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  1. An integral handled hatchet would be cool. My brother wants me to make one for him.
  2. What about a camp axe/hatchet? If anyone doesn't have the ability to punch an eye I might be able to help them a bit with the power hammer?
  3. There was an old-timer around here that filled a gasoline tank with water and tried welding it and he is no longer with us. Not sure if propane would have the same effect. I always just take the valve off and start cutting. I've probably cut a dozen or so tanks and never had an issue.
  4. Since this thread is already started I'm going to use it for a public apology to @JohnK for not getting his knife out to him yet. Im sorry and I feel terrible. I'm going to send him a couple extra things that I've made with the knife. One is going to be a hammer and I'm thinking of something else I can make and send also. Any ideas?
  5. I'm really excited to put this to use. I didnt know the tapping head was worth that much. Everything seem to be free except for the vertical adjustment. I'm going to lightly sand and oil the vertical "tube" (?) Pour the penetrating oil to the gears and everything and see if it will free up. I was looking at the Gibs and it looks like there is plenty of adjustment to tighten everything up. I need to get a milling vise for it too. I have an pneumatic vise that might be good for certain tasks but it doesn't have "square" jaws.
  6. I have my work cut out for me!!! This is the vertical adjustment. I dont think this has been used much at all. I think it has spent its whole life in this position. the front to back adjustment (Y axis?)has some play in it. I think it can be fixed though. this is the tap attachment which is the reason it was listed as a tap machine and I think it was strictly used for tapping.
  7. So I got this home and looking it all over it will need some TLC. I'm really glad I didnt have to pay the $430 though. I mean I think it would have been worth it but I like the price I got it for.
  8. Now that I have used a flat and a fan shaped hot cut I have to agree 100% with you Alan a straight blade is easier to keep your workpiece in place from blow to blow.
  9. Here you can get a 220 lb version of this anvil. https://www.tooltopia.com/woodward-fab-a220.aspx
  10. I was bidding on one like it but bigger and I just didnt have the room for it so I let it go. Good score for sure!!!!
  11. Is there a difference between coke and metallurgical coke? If not than I guess this was the rookie question of the year!
  12. I thought about calling the power company and asking myself. I have 3 phase power lines 400 yards from my house so it wouldn't be too far to run. My wife put that idea down so I'm building a 30 hp rotary phase converter.
  13. Your in the perfect location to get 3 phase equipment at really decent prices at the auction I'm always buying stuff from. I got my surface grinder for $100. But that was an auction out of holland that they were holding for a business that shut down. But still there is 3 phase equipment on that auction all the time!
  14. So it was too good to be true. The quote she gave me was for a 40 kg hammer m. The 75 kg is $4500! Still reasonable but a little out of my price range if I'm going to do it in the timeframe in shooting for. I have my eyes on another style hammer all together. Actually its identical to John Rigioni's hammer on 35 kg/77 lb where John's is a 50 kg/110 lb.
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