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  1. Not first, never photoed and then destroyed, but second.
  2. I don't think it is the quench quality that Matthew and others are talking about, it's the nasty chemicals released from the motor oil and hydraulic oil.
  3. Amazing as always. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Pointy!!! Very nice, if this is your first, I'm going to love see your next ones.
  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  6. This is so inspiring!! I wonder how many of us are going to start looking at our stuff with a more critical eye after seeing this. You attention to detail is amazing. Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing.
  7. Just watched the show, congratulations on the win!! Cutting silk like that after going through two bones, sweet.
  8. That's looking sweet Gary!!!
  9. Definitely interested, would love to own one of these.
  10. Truly leading a blessed life, thank you for sharing.
  11. After admiring all your work since I joined this forum I'm really forward to this, thanks so much for sharing.
  12. Thanks for looking, and comments.
  13. Showing second and third knives I've made. Simple stock removal. Number one was so bad it was just above a prison shank, so I buried it on a moonless night on my neighbors property line. Hopefully will keep his dog from crapping in my yard. Second is a hunter, 1095 with black micarta slabs, 416 stainless pinsCutting edge just over 4". Please be critical. And third is a "Chopper" also 1095. Cutting edge is 7 1/4" and 1/4 at the spine. Same black micarta slabs with corby bolts. Sorry about the photos. Edges have held up well with rope cutting, chopping into a 2x4 and leather. Heat treated hunter with canola oil, chopper with Parks 50.
  14. Give you blade steel get beautiful knife in return, lucky person. Please do show your work, wife wants some pay off for time, money and mess from my shop, and I know nothing Jon Snow.
  15. Now that's a quench tank, makes my .50 caliber ammo can look down right puny!!! Thanks for sharing.