three axes for the new year

    Punched it and then drifted it. I got lucky, but there were a few in the class that didn't and it was a lot of work to fix it. Started one the other day and not getting that lucky this time.
  4. Jim Pierce

    Three axes for the new year

    Thanks, we just used a 2"x 5" x 3/4" and it was hard keeping the eye centered.
  5. Jim Pierce

    Three axes for the new year

    Very nice, I took a Viking ax class in November and really impressed on me how much forge time it takes to make an ax with only hammer and anvil. What size was the starting stock for the Dane?
  6. Jim Pierce

    Next attempt at a mosaic

    That pattern is sweet, great job.
  7. Jim Pierce

    Recently finished Straight Razor

    That razor and scales go together beautifully. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Jim Pierce


    Real nice. Question tough is that a plunge line in the second picture?
  9. Jim Pierce

    Blade tip snapped

    Thanks Sam, will start at 450 for 2hrs. On the next one.
  10. Jim Pierce

    Carving Knife

    Very elegant. Nice work as always.
  11. Jim Pierce

    Arkansas Toothpick/Dagger

    Dead man's hand and you dead nailed it!! Your blades are always inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Jim Pierce

    The Little Bealings Project

    Definitely would not want to be on the angry end of this! Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.
  13. Jim Pierce

    Just about finished with this one

    You might call it a "simple using knife", but whoever has it in their hand will enjoy the job much more for having it.
  14. Jim Pierce

    Little integral random damascus utility kitchen knife

    Sweet, function and beauty, a wonderful combination.
  15. Jim Pierce

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    The craftsmanship and dedication to pull this off is amazing. Thank you for sharing and your explanations.