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  1. Jeremy Blohm

    Ferric Chloride How To's

  2. Jeremy Blohm

    Ferric Chloride How To's

    It can be neutralized with windex or baking soda.
  3. Jeremy Blohm

    My hydraulic press plans

    Hopefully he can get it welded up and it works good. I still cant believe the hydraulic lines run through the motor mount. And why would the have it set up so the wheels are on the motor that has a really weak motor mount and the hydraulic lines run through it?
  4. Jeremy Blohm

    Stabilizing vacuum chamber

    This is awesome. Well done and thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Jeremy Blohm

    Forge Welding Second Attempt

    Looks like you got it to stick. Take it to the band saw and cut the end off and etch it in something. I use sulfuric acid. You can use ferric chloride and muriatic acid. Ferric chloride is probably the safest to use. Sulfuric acid is probably the easiest to find.
  6. Jeremy Blohm

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    Shipping on the coal to the store should be free.
  7. Jeremy Blohm

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    $30 a bag is highway robbery!!! When I was using coal I was getting it for less than $10 a bag!
  8. Jeremy Blohm

    Cutlers anvil

    I'm truly jealous!!!!
  9. Jeremy Blohm

    Time to say good bye to the Break Drum Forge

    Have you checked with your local farrier supply store? They would know where to get it.
  10. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    I can only imagine. My question is how old was the carpet when this happened? Hopefully it was something you were hoping to replace soon. Well here is the blade after the antiquing and some boiled linseed oil.
  11. Jeremy Blohm

    ...And so it begins!

    Great minds think alike!
  12. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    Ok after sanding all day this is where I'm at with it. I still have a lot of work to do! I asked the wife to ground me from the Sanders also...she said no way!!!! Note: I said sanders this doesn't include my belt "grinder"
  13. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    ***HACKED BY THE WIFE!!!*** He's grounded from all chemicals! Lol -Sam
  14. Jeremy Blohm

    Hunting knife

    So my wife is at work and I messaged these pictures to her and she immediately called me freaking out!!! I told her I can fix it and we hung up the phone. (Ok maybe there was a little more to it but any way) afterward she sent me this picture.