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  1. Made charcoal yesterday along with another viking hammer and a diamond peen hammer. Here is the viking and I will get pictures of the diamond peen. Today is another day of making charcoal. I need to make a lot of it to smelt this ironsand I found.
  2. This 254 lb Söding Halbach will be shipped with my anvil as well for my brother who has dabbled in the craft and recently made a dive in and wants and anvil. I gave him my "farmers forge" and a 70 lb Sawyers anvil and he has been playing around. Now he is serious and wants a serious anvil
  3. Ok it's more than a few pages. It is back on page 104
  4. The axe I posted a few pages back that cracked on me I reforged it quenched tempered and a crack appeared again. So did it all over again. This time it looks like everything went good.
  5. Had an aluminum plate plasma cut by a friend and it got dropped off today. Fits perfect!!!
  6. Looks like a nice little rig!!!
  7. How many pounds of ore do I need to start with?
  8. I believe the problem lies in this wheel. I think if you loosen the pillow block bearing closest to the wheel and push the wheel down and tighten it back up.
  9. I have seen a mini bloomery somewhere and a d find it anymore. Anyone have any recollection of where I can find it?
  10. It is indeed magnetic. This is exciting stuff!!! I've been wanting to build a bloomery furnace.
  11. I may have found a source for iron ore. I will take a magnet to the sand I brought home and see if its magnetic.
  12. Can you show a picture from the drive wheel looking down the wheels?
  13. This is my maple burl. I'm debating on cutting the tree down and harvest it.
  14. No I have been on the look out for some. I will check around. I have only left the property once in like 10 days. Maybe I can make it somewhere today. I need to get out but I dont wanna catch this thing!!! 4 feet above peak is good right?
  15. This is the tree it cane from. It is quite heavy and dense stuff. Its not red oak though I'm sure of that. We will have a positive ID once leaves come on the trees. I got a bunch of oak burl the other day. This is exciting stuff. I dont have the patience to let it dry naturally though. I guess I will put it in the rafters of the shop and try to forget about it.
  16. I built a new forge a while ago and wanna move my solid fuel forge inside so my wife can have her parking space in front of the garage back. Plus I wanna clean things up a bit to look a little less hillbilly. This is the hood I won on an online auction. Now I have to figure out the chimney flue. I have 10 inch cast iron pipe but nothing else. Would you guys use the heavy cast iron pipe or source something else? which could prove difficult during this stay at home order.
  17. I sold my 426 lb anvil and I am going to buy another anvil from blacksmithparadise. I thought 426 lbs was going to satisfy me but I was wrong. It left me wanting heavier. This is the anvil im buying now. Its marked 250 kg which is 550 lbs but it actually weighs 628 lbs.
  18. I'm quickly running out of room in the shop so I'm going put a 14x10 or 12 foot addition on the back of my shop. Shouldn't take too long since I cant go out and do anything and I have a lot of materials to get started.
  19. 8 days of not leaving home has me getting stuff done around the house. My youngest son has been on me about getting a tire swing set up so I used the spare mud tire for my truck in the background.
  20. I seen a guy on Instagram that had a bunch of dies for sale most for LG's. I will look for a number for you!! I see Joshua helped you with dies. If you still want the number to see what else he has I will find it.
  21. https://www.anvilfire.com/power/jyh_index.htm 3rd hammer down in the right column is a shop built self contained hammer.
  22. I have no experience with pheer grinders. But I did build my ow belt grinder on a concrete floor in my shop. No precision welding bench just some squares and an old stick welder. This is the belt grinder "I would buy" and I might actually buy eventually and give my grinder to my little brother because he wants to start finishing all these blades I forge and never do anything with.
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