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  1. Does anybody know where I can get a fullering tool? I know about the trick about grinding a fuller, but I would preferr the anvil based tool for the job. I've loooked on Amazon a few other places, but so far nothing.
  2. mainly because an angle grinder is as 'impersonal' to use an unfortunate choice of words (I can't think of any other words at the moment,) I believe that a sword or knife should be felt as it is made. I prefer the finer control that I can get with hand tools, whereas a cnc router just cuts the pattern out. The maker is seperated with the item. That and I've only ever used cnc once, and I was not overly pleased with the results...
  3. if the method I use for making the knife has any impact on the discussion, the kind of knives we were arguing about were stock removal technique, (I'm fairly certain that I don't need to explain what that means,) Vs. one forged from a piece of rebar for example. THe stock removal that I do is always done with an angle grinder, (except for one instance where I used a torch,) but I would never use cnc routing to make a knife or sword.
  4. After a recent discussion with some friends of mine, I decided to pitch the topic out here for some level headed thought. Are knives made with any power tools, (I.E. an angle grinder, belt sander, ect.) hand made or no? I was arguing that they were, but said conpatriots were decidedly against this.
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