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  1. Jim Pierce

    Blade tip snapped

    Will do thanks for the response.
  2. Jim Pierce

    Blade tip snapped

    Thanks Alan I will do that on the next one. Is it the same with W2?
  3. Jim Pierce

    Blade tip snapped

    Finally forged a good blade, no fish lips, decent bevels and relatively straight. Normalized three times and then annealed in vermiculite. Ground and then heat treated, and tempered. Finish grind to 220 and no cracks or other issues. I decided to do a destructive test to see how it held up. Steel was 1/4" 1095 from Aldo, heated to around 1500 in the forge, and quenched in Parks 50. Two one hour tempers at 425. Tested Rockwell with a set of hardness testing files and it was between 60 and 65. Three hits on spine with a two pound hammer cut into brass rod without deforming edge, two hits into 1/2" mild steel same result. I was feeling pretty good then I stabbed into a 2x4 and tried to pry out a sliver and tip snapped off about 1/8". Looking at the grain through a jewelers loop it looked very fine. My question is where did I screw up? Tip was thin but not a needle and I thought a bend would happen before it snapped. I also bent the blade in a vice and it went to around 45 before a crack. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Jim Pierce

    My Table @ Central States Show

    Such amazing stuff as always Gary.
  5. Jim Pierce

    Perhaps the busiest knife I have ever made...

    Definitely an attention getter, like when a pretty woman walks into a room. Nice piece as always Wes.
  6. Great looking knife and sheath, the attention to detail, and workmanship is amazing. Thanks for sharing Steve.
  7. Jim Pierce

    Four hunters/outdoor knives

    I have hear of makers not selling anything on the first day of a knife show, and raising prices on the second day and selling everything on their table.
  8. Jim Pierce

    How I Start a New Project

    This is going to be interesting. Always enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for sharing as always.
  9. Jim Pierce

    2×72 grinder; build or buy when on a budget?

    I went with an Oregon Blade Maker about a year ago, it comes with a flat platen for around $500. I also got a small wheel attachment and contact wheel with tool arms. 1 hp motor and vfd drive all told with shipping around $1300. Hope this helps, shopping around for motor and vfd can save you some money. I went with the same as a video from youtube since it showed all the electrical hook up. Electric is magic to me and I don't mess with it.
  10. Jim Pierce

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Very nice Gary, thanks for sharing.
  11. Jim Pierce

    Elven belt knife

    My thoughts exactly!! Like a young Michelle Pfeiffer!!
  12. Jim Pierce

    A Rare Score for the Shop

    Nice score, up where I'm at your lucky if you can find so, so for $4.00 a lb.
  13. Jim Pierce

    "Sovereign" Dagger.

    Everything on this piece is so interesting, from the ridge in the blade to the rose damascus pommel. But I keep coming back to that handle, the cage bars are so cool. I look at this whole knife and start going over "how'd he do that". Great dagger Salem, Thanks for sharing.
  14. Jim Pierce

    Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Very nice Wes, using W2 from Aldo, for the first time right now hoping the Hamon comes out half as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Jim Pierce

    My latest and last work for awhile

    Very nice and good luck on the move. I have around four years till retirement and moving to same area, Tennessee side of mountains.