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  1. Jeremy Blohm

    Looking at my list of tools

    Some Hardie tools such as a cut off and a fuller for forging in bevels. A spring fuller for doing fullers when you get to that point. A Hardie cut off can save a lot of consumables for the grinder and chop saw and can help with a dozen other things.
  2. Jeremy Blohm

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    Still doesnt beat the one in tbis picture though.
  3. Jeremy Blohm

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    I will get pictures of my 20lb hammer head tomorrow. Its massive. In all honesty i havent weighed it yet but it has a 20 on the side. It might be more.
  4. The eBay anvil is the same as the princess auto anvil so it is steel and mine has 90% rebound
  5. That would be a good idea. Also look around at auctions and news papers and such and look for a Lincoln AC 225. It is a stick welder but they are excellent units. I have seen them go for as cheap as $35. And a good anvil would be a great investment. Not trying to get off subject but Check out these places for new anvils. http://www.centaurforge.com/mobile/Anvils/departments/141/ And there is princess auto. All there prices are in Canadian dollars and i belive shipping is also. They are made in china but i am happy with it for the price. https://www.princessauto.com/en/search?Dy=1&Nty=1&Ntt=Anvil After shipping and exchange rate the 110lb anvil from princess auto ends up being $375 and the 112 lb NC Calvary with shipping is $450 and from what i heard they are ductile iron and not steel. The princess auto anvil is steel.
  6. Jeremy Blohm

    Small bowie/seaxy/thingy

    This is looking really good! Please share im interested in knowing how!
  7. Jeremy Blohm

    Princess Auto 110lb anvil review

    Thanks! It seems like a straight edge one would be better for flat stock andba fan-shaped one would be good for round and square. Im going to make a straight edge one also to have a side by side comparison. The only one i have used is a straight edge one that i made from an old splitting wedge with a shank welded to it so i cant say which one i like more.
  8. Jeremy Blohm

    Need some advice

    This is the way im going with. When i do mine im going to have a treated wood barrier isolating it from the rest of the floor.
  9. ^^^^^^^^this is good advice^^^^^^^^^ There is nothing wrong with the steel you bought. It can be forged to shape with minimal effort. It will help learn some more important hammer techniques than just heating and beating. There is a lot of people that start off with scrap steel (me included) and that is about what they end up with in the end. You are on the right track. Keep asking questions and take it one step at a time. I tried rushing into this thinking I needed to conquer everything right off the get go and it actually set me back bit in the end.
  10. Jeremy Blohm

    New anvils

    Tryy this one. https://grandrapids.craigslist.org/tls/d/anvil-new-h13-tool-steel-made/6563955666.html
  11. Jeremy Blohm

    New anvils

    @Here is the first 450 lb double horn that holland alloys has cast. And they have a 190 lb and 85 lb single horn also. Here is the 190 lb. And the 85 lb
  12. Jeremy Blohm

    Restoring a Mousehole Forge Anvil

    Probably used it for a horse anchor.
  13. Jeremy Blohm

    Prayers for my dad

    My dad finaly made it home today. Thank you all for the support!!!