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  1. I was having a lot of issues earlier this year and got some great advise on this forum. Check out Grinding woes in Beginners place. Best thing I learned was slow down and keep it cool.
  2. James you looked like you were having a good time, while under all that stress, congratulations you definitely deserved it!!
  3. Amazing work Peter! Your attention to detail is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  4. That was interesting, thanks Geoff.
  5. Thanks Gary.
  6. Another phenomenal piece!! Definitely gives us mortals something to aspire to.
  7. Beautiful, the raised clip point is very nice, and I love the guard. How difficult is making a sheath for the raised clip?
  8. Nice attention to detail on both the knife and the sheath. Good luck on your new career. I once had to give up a passion of mine due to work, mine was the amount of hours I had to put in, and have always regretted the lost time. Keep up the work as best you can, it would be a shame to lose your work and advise on this forum.
  9. Thank you for posting, like Joshua stated the explanation helped a lot.
  10. Beautiful, I love the guard and pommel, thank you for sharing.
  11. Very nice you can almost hear the maker giggle while creating it.
  12. My opinion, but I think this one looks better than the original, and will have a more positive grip. Very nice.
  13. I agree with the commentary, thanks for sharing. Nice knife too.
  14. I'm very new to knife making but i have done gunsmith work for years, cold bluing would look really nice. It's not that durable but when it wears it shows like a well used tool.
  15. Very nice work, Dziekuje bardzo za pokazanie twoje piekne dzielo.