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  1. Is this cast iron

    I will email them and see what they say. It is a thousand miles away from me so the ball bearing test is out. I am trying to find a couple other anvils to grab up while i go and pick up the anvil im getting.
  2. Is this cast iron

    I have been doing a lot of searching for anvils and i came across this. I guess it is 288 lbs for $140 seems too good to be true. I guess it was found in an old basement.
  3. Show Your Anvil

    Lets bring this thread back to life. I will start. This is a Vulcan no. 10 made in 1969 I was given this anvil by a good friend who is in a wheelchair now. His dad won It at auction in the 70s and sat on his shop floor unused until I got it a few years ago.
  4. Check this anvil out!!!

    If it was a little closer to spanish fort alabama i would have my nephew get it for me and bring it up when he comes up for the summer
  5. Cutlers anvil

  6. Check this anvil out!!!

  7. Anvil on Craigslist

    This link was posted in another topic by Owen Bush and would be the best way to repair this anvil. http://www.anvilmag.com/smith/anvilres.htm
  8. Anvil on Craigslist

    I have bought worse for more so its not a bad deal. If done right it can be repaired and be a nice tool.
  9. Cutlers anvil

    Looking here on anvil fire in the steve prilwitz collection there is a couple of slotted cutlers anvils and thinking about the slot could the slot be used for fixing a twist in a blade kind of like the tool bill moran showed in the documentary about him on YouTube here.
  10. Cutlers anvil

    I have basically made a deal with the guy so here is what im getting. It is a late 1700 early 1800's, 200lb english wrought with 4 or 5 layers of shear steel for the face. It might not have started life as a "cutlers" anvil but thats what im going to call it. What info i have on it came from Aan Longmire, the guy im buying it from knows next to nothing about it. Thank you once again Alan
  11. Cutlers anvil

    Although all of these are very different they all share one thing in common....The mass under the face.
  12. Cutlers anvil

  13. Improvised gas forge build

    Thus would be a good idea. And remove the burner when you are done forging. We have had one member melt his hose from the chimney effect. If there is gas and air flowing through the tube it is ok but once that stops heat travels from the forge up through the burner.
  14. Cutlers anvil

  15. Cutlers anvil