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  1. I just wanted to to give a shout out to Burt Foster for his excellent videos. As I'm sure most know Burt is a Master Bladesmith with the ABS and makes amazing knives. Last month he started to make some videos and put them out for download on his web site burtfoster.com. I have a secondary job where we are encouraged to watch movies, (to keep us awake), so I'm always looking out for videos about forging and knife making. I also like to financially support makers for their sharing of information by purchasing their books and videos and through patreon. I have learned a lot from videos by J. Nei
  2. I really enjoy your youtube videos, you explain things very well, thanks.
  3. My wife would kill me if a made a knife that beautiful for someone else before her.
  4. I hear the music from The Spy who Shagged me playing in the background. Very nice.
  5. Congratulations, and beautiful ring, many, many years from now one of your decedents will be giving this ring to a girl and say "My Great, great......... Grandfather made this for his wife.
  6. Always enjoy your work Gary, thanks for sharing.
  7. When I first saw the pattern I though of a seax.
  8. I've had a dagger fetish since my youth, and this is amazing, thank you so much for sharing.
  9. I was doing a viking ax last week and let the beard get away from me, I wish it looked this good.
  10. WOW, this is going to be amazing!
  11. I have one and it has worked out well for me. I only have a 1hp motor for mine and an inferior VFD and still am happy with it.
  12. Thank you for showing us mortals that through hard work and perseverance we can all get better.
  13. I'm really liking the look of that dagger, nice job Josh. Thanks for sharing.
  14. The eye section is forged down to around 1 1/4 ". Still a lot of work though.
  15. There are going to be some very lucky people in Arkansas. Such a beautiful collection. thanks for sharing.
  16. Punched it and then drifted it. I got lucky, but there were a few in the class that didn't and it was a lot of work to fix it. Started one the other day and not getting that lucky this time.
  17. Thanks, we just used a 2"x 5" x 3/4" and it was hard keeping the eye centered.
  18. Very nice, I took a Viking ax class in November and really impressed on me how much forge time it takes to make an ax with only hammer and anvil. What size was the starting stock for the Dane?
  19. That razor and scales go together beautifully. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Real nice. Question tough is that a plunge line in the second picture?
  21. Thanks Sam, will start at 450 for 2hrs. On the next one.
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