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  1. Thanks for sharing Steve, I have always loved the Gladius and you really nailed it.
  2. Brian, Thanks for sharing, I picked up several great tips from this thread, very nice work.
  3. Peter I have really enjoyed this thread your attention to detail is amazing! If this is the end you need to start something new soon for everyone's enjoyment and inspiration. Your explanations are detailed and easy to understand thank you for taking the time to do all this.
  4. Beautiful knife and sheath Wes. I envy the owner.
  5. Jantz Supply has it for $43.95.
  6. I have found some good New/Old stock Nicholson files on e-bay, kind of expensive but worth every penny.
  7. Very nice!
  8. Geoff, The wife is trying to get me to make her a couple of kitchen knives and thought I'd start with pairing knives. Thanks for sharing,
  9. Could you show a photo with it on the body? Is it cross draw? Nice leather work.
  10. Salem, this is another awesome piece from your shop!! I know I, and I'm sure many others, learn a lot from these photo intensive builds and wips from you and other great craftsman on this site. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Like Jesus I just found this thread, wonderful photography. Your subject matter makes me yurn for retirment and moving out of suburbia! Thank you for sharing.
  12. Simply beautiful. Your attention to detail is amazing, like the relief cut for the ring guard. Very nice and I really respect your contacting David Lisch, very professional of you. Did you also make the sheath? If so also amazing.
  13. The first Homicide I ever worked was with a cub scout knife. Penetrated the upper left breast under an inch. Anyone not respecting a blade of any kind is a fool.
  14. Going to have to try this, thanks for sharing JJ.
  15. I was having a lot of issues earlier this year and got some great advise on this forum. Check out Grinding woes in Beginners place. Best thing I learned was slow down and keep it cool.