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  1. Jeremy Blohm

    Power hammer build questions

    My 85 lb will run on a 3/4 hp hooked to 220 but I have went through 1 motor and working on the second. I might pull this motor apart and put better bearing in it just to save it some life. Changing bearings in a motor is actually really simple.
  2. Jeremy Blohm

    File Size Humor

    I have a 16 inch pipe liners file and it really removed some steel when it was new but it's getting chipped up so it needs to be replaced and repurposed into a blade.
  3. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    Thank you Clifford!!!!
  4. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    Thank you Alan I appreciate it. This place is truly an awesome place and I feel more comfortable here than on Facebook or any other online social media thing.
  5. Jeremy Blohm

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Another canister weld was successful. My friend put this all together and I let him use my equipment to weld it up. I have know idea what all is in this thing but it looks like there is some stainless nuts or something like that.
  6. Jeremy Blohm

    What did you do in your shop today?

    That's awesome. I've been wanting to make one of these myself.
  7. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    Thank you Eric.....I do accept you condolences. She was diagnosed with brain cancer on April 4th. They told us we would have 3-6 months with her but they were so wrong!!!
  8. Jeremy Blohm

    Trying to decide on a standardized process

    Didnt @Joshua States use whiteout as anti scale? I can't remember where I seen the thread. I will dig around for it. Well that was easy lol
  9. Jeremy Blohm

    Meteorite Damascus

    What's the ink for?
  10. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    I was going to try this out this week but my mother passed away on Tuesday and I've been really busy with everything. Plus I used up all my charcoal forging so I have to start making charcoal over again.
  11. Jeremy Blohm

    What did you do in your shop today?

    This blade is 5 layers. Outer layers are Henry rifle barrels. Inner 2 layers are 15n20 and O1 for the core. This blade is canister Damascus. 1084 powder ball and roller bearings and pieces of 15n20 and small file pieces.
  12. Jeremy Blohm

    Way outside my comfort zone

    Definitely something different but I definitely like it!!!
  13. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    Here is what charcoal I have now and another batch cooking. I burned some in the gill and a little in the forge so I need to make up for it or I wont have enough for my run. Its truly amazing how much charcoal you can burn through in an hour of messing around and grilling some burgers. I have a friend who wants me to do a run for his garden. I didnt know charcoal was good for the soil.
  14. Jeremy Blohm

    Shop floor grinding dust?

    Well my youngest boy was home sick from school today so I didnt get a chance to do a run today. I have a dentist appointment in the morning and if I feel up to it I will do a run tomorrow. I'm going to build the stack tonight. I'm going to build a temporary one until I figure out where I want it permanently. I have about 40-50 lbs of charcoal about 25 lbs of grinding dust. I have a bunch of nails and some wrought pieces im thinking about throwing in the mix.
  15. Jeremy Blohm

    My cutlers anvil

    I'm going to give the hot fit a try. This one needs a little more work with a file before heat treating it. It was a lot of work going back and forth from the grinder to the vise with a file. I think I could have done it hot in half the time.