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  1. I cant wait to put my hands on this thing. I just wanna tap it with a hammer and listen to it sing!!
  2. I bought these anvils from Emerald Koch of Blacksmithparadise.com . The big german double horn is mine and the german hornless church window is a gift for a friend of mine that has done a lot for me. They are coming from Austria to be shipped to Chicago Illinois. 426 lbs 280 lbs I will try to get more pictures but it's kinda a pain to get the pictures to download properly.
  3. I made the purchase of a lifetime!!! For a total of $7420.40 USD I bought the 40 kg/88 lb self contained power hammer this does not include duty fees/taxes at the border. I was going to start this thread when I go to pick it up but I'm too excited to hold off! So far if my wifes enhanced license comes in by June 28th were going to get it that weekend. The machine on the left is the one I'm getting. It stands 70 inches tall and weighs 2280 pounds.
  4. Had a little mishap in the forge today.I wonder why the grain is smaller where the weld is? And why is the grain so big on a bar that was never forged?!?!
  5. How do you remove the can? Do you use whiteout? I have only done 2 canister welds and both times I just welded the can to it and ground it off using a 9 inch grinder.
  6. I'm glad I kept everything separate.
  7. Would torch slag and forging scale work for doing this as well?
  8. This is going to be intense! I cant wait to see more.
  9. I was going to do the same thing with a steel tube and steel pulley for this sleeve. until I had the idea for a sleeve. This pulley has a leather like layer on it and it basically ruined the ability to feather it for light blows. So I dug around today and found a steel pulley that will work. I will still need to use the sleeve but it will work.
  10. This is awesome. I couldn't imagine being around a mass of iron/steel that big and that hot with only what there wearing!
  11. Canister Damascus bowie. 1084 powder, ball and roller bearings, file pieces and 15n20 scraps.
  12. First look at the pattern on this big canoe canister Damascus camp chopper/machete!
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