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  1. My wife and my daughter told me to forge the finger groove out. It had sharp corners anyway and I should have taken care of it before heat treating. It w im lm be finished by 10 am tomorrow. I hope this doesn't disqualify me. I should be able to ship by tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday.
  2. I'm not sure what to do. I know I need to get it finished though. Today is the deadline. I think I will forge it down. I'm going to ask my wife's opinion.
  3. In still not sold on the finger groove. Should I forge it down and just make a normal blacksmith knife?
  4. Nipped off the end of the tang and forged it down a bit with the power hammer. I also flattened my heat treat pipe a bit to make it oval.
  5. I should have told her I was going to get the wood stove really hot the night before Christmas so he can't come down the chimney
  6. I told my kids yesterday that if they kept up the attitudes all there going to get is coal fir Christmas and my 9 year old daughter said "you would like that wouldn't you.....you just wanna burn it in your forge!" I told her your damn right and I'm going to call Santa and make sure he doesn't bring me anthricite! She looked at me with a dead straight face and said "I hope he does!" With that little head shake thing girls do these days. And just looked away and started watching TV
  7. Non magnetic starts at 1420°f /771°c Here is a color chart to help distinguish temperatures.
  8. The more I look at it ..the proportions are way off. I HAVE to do something about the size of this handle.
  9. The handle ended up bigger than anticipated. These knives are a little more difficult to get right than they look. This is the blade as forged. I tried to get it as close to the finished shape as I could.
  10. Thermal cycling with charcoal in a pipe. And a bar in the forge to preheat the oil.
  11. Some finish forging and prepping for heat treating.
  12. So I'm going to finish this up and I was wondering what everyone though if a pineapple twist in the handle? I don't want any hot spots in the hand while using it! Are you sure that's the reason or do you want the knife that made Scarface!?!?!
  13. I watched a video last night of a guy welding up a barrel. That's a cool process. I also watched another video of a guy making a Damascus barrel and he had a set up to actually set the weld while the billet was still in the gas forge.
  14. I'm debating on if the finger swell(?) Was a good idea and if I leave it the retention strap might not work as its supposed to. Its kinda difficult making a blade to fit a sheath. I need to get leather working tools and start making my own sheaths.
  15. LPG is the same exact thing as propane. It is commonly referred to as propane here but it is technically called LPG.
  16. Oh I will finish this one. I almost just took it and smashed it to hell under the hammer after it hit me until I felt the blood start to run down my face. That's when I shut the hammer down and headed to the ER.
  17. I bought a 3 pack of safety glasses!!! No worries...I've been laughing about it the whole time! Even though it should t be a laughing matter.
  18. Yes it was the power hammer and no I wasn't wearing safety glasses. I'm walking into Walmart right now and that is on the list of crap to get
  19. I hope they let me out of here soon......I have more work to do!!!!!
  20. That it does..... I'm thinking to myself I need box jaw tongs and i see Niels Provos just uploaded a video of making some!!!!! 7 stitches later
  21. Some rail road track forged out for another project and figured I would use some for this. Took some sacrificial samples Heat treated one in water and one in oil this is a picture of the pieces after quenching and breaking. then the forging commences and now I'm sitting here in the emergency room awaiting stitches.
  22. Ready to be stacked into a billet. Lunch time though. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich sounds really good!!!!
  23. My brother wants a hatchet so part of this rail track will probably go to that project also.
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