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  1. I would definitely be interested. Maybe I could load up the hammer on the trailer and bring it down for the weekend I have a neighbor that owes me a favor for doing a welding job and I'm sure I can get him to load it for me with his skidsteer. If you do a smelt I have hundreds of pounds of iron sand.


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  2. Here is the newest builds. The longer barreled upper is a .300 blackout whith a 9 inch barrel. The shorter one is a 5.56/.223 7.5 inch barrel. The both use the same bolt carrier group and lower. So all I have to do is pop out 2 pins change out the BCG and charging handle and put the other upper back on the lower and push the 2 pins back in. All can be done in under a minute.


    This is the 5.56 right at dusk. 


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  3. I got my anvils today. What a major pain in the butt this was. Somehow they got stuck in Chicago and they couldn't find a truck to haul them to Detroit. I ended up just having them shipped to my door for an extra $135. Pretty reasonable cost considering the weight. I will upload some pictures in a little while. 

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