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  1. Two more tongs to help with axe making. The left ones are to hold the drift and the right ones are to manipulate the billet under the power hammer.
  2. First time ever casting anything. Ruined 2 crucibles and It all looks like crap but it was a lot of fun.
  3. I have a hard time seeing and an even harder time believing. This is probably why my scrap bin is so full. I have a hard time seeing the potential and an even harder time believing it.
  4. Thank you. I'm going to trim the long jaw and the reigns to make them even.
  5. Forged these axe eye tongs this morning. I always seem to make my tongs too heavy.
  6. Forged another axe. I know I need to start finishing them but it's so much fun making them. This one was a fun one until the weld popped open in the quench.
  7. Collared axe forged from big brush hog blade for the body and railway rail for the bit and poll.
  8. Just out of curiosity....how does the burner work? Is it a forced air setup?
  9. Boric acid really eats away the steel when used as a flux.
  10. This is where the first axe is at. I have some grinding and some more forging to do. As of now it weighs 44 ounces
  11. Forged another axe this morning. Forged out of ⅜x2x3 inch angle iron with a railroad track bit welded in. Weight is 18.5 ounces. I think the weld popped at the eye though.
  12. The press that I'm in the process of getting going is a monster. I'm honestly not sure what pump it has on it. The GPM is the gallons per minute. You want something higher than the 2.3 GPM these pumps are producing. I would look for something in the 10-15 GPM range. 2 stage pumps are ok but I have seen some 2 stage pumps have a pause before the second stage kicks in. An example of this can be seen on charming hollow forge you tube channel. He converted a log splitter into a press and there is a very noticeable pause between stages. If I was to build a press I would pay the extra money for a hi
  13. All the ones I looked up seem to have really low GPM which would result in a slow press. When building a press you want speed.
  14. here it's in the forge with the bit in place. and its welded!!!
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