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  1. Pivoting jaw of a post vise I found at an antique barn/store. Preliminary etch. I cut the octagonal section out and punched the eye. Welded on a thick file for the steel face. Thermal cycling After quench and temper. Now I have to get back to what I'm "supposed" to be doing.
  2. It's in the shop now. But I'm only going to be able to work on it at night until I get my excavation done.
  3. I rented a mini excavator for a week to excavate the back of my house to fix my foundation. The people we bought the house from just built a 2x6 wall to support the house I'm going to fix it right. So the first project with the excavator is getting the power hammer off of the trailer. Then I might rent a skid steer with forks to get the homemade hammer out and new hammer in.
  4. Ok so some clarification. The customs broker paid duties on my behalf so I was able to pass through without any issues. This was something I was unaware of. I guess I should have asked more questions so I knew exactly what I was doing. I kind of just winged it. Now i know what to do for the next ones.
  5. We made it home safely. But at the border I was supposed to pay duties for my purchase in Canada but when I got to the border I handed the guy my paperwork and he asked if it was a purchase for my business or for resale and I told him no it was for my hobby. He looked at me and said as far as im concerned if it's not for resale your free to go. So I did. About a mile into Detroit we heard gunshots. The kids didnt even look around. I guess there just so used to it it didnt phase them but me and my wife knew it wasnt good. But back to the duties. What should I do. I have a manifest and everything. They know I was supposed to cross. I paid a company to do everything for me. I emailed the company that did the paperwork I'm just waiting to hear back. I dont want to get hit with fees later on.
  6. I like that idea. Holland anvils also have one with bowls and spoon impressions. It's a little lighter (50 lbs I think) and lighter on the pocket book. Maybe I will consider it later when the wife isnt mad at me for this purchase anymore.
  7. For size reference here it is next to my 200 lb anvil.
  8. This is why I always grind barehanded. But that said everything is looking good!!!
  9. Also the big sway on one side will be nice for straightening long objects like swords!
  10. I'm excited to put it to use. I'm finding axe making a lot of fun and hammer making is something I'm really wanting to do more of. I wanted it a bit bigger and actually considered buying one from blacksmithparadice.com when I bought my anvil. He has a few really big ones and a couple of ones in an L shape so there is o need to flip it up on end to use the edges. The one downside is it only has the impressions on one side.
  11. Now I need to build a stand for it. But it's going to have to wait till next week when I get back home.
  12. This is the weekend I pick up my hammer. I have booked a hotel in London Ontario. The hotel is an old armory converted into a hotel. Hopefully there is some iron work left inside to check out.
  13. The more I'm getting into axe and hammer making I'm getting sick and tired of using my post vise for driving drifts. I know I could have made something with the steel I have on hand but I wanted this anyway. It is ductile iron but I figure its gotta be better than grey iron.
  14. This makes me think about how to turn the alarm off on some Volkswagen cars. You have to pop the trunk open the drivers door and turn the key to the on position.
  15. So I won this belt grinder in an auction for $43. It is 3 phase but ironically it has the same belt tensioner as this one. This is only the 2nd one I've seen like it.
  16. What BTU. I just installed the biggest window air conditioner I could get for my house and it is 24,000 BTU. I had to put it on it's own 20 amp breaker to run 220 to it. I'm considering putting one in my shop.
  17. Frosty on iforgeiron.com built a natural aspirated ribbon burner.
  18. Back from a little vacation with the family in Chicago. Went to the Chicago museum of science and industry. Wow what a place. The Tesla coil was my favorite then the U-505 submarine was awesome too but to see that many volts go off and light up a light bulb via wireless transmission was crazy. I just finished up this little hatchet this morning. Mild steel with a spring steel bit. Folded to form the eye. 12 inch hickory handle. Weighs in at about 1lb. Tuned out nice but there is a few things I'm going to do differently on the next one.
  19. A local old timer here filled a gas tank with water thinking it was the safest way to weld it. Well he isnt with us anymore. What happened was a layer of gasoline formed around all the water and when it ignited the water created a "pressure" tank and it exploded. I just thought I would throw that out there. I might actually put this in the "things you dont know that can kill you" thread.
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