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  1. Cabinet is stripped and the VFD fits and the door can close. Now just the wiring and a few hydraulic hoses and I have a working press.
  2. Time to see what kind of electrician I am!!!!
  3. Clay Spencer talks about this 20 minutes into this video. Seems oil is the trick.
  4. I moved the old homemade hammer out and the new hammer in its place. I started drilling the anchor bolt holes until my hammer drill died.
  5. I hope you make some amazing blades on it. I will get that other package in the mail hopefully tomorrow morning.
  6. Is anyone planning on attending quad state this year?
  7. This happened to my 2018 KITH blade. I suspect it was the wrought iron leeching carbon from the high carbon steel which i believe is where Joshua is going with his question.
  8. Do you still make your "surprise Damascus hunters" with random ends and bits of Damascus billets you have laying around?
  9. I would supply the kaowool for the underpants. do we line the outsides with castable refractory to hold the fibers in? On a serious note though the first forge I made with the hard brick should have been soft brick but the burner works extremely well especially when combined with a good chamber.
  10. I dont know how this totally slipped passed me. This is an awesome thread that definitely deserved to get pinned. Thank you Joshua!
  11. This is the worst news I've heard in a long time!!!
  12. Somewhere between 4 and 5 lbs. I need to get a scale that will weigh more than a few ounces and more accurately than a bathroom scale.
  13. It's legal in my house!!!
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