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  1. Jeremy Blohm

    Arctic Fire 2016 Videos

    Well i wish i would have stopped into this part of the forum earlier i could have been watching these all day. Looks like its going to be a late night. Thanks for sharing Dave!!!
  2. Jeremy Blohm

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Haha....glenn stepped in and closed the thread. Im boycotting that forum!!!
  3. Jeremy Blohm

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Those people just cant give it up can they?
  4. Jeremy Blohm

    Seriously cool power hammer design

  5. Jeremy Blohm

    Time to build a power hammer WIP

    With the weight of your tup you could get away with having static dies. Smaller hammers it is nice to have interchangeable dies so you can make really aggressive drawing dies to move stock faster
  6. Jeremy Blohm

    Designing a new project

    Very nice!!!
  7. Jeremy Blohm

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    Very creative. Thanks for sharing! Metallica has always been one of my favorites!
  8. Jeremy Blohm

    Time to build a power hammer WIP

    I could see some advantages of using designs like this when you have an air cylinder with a relatively short stroke.
  9. Jeremy Blohm

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eitr Eitr is a mythical substance in Norse mythology. This liquid substance is the origin of all living things: the first giant Ymir was conceived from eitr. The substance is supposed to be very poisonous and is also produced by Jörmungandr (the Midgard serpent) and other serpents. Wikipedia
  10. Jeremy Blohm

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    3 bars of wrought iron (possibly shear steel) And 3 more bars of different wrought ironand the one big bar is 1060 and the smaller one on top of it is some 1095 i might incorporate into the blade somehow.
  11. Jeremy Blohm

    Improvised gas forge build

    I was really happy with how a normal hair dryer worked and its necked down to about the right size.
  12. Jeremy Blohm

    Is this wrought iron?

    So working with this material and working the wrought i have this is a lot harder to move.its like working d2 vs w2. The wrought i have been using is like working butter but this stuff is really hard.
  13. Jeremy Blohm

    Trying to work out what to do next.

    No his shell is a freon bottle commonly found at automotive mechanics shops or heating and cooling service centers. Freon is the liquid that makes your AC unit in your car cold.
  14. Jeremy Blohm

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    I got started on this project today and came up with a little story line to it but i dont have much of an imagination but i wanted to include norway somehow because it is a big part of my lineage. So i did some research on Norwegian kings and included King Eric Bloodaxe. I have the wrought iron drawn down and have been working on the steel for the cutting edge. This will be a multi bar construction of twisted wrought-mascus for the spine and 1060 for the cutting edge. I might use something a little higher in carbon but i want something really tough for the cutting edge. I will get some pictures of everything soon.
  15. Jeremy Blohm

    Eitr seax of King Eric Bloodaxe.

    The seax of the viking king Eric Haraldsson (Eric Bloodaxe). The seax wes forged of the best bloomery iron and the steel for the cutting edge is extremely tough. King Eric Bloodaxe collected the eitr from Jörmungandr himself. The blade was quenched in the eitr and it is embedded in the steel. The slightest nick from this blade is lethal.