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  1. These are the Types of Wood: Guayacan, Guayaibi, Quebracho Blanco
  2. I think that is all hardwood from Australia and Brazil it is really really good stuff!!! I looked up the wood types but I cant remember now. It says it on the back of the bag...I think.
  3. I looked it up and Namibia uses 50Hz motors so if his adjustment on the VFD is in Hz then 100 would be twice the speed.
  4. I have my VFD on my hammer set to ramp up the speed very quickly. It is at full speed in less than 2 seconds. I can see it working for controlling the speed of the hammer. The only problem I see is when I'm running the hammer all in one operation I find myself starting slow and rapidly increasing the force of the blow. That's something a VFD cant do. You basically set your speed and that's what you have until you adjust the speed on the VFD. I wouldn't want to be trying to adjust the speed while trying to hammer something home! I think if you are just drawing out stock it would be okay but if you were using top tooling I believe it would hinder the performance.
  5. I would buy it from you for me to weld in a steel bit!
  6. It appears that way. I'm guessing with the upsetting block it would have been around the 700# mark.
  7. Here is another anvil with the upsetting block broken off.
  8. The 674 lb anvil I kept I believe had an upsetting block at one point. I originally thought this was filler rod or something from when everything was forge welded. I've seen Joey Vandersteeg do that on a small anchor and some of the mini anvils he made but it was brought to my attention that it was probably the upsetting block that broke off.
  9. I got bored. This is the first thing I've forged in well over a year. This stump anvil is one of the last things I forged before my little break. I might get it out of the stump and forge weld a high carbon face on it and it might become my KITH project for this year.
  10. Being its goimg primitive would you still be Interested in me bringing the power hammer down?
  11. If all goes as planned I will be there with the power hammer. Hopefully @ChrisBriggswill be able to attend with me too!
  12. Thank you. Yeah I do all my own processing all the way down to making jerky.
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