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  1. Maybe Q1 should be is this open to all members of the forum or do you have to be invited?
  2. So i think i understand how this whole thing works and i would like to be in on the 2018 KITH. Q1: what if i feel my blade isn't up to the standard? Q2: deadline june 30th 2018? Q3: what if i feel im receiving a better blade than im giving? Im sure i will have a few more questions.
  3. How much dose a hammer like this cost? Not trying to be nosey. Please don't feel obligated to answer the question! I tried looking them up and found prices all over the board that's why i ask.
  4. Thank you wayne and eric for your input on this subject your help is much appreciated.
  5. I have never tried to smelt anything so this is nice to know. What do you think he was collecting in the end? And i like the way he uses fire for everyrhing he dose. The water powered hammer was neat, extremely slow but still neat as hell.
  6. Im not sure about that but if he did smelt iron it was from this form. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bog_iron
  7. Symptoms of acquisititus. Everything looks great Joel cant wait see the hamon. I will be attempting my first hamon soon but for now im going continue drooling over all the ones i see.
  8. For the years you have been using ribbon burners how many times have you had to recast the burner or are you still using the same burner you originally made?
  9. On my wifes old phone i found i couldnt upload any photos. Im not sure why i tried this but i did...i sent a picture to my email and then downloaded the picture back to the phone and then uploaded the photo from the downloads in the phone. After that i uploaded a couple pictures but now she has a new phone and the pictures upload fine.
  10. I was wondering about 52100 for a hamon. For such a little knife I have a lot of work into it and in not going to experiment with this one but the next few knives I make I'm going to experiment with with hamons. What is the steel you guys are using to bring out the best hamon. I have been readinga lot about this and there seems to be a great debate about what is superior. I have seen some pictures of 52100 with hamon but you can't always believe the internet. Google takes hamon and applies it to everything so you have to rally look into it to make sure the hamon you are looking at is really 52
  11. I have been checking out your website and watched you video on this burner I was going to buy what I needed from you. I'm glad you seen this here. I have a question about the refractory used for this. What is the difference between it and Kast-o-lite? And thank you for all the great info and all the great services you provide for the blacksmithing community.
  12. A couple months ago i sold my propane forge and have been using my coal forge and really havent done much forging in the last couple months and now that winter has officially arrived. And im kinda concerned about the cast iron pan in my coal forge and the 20°f. temps if it was to warm up to fast or cool down too fast it might crack. So i have been wanting to build another gas forge but i have been looking into building a ribbon burner. I have done my research and like the idea. I just want some opinions of benefit and disadvantages this burner might have from someone who has personally used on
  13. The only thing you haven't changed is the regulator? Im not sure what regulator you are using but i bought brand new craftsman welding gauge and its junk. I put a really old welding gauge on it and it works great. This gauge is probably from the 1950's or 60's but works like brand new!
  14. I was going buy the same one from ebay when i wanted to switch from coal to gas but there was an outdoor wood burner manufacturer that hen out of business a couple years ago and there was a pallet of ceramic wool and a pallet of fire brick i won at the auction for $80 so now i can build a forge for around $30-$40.
  15. The texas forge and grinder looks like the way to go. Set up and ready to run the wool is already coated with refractory and as for a hose and regulator...i have been getting welding gauges for under $10 on an online auction.
  16. But the wife wouldn't know what to buy for christmas. The ebay one looks good other than not having a coating on it. If she goes this way make sure you get some refractory to put a coating on the wool.
  17. Our local scrap yard has 3 forklifts that all have the tines they told me $50 a pair. I want them for a power hammer I'm planning on building. I have made one striking anvil for a friend with part of a tine and he loves it.
  18. I will have to give it a shot. I wouldn't be anticipating a post of the drawing. This is by far the thinnest blade i have made to date and im kinda nervous to heat treat it. The edge is getting very thin. Not paper thin but it is thinner than anything i have had to heat treat yet.
  19. I have never done anyrhing like that. I am a horrible artist. I think if i did this it could possibly make matters worse. I guess you have to start somewhere maybe i will bust out the scratch pad and give it a shot.
  20. After thinking about this a striking anvil would be good for this. Mild steel and you wouldn't have to worry about losing your heat treat. I have a couple forklift times that would be great for this.
  21. In order to get an idea how to lay the clay out?
  22. I never knew there was this much to the craft. Now when i talk to most people about knives i lose them in the first few sentences. Im starting to get into norse mythology and weapons but i always find myself here or searching the web about something knife or bladesmithing related. About a week ago i started my first viking axe. I will start a topic on that another day. But i wanna recreate some viking weapons and this is going to be the first viking project. Back to design and critique i have been thinking about the heat treat on this blade and i was thinking about doing a hamon. I have
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