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  1. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Very nice Wes, using W2 from Aldo, for the first time right now hoping the Hamon comes out half as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.
  2. My latest and last work for awhile

    Very nice and good luck on the move. I have around four years till retirement and moving to same area, Tennessee side of mountains.
  3. "SnarkNado" Fighter.

    I have really enjoyed all the knives I've seen from you Salem but I think I like this one the best. Your design on the handle is awesome. Will we be seeing a sheath?
  4. Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    I'm a definite buyer as well.
  5. Bird and trout

    I watched a video of J. Neilson, after annealing the tang, he fit the guard to the blade, put it on an anvil and hit the guard till it closed the gaps. Took it off and cleaned it up.
  6. FABA hammer in

    Bendy swords and cans of Moonshine looks like a fun place to be, thanks for sharing.
  7. WIP--A Small Gentleman's Dagger

    Gary, enjoying this WIP as always. I like the way you did the guard.
  8. La Hija de la Luna (aka Cholula)

    Beautiful work Peter, your detail on the whole package is amazing.
  9. Completed Integral D-Guard:

    Very nice Gary, and thanks for the WIP on this one, I learned a lot.
  10. Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    Definitely in for one.
  11. Last photos of my first S guard.

    Now that's a robust S guard, you could use it for a grappling hook in a pinch. Nice work, thanks for sharing.
  12. Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    I would spend the extra bucks.
  13. WIP--Southwest Bowie w/ forged D-Guard

    Been there, done that and have a stack of failures to prove it.
  14. WIP--Southwest Bowie w/ forged D-Guard

    I really enjoy these WIP threads it show us new guys how you professionals can change a design without hesitation if it don't seem right. Usually just see the end product and think man I could never do that, not realizing how many changes may have occurred to the original design, Thanks Gary.
  15. Couple of new ones

    I'm the lucky recipient, and the pictures don't do it justice. Thanks Geoff.