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  1. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    That's nice! Those idiot's ruin everything for us lawful people. Maybe my brothers girlfriends ex-husband can help me out...I hear he is running a meth lab.
  2. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    Well that sucks. Where might I find it? Edit: I found it on Amazon but it is quite expensive.
  3. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    In the meantime I started working on another blade that I forged a while ago and never finished. I figure while I cant do a whole lot of hot work right now I might as well be doing something.
  4. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    So it's been almost 12 hrs since I put this in the box and I'm still not happy with the results. I'm assuming a big part of the problem is that it is really cold in the garage and that is delaying the process. Now that everyone is out of the house for the day I might bring it inside and see if it speeds up the process.
  5. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    Dollar general brand ammonia. Here is the handle before I put it in the box and suspended it off of the top of a coffee can so the handle wasnt sitting on anything. And put a cup of ammonia in the box and closed it up.
  6. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    Every time I'm in the store I keep forgetting to ge the ammonia. But I am second guessing my decision. What will the ammonia do to the antler?
  7. Jeremy Blohm

    2-knife challenge video

    Prevents cold shuts from forming on your work piece. A new anvil comes with sharp edges so you can dress them how you want.
  8. Jeremy Blohm


    Thank you I will steer clear of it. The heat treat pushes me away from it. I still have a bar of D2 I haven't used because of all the same issues.
  9. Jeremy Blohm


    Chris just has access to drop/scraps so there is little to no cost in the material so we figured we could play around with it. I assume working it will be like hammering on D2.
  10. Jeremy Blohm

    Bog Rata Hunter

    That is really cool.
  11. Jeremy Blohm

    Completed Bowie for Arkansas Show

    That's amazing!!!
  12. Jeremy Blohm


    Here is a link to the website for the pdf for this steel. Heat treating is really complicated. I would probably send any blades out for heat treating. http://www.crucible.com/Products.aspx?c=DoList
  13. Jeremy Blohm


    So Chris Briggs and I have access to some of this super steel S30V. Has anyone forged this?
  14. Jeremy Blohm

    “New” anvil

    It was a huge difference using this over the peter Wright I couldn't believe it when I went from the Peter Wright to this It was like night and day all the mass under the face is awesome. It does ring like a bell though.
  15. Jeremy Blohm

    My hydraulic press plans

    I'm not sure if they do or not. When we tried running this one the hydraulic fluid just poured out onto the ground. I'm going to buy another one to see what it is capable of.