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  1. Awesome. I will talk with my neighbor and have it set up to load when the time arrives!
  2. @Alan Longmire would it be worth it for me to bring the hammer down there? Would there be somewhere we can set it up? I have it on a vfd with about 50+ feet of wire already on it ready to go we just need 220 power.
  3. I should have mentioned that my hammer sits directly on my 4" thick concrete floor and after a couple years I have seen no issues.
  4. I would definitely be interested. Maybe I could load up the hammer on the trailer and bring it down for the weekend I have a neighbor that owes me a favor for doing a welding job and I'm sure I can get him to load it for me with his skidsteer. If you do a smelt I have hundreds of pounds of iron sand.
  5. My 88 lb self contained hammer has a footprint of 2 foot X 4 foot 3 inches.
  6. Black bear forge and Joey Vandersteeg talk about what cameras they use. Joey Vandersteeg uses all kinds of filters on his camera and he has some incredible footage of forge welding wrought iron.
  7. Thank you Alan once again. I agree with Emiliano the wealth of knowledge contained within thee is incredible!!!
  8. This is my plan to "re-cut" the dovetail. This is a 9 inch grinder with a 6 inch cut off wheel. I will have to order 9 inch cut off wheels for it.
  9. @Alan Longmirehow thick of a face plate would have been on an anvil like this? And approximately an age range maybe? The weld line for the face plate is nonexistent. Emiliano Carrillo bought it and I was just trying to gather a little info about it for him.
  10. Here is the newest builds. The longer barreled upper is a .300 blackout whith a 9 inch barrel. The shorter one is a 5.56/.223 7.5 inch barrel. The both use the same bolt carrier group and lower. So all I have to do is pop out 2 pins change out the BCG and charging handle and put the other upper back on the lower and push the 2 pins back in. All can be done in under a minute. This is the 5.56 right at dusk.
  11. So the rails arrived in good condition and they are much heavier duty than I anticipated!!! I haven't been able to take a really close look but so far so good!!!
  12. I have not bought from them. I will keep you informed on how everything arrives.
  13. The dovetail on the big 674 lber is mucked up pretty good. I am going to build a jig to mount my angle grinder to and cut a new dovetail. I ordered these to build the jig.
  14. It seems like everything is there. Definitely needs new toggle arms and I'm sure it will need new babbits poured. The good thing is there is still good customer service for these machines and I'm sure most the parts are available. If it were me I would pull the trigger.
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